Applied Science BTEC Nationals/Medical Physics Techniques

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Resources[edit| edit source]

Edexcel recommend the following resources.

Textbooks[edit| edit source]

Breithaupt J — New Understanding Physics for Advanced Level: Core Book AND Course Study Guide (New Understanding Physics) (Nelson Thornes Ltd, 2000) ISBN 0748743162

Duncan T — Advanced Physics, 5th Edition (Hodder Murray, 2000) ISBN 0719576695

Ellse M and Honeywill C — Mechanics and Radioactivity (Nelson Thornes, 2003) ISBN 0748776605

Pope J — Medical Physics: Imaging (Heinemann Advanced Science) (Heinemann Educational Secondary Division, 1999) ISBN 0435570943

Websites[edit| edit source]

The Royal College of Radiologists.

How Stuff Works.

Teacher Resource Exchange.

Body Teaching Files.