Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Succession/Day 2 - Trial Latter

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Vera is doing her nails again. Vera reveals she did the forgeries for her father! When she was little, her father discovered that she has a "talent" for painting (she loves to paint), but not just paintings; she could make just about anything! Her father was proud and before she knew it, she started making forgeries. She didn't know about the world outside her home, now because of this, her father is dead.

What about those rough sketchings underneath? Vera says her father knew you and Trucy. He had been watching your cases since you became an attorney. He probably also knew Phoenix. He was happy to know that the "Wright & Co. Law Offices" are back in business.

Vera was twelve when she started making forgeries. She also knows who sent the letters. However, you are called back in before she can tell you who.

Trial continues

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As court comes back in session, you see Vera chewing her fingernails. She stares at Klavier again when he tells her something. Why? Klavier then asks Vera if she painted the forgery you presented earlier. Vera answers that she did. It looks like she is the forger. Klavier shows her the red letter and has her testify about it.

Vera's Testimony: The Red Envelope

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Vera's Testimony
- The Red Envelope -

  1. ...I created things and Father sold them...
  2. ...This envelope came after my first work... that was other than a painting...
  3. ...Father handled the deal, all of it...
  4. ...I received the stamp that was in that envelope...
  5. ...It was after that job that we moved to the current studio...

The Red Envelope: Cross-Examination

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Press all of Vera's statements except for the third:

  • 1st: Vera says she started working when she was twelve. She probably didn't know that what she was doing was illegal.
  • 2nd: Vera's talent extended to other things: handwriting, fingerprints, signatures, a letter seal, etc. It doesn't sound like Vera is innocent, let alone the $100,000 deal that transpired.
  • 4th: Vera didn't throw away the stamp because there was poison, she kept it because she liked it. Probably one of those commemorative stamps. It looks like she didn't know the stamp was poisoned.
  • 5th: Before they made it to Drew studio, they were making picture books. When they had to meet with someone, Drew would come out as the maker.

Vera liked the "commemorative" stamp because it had her favorite people at the time. This is new! Vera will add a new statement based on this fact.

  • ...The stamp was a picture of my favorite magicians... so I kept it...

Magicians?! The Troupe Gramarye? Present the Magic Show Ticket! It is because of her love with the Troupe Gramarye that the murder plan was a failure!

The Forged Evidence?

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You see Klavier in a mental state. He asks Vera if something from a diary was the first thing she forged other than a painting. Vera confirms that it was from a page from a certain diary. Klavier goes crazy upon hearing this! He asks Vera if the book had a mark of a silk hat on the back. Vera confirms this also. What's going on?

Klavier then tells you that Phoenix hasn't told you everything about the case seven years ago. That page is the forged evidence that Phoenix presented, the one that determined his "fate"! And the one who made it was none other than Vera Misham! Klavier asks Vera who asked her to create the evidence. Vera hesitates before answering... But before she can do so, she chokes and collapses before saying "the Devil".

Trial ends

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What just happened? A report says that Vera was poisoned, but just below the lethal dosage, and is now put in intensive care. She is not to be disturbed. How was Vera poisoned? What page did she make that was forged? How did this affect Phoenix? Who was this person that made her create it, and why?

All questions point to that case seven years ago. It looks like to solve this mystery, we're going to have to look a little closer towards seven years ago...