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This is a bit of an experiment, but I hope that we will be able to use a template to set up assignments easily. We have a format from Edexcel and dropping the information into the form would be easier than writing a whole form each time.

This is what the template looks like when it's used:

Course title: BTEC National Diploma in Applied Science
College/school name: (Space for writing)
Tutor name: (Space for writing)
Assignment title: Analysis of potassium manganate (VII) Ref: 1 of 6
Learner name: (Space for writing)
Start date: 6 Sep 2007 Deadline: 27 Sep 2007
Unit (number and title):19: Practical Chemical Analysis

22: Chemical laboratory techniques

Scenario: Colorimetry is commonly used to measure concentrations in automated systems.

Investigate colorimetry by preparing potassium manganate (VII) at various concentrations and measuring its absorbance.

Assessment evidence:
Unit Grading criteria Achieved
19 P1 Calculate amounts and use volumetric methods to prepare a range of solutions of known concentration. yes / part / no
19 M1 Perform calculations and use volumetric techniques to determine concnetrations of solutions. yes / part / no
19 P1 Evaluate the reliability of the calcuations and techniques used to determine concentrations of solutions. yes / part / no
22 P3 Carry out and report volumetric analysis and intrumental analysis to identify cations, anions and simple organic functional groups. yes / part / no
Summary of assessor's feedback:
Internal verifier's comment:
Task 1: Preparation of potassium manganate (VII) solution
Deadline: 13th September 2007
Task 2: Colorimetry of potassium manganate (VII)
Deadline: 20th September 2007
Titration of potassium manganate (VII)
Deadline: 27th September 2007
Resources: Wikibook

To add the template, add







































|Resources=}} to the relevant page.

This allows up to six criteria and six tasks per assignment. Are more required? If any are left blank, then the template ignores them.