Arimaa/Introduction to Strategy

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Arimaa strategy involves straightforward concepts which overlap in complex ways. Very different styles of play remain popular; some players are very aggressive, quickly advancing piece after piece with the aim of controlling the entire board. Others tend to play a "home game", initially sending few pieces to enemy territory. However you prefer to play, it is best to understand any strategy which an opponent might use against you.

First, familiarize yourself with all of the basic concepts. After gaining experience with various strategies, you can revisit this material for a closer reading, and perhaps even bring it up to date.

  1. Early Ideas
  2. Camel Hostage
  3. Other Hostages
  4. Frames
  5. Trap Control
  6. Distribution of Force
  7. Rabbit Advancement
  8. Elephant Blockade
  9. Race Positions

Introduction to Tactics · Relative Value of Pieces