Approaches to Reading Instruction/Reading Aloud

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Reading aloud means a person reads a reading material to another person. Many researches shows reading aloud really has significant influences on children. Parents/teachers should read reading materials to children.

Children and Parents are Learning Together[edit]

Even parents who have doctoral degrees cannot understand all knowledge from around the world. When parents/teachers read reading materials to children, not only they are passing knowledge on to children but also they are absorbing knowledge themselves and transmitting "love" to children. In other words, they are helping children building "knowledge" and "attachment" simultaneously.

Children Solve Their Problems on Their Own[edit]

Diagnose Children with Dyslexia[edit]

Expanding Even Good Readers’ Horizons[edit]

Helping Children Becoming Independent Life-Long Readers[edit]

Helping Children Building Background Knowledge[edit]

Helping Children Learn From Rhythm, Rhyme[edit]

Helping Children Build Pleasure Sense about Book[edit]

Helping Children Understand Themselves More[edit]

Impacting on Children Vocabulary Growth Substantially[edit]

Improve Children’s Listening and Reading Comprehension[edit]

Providing Children Reading Readiness to Success Later In School[edit]