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Besides the Intuition type requesters, there are the Asl.library requesters that have built in requesters for

  • File Open/Save
  • Font
  • Public Screen selection
  • etc

You need to use AllocAslRequestTags to set up an ASL requester, the reqType can be ASL_FileRequest, ASL_FontRequest or ASL_ScreenModeRequest, you can then optional specify parameters for the ASL requester here or in the AslRequest function such as size of requester, title text, initial file, drawer and file pattern, font information or initial screen information as defined in libraries/asl_intern.h header file.

/* Internal requester structure */
struct IntReq
    UWORD               ir_ReqType;
    struct Window       *ir_Window;
    struct Screen       *ir_Screen;
    STRPTR              ir_PubScreenName;
    struct Hook         *ir_IntuiMsgFunc;
    struct TextAttr     *ir_TextAttr;
    struct Locale       *ir_Locale;
    struct Catalog      *ir_Catalog;
    APTR                ir_MemPool;
    ULONG               ir_MemPoolPuddle;       /* if 0, no pool is created */
    ULONG               ir_MemPoolThresh;
    LONG                ir_TitleID;
    STRPTR              ir_TitleText;
    STRPTR              ir_PositiveText;
    STRPTR              ir_NegativeText;
    WORD                ir_LeftEdge;
    WORD                ir_TopEdge;
    WORD                ir_Width;
    WORD                ir_Height;
    UBYTE               ir_Flags;

    APTR                ir_BasePtr;     /* Compatability: Saved copy of REG_A4 */

The AllocAslRequster will return a pointer and can be a pointer to a FileRequester, FontRequester or ScreenModeRequester structure (these are read only). Once a structure is set up, you can call the AslRequest function to display the requester and retrieve data from the structure afterwards such as Filename, Font or ScreenMode for use in your program. Once you have finished with the requester structure, you should call FreeAslRequest.

Values for TagItem in AslRequest() function

ASL_Dummy ASL_Hail ASL_Window ASL_LeftEdge ASL_TopEdge ASL_Width ASL_Height


ASL_File ASL_Dir


ASL_FontName ASL_FontHeight ASL_FontStyles ASL_FontFlags ASL_FrontPen ASL_BackPen ASL_MinHeight ASL_MaxHeight

ASL_OKText ASL_CancelText ASL_FuncFlags ASL_ModeList

File Requester[edit]

/* Internal filerequester struct */

struct IntFileReq
    struct IntReq       ifr_IntReq;

    STRPTR              ifr_File;
    STRPTR              ifr_Drawer;
    STRPTR              ifr_Pattern;
    STRPTR              ifr_AcceptPattern;
    STRPTR              ifr_RejectPattern;
    UBYTE               ifr_Flags1;
    UBYTE               ifr_Flags2;
    struct Hook         *ifr_FilterFunc;

    ULONG               (*ifr_HookFunc)(ULONG mask, APTR object, struct FileRequester *fr);
                        /* ASLFR_HookFunc = Combined callback function */

    ULONG               *ifr_GetSortBy;
    ULONG               *ifr_GetSortOrder;
    ULONG               *ifr_GetSortDrawers;
    UWORD               ifr_SortBy;
    UWORD               ifr_SortOrder;
    UWORD               ifr_SortDrawers;
    BOOL                ifr_InitialShowVolumes;        

Font Requester[edit]

struct IntFontReq
    struct IntReq       ifo_IntReq;
    struct TextAttr     ifo_TextAttr;
    UBYTE               ifo_FrontPen;
    UBYTE               ifo_BackPen;
    UBYTE               ifo_DrawMode;

    UBYTE               ifo_Flags;
    UWORD               ifo_MinHeight;
    UWORD               ifo_MaxHeight;
    struct Hook         *ifo_FilterFunc;

    ULONG               (*ifo_HookFunc)(ULONG, APTR, struct FontRequester *);

    UWORD               ifo_MaxFrontPen;
    UWORD               ifo_MaxBackPen;

    STRPTR              *ifo_ModeList;
    STRPTR               ifo_SampleText;
    UBYTE               *ifo_FrontPens;
    UBYTE               *ifo_BackPens;

    STRPTR              ifo_DrawModeJAM1Text;
    STRPTR              ifo_DrawModeJAM2Text;
    STRPTR              ifo_DrawModeCOMPText;
    STRPTR              ifo_DrawMode0Text; 

ASL funcFlags for FontRequester


ScreenMode Requester[edit]

struct IntSMReq
    struct IntReq       ism_IntReq;
    struct List         *ism_CustomSMList;
    struct Hook         *ism_FilterFunc;                
    ULONG               ism_Flags;
    ULONG               ism_DisplayID;
    ULONG               ism_DisplayWidth;
    ULONG               ism_DisplayHeight;
    ULONG               ism_BitMapWidth;
    ULONG               ism_BitMapHeight;
    UWORD               ism_DisplayDepth;
    UWORD               ism_OverscanType;
    BOOL                ism_AutoScroll;
    ULONG               ism_PropertyFlags;
    ULONG               ism_PropertyMask;
    LONG                ism_MinDepth;
    LONG                ism_MaxDepth;
    LONG                ism_MinWidth;
    LONG                ism_MaxWidth;
    LONG                ism_MinHeight;
    LONG                ism_MaxHeight;
    LONG                ism_InfoLeftEdge;
    LONG                ism_InfoTopEdge;
    BOOL                ism_InfoOpened;
    STRPTR              ism_Overscan1Text;
    STRPTR              ism_Overscan2Text;
    STRPTR              ism_Overscan3Text;
    STRPTR              ism_Overscan4Text;
    STRPTR              ism_OverscanNullText;
    STRPTR              ism_AutoScrollOFFText;
    STRPTR              ism_AutoScrollONText;
    STRPTR              ism_AutoScroll0Text;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_Title;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_NotWB;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_NotGenlock;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_NotDraggable;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_HAM;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_EHB;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_Interlace;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_ECS;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_WB;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_Genlock;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_Draggable;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_DPFPri2;
    STRPTR              ism_PropertyList_RefreshRate;


#include <stdio.h>
#include <libraries/asl.h>
#include <proto/exec.h>
#include <proto/asl.h>

struct Library* AslBase;

int main()
  AslBase = OpenLibrary("asl.library", 0)

  if(AslBase != NULL)
    struct FileRequester* req = AllocAslRequest(ASL_FileRequest, NULL);

    if(req != NULL)
      AslRequest(req, NULL);
      printf("%s/%s\n", req->fr_Drawer, req->fr_File);


  return 0;


BOOL RequestFile(struct FileRequester *fileReq) (A0)
void FreeFileRequest(struct FileRequester *fileReq) (A0)
APTR AllocAslRequest(ULONG reqType, struct TagItem *tagList) (D0, A0)
BOOL AslRequest(APTR requester, struct TagItem *tagList) (A0, A1)
void FreeAslRequest(APTR requester) (A0)
void AbortAslRequest(APTR requester) (A0)
void ActivateAslRequest(APTR requester) (A0)
APTR AllocAslRequestTags( ULONG reqType, Tag tag1, ... );
VOID FreeAslRequest( APTR requester );
BOOL AslRequestTags( APTR requester, struct TagItem *tagList );