Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 4: Turnabout Succession/Day 1 - Investigation

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Wright Anything Agency

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File:AJAA Magic Show Ticket.png
File:AJAA Gramarye Envelope.png

It's been three months since the last case with Machi. You decide to write about it in your journal. Trucy comes in with some news. Valant is making a comeback! You watch an ad saying the Troupe Gramarye is performing at Sunshine Coliseum, where the Gavinners performed before. Trucy brought a Magic Show Ticket. It will be added to the Court Record.

Just then, Phoenix drops by, back from the mission. You ask him to tell you what the "mission" is. He is visiting you to do just that and now he wants you involved. Phoenix asks you if you know about the "Jurist System". Talk to Phoenix:

  • The Jurist System: The Jury is when a chosen number of people decide verdicts with the judge. The community is thinking of reviving that system and named it "The Jurist System". There will be six people watching the case and will decide a verdict with the judge.
  • The secret mission: Phoenix reveals to you that he is currently working on that system. In fact, he is the chairman of the system! He has chosen a sample case and chosen six jurists. He now needs you to complete set-up for his "test". The type of case he chose? Murder, and it doesn't sound as simple as he says. Phoenix tells you he chose a case relating to something that happened recently - yesterday, as a matter of fact. The trial is a test, but the verdict is real. The case is also tomorrow, so you better get started.
  • Valant Gramarye: Trucy wants to go to Sunshine Coliseum to say "hi" to Valant. You refuse to go, but Phoenix wants you to look after her. He then gives you an envelope which looks like it came from the Gramaryes. Phoenix doesn't want you to open it, as he thinks you need it at a certain time. You can't open it until then. The Gramarye Envelope will be added to the Court Record.
  • The trial simulation: Phoenix says you can investigate the crime scene, but you can't talk to anyone involved. He is the chairman, so he is responsible for the whole case. You take a wrong move, it's Phoenix's fault. Phoenix tells you that your client is at the detention center. He wants you to talk to her... if you can get her to "talk", that is.

Well as Trucy says, time's a-wasting. Move to the Detention Center. Although the Sunshine Coliseum is available, it is not necessary right now.

Detention Center

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File:AJAA Nail Polish.png
File:AJAA Veras Card.png

You meet your client... and it's quite an awkward meeting. She looks like a young woman, holding a drawing pad. You try to introduce yourself to her, but she seems nervous. Talk to her about all of the available topics.

She doesn't say anything, she just does her nails. She does give you a card, though. Her name is Vera Misham and she works at Drew Studio. Vera's Card will be added to the Court Record.

Move to Drew Studio.

Drew Studio

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File:AJAA Portrait.png
File:AJAA Acrylic.png
File:AJAA Landscape.png
File:AJAA Letter Box.png
File:AJAA Hidden Painting.png
File:AJAA Coffee Mug.png
File:AJAA Spray.png
File:AJAA Tiny Frame.png
File:AJAA Red Envelope.png

Well, Drew Studio looks like, well, a studio. There is tape on the ground, so this has to be the crime scene. Look at all of the paintings. There is an unfinished one. There is a rough sketch underneath, but it doesn't look like the rest of the painting. "Drew Misham's Paintings" are added to the Court Record, consisting of Portrait, Acrylic, and Landscape.

You then see Ema, who was expecting you here (Phoenix told her you and Trucy were coming). She tells you the owner of Drew Studios, Drew Misham, was the murder victim. His daughter was arrested later. Drew died of poisoning, a common murder method from a woman. Ema permits you to look around. Talk to Ema:

  • The victim: Ema tells you that Drew did a lot of illustrations. Drew rarely shows his face in public. The only way he could communicate was by mail. Not email, as Drew can't stand technology. The Letter Box will be added to the Court Record. Vera was the only person allowed here, so it could have been her. Drew died while he was being interviewed! His first ever!
  • The defendant: When Vera was arrested, she was screaming. She only agreed to go if she has her "good luck charm". You ask Ema if she found the poison inside Drew's coffee. Ema says "not precisely".
  • The night of the crime: Drew died right in the middle of his interview with a reporter. Vera gave him his coffee as she always does. The reporter was looking at the gimmicks at the back of the room when the crime happened, so apparently, Vera didn't notice him. The reporter wasn't near the coffee - even Vera acknowledges that!

Time to look around. Examine a painting hiding behind a dresser on the left of the screen. Why would Drew hide it? You look at the paint and notice something similar to it. The Hidden Painting will be added to the Court Record.

Examine the coffee cup on the table. It looks like the cup Drew was drinking. Ema, however, will say there were no traces of poison found in the mug. Huh? The Coffee Mug will be added to the Court Record.

Check the Coffee Mug and Examine the lip mark. It looks kind of strange and has a light blue tinge.

Present the Coffee Mug to Ema. Ema will say her forensics stuff made the stain. It found poison on it, but only on the rim somehow.

Talk to Ema about Forensic science. Ema will permit you to bring up anything that looks suspicious to you.

Present the Coffee Mug again. Ema says the solution is to test for atroquinine, the poison found in the Autopsy Report. Ema will now give you a spray. It's quite simple, just touch the Stylus everywhere, and you'll get a reaction. When you get started, spray everywhere. You won't get a reaction, so Trucy suggests trying it on the small table. You get a closer view of the table. Spray on a tiny picture frame. A reaction! The Tiny Frame will be added to the Court Record.

Pan right and Examine the desk on the lower-left. You will zoom in on the desk. Examine the open drawer. It looks like an envelope. It is opened and resealed. The important thing is the date. It's dated back seven years ago! The Red Envelope is added to the Court Record.

Pan left and Present the Red Envelope to Ema. She will say she took a peek at it! Is she the one who opened it? Ema will show you a "tool" that will help you. It is called an X-ray Analyzer. (It has a real name, but it's too hard for Ema to pronounce).

X-ray Analyzer

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File:AJAA X-ray Analyzer.png
File:AJAA Lottery Ticket.png
File:AJAA Brushels Card.png

Ema will now show you how to use it, with a lottery ticket as a test subject. You just need to turn the dial anti-clockwise on the lower-right corner to move the X-ray until you get a layer. You will get a reaction. Then you just need to rub it with your stylus. You then need to find four more layers, five in all. When you are done, the result of the ticket will depend on how much you used the game's fast forward feature. If you used it a lot, it will be a losing ticket, and if you used it a little, it will be a winning ticket.

You will now try the red envelope. Do the same thing as you did with the lottery ticket: Adjust and rub. The message inside says:

"Mr. Drew Misham.

I've deposited the $100,000 in the designated account. Please send a receipt once you've confirmed the transfer."

There is another page. Do the same thing as you did with the first.

"Sign the papers and send in the enclosed envelope with the enclosed stamp within 3 days. I need not remind you to speak of this to no one."

It looks like someone wanted Drew to pay for one of his paintings. Ema doesn't say anything. The Red Envelope is updated in the Court Record.

You ask Ema about the reporter. Ema will tell you his name is "Brushel". Brushel is currently interviewing Valant at Sunshine Coliseum! Brushel's Card is added to the Court Record.

Move to Sunshine Coliseum.

Sunshine Coliseum

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You find Valant here! He seems overly confident about his comeback. Talk to Valant:

  • The big magic show: If only Zak were alive to see this! Trucy and Valant seem excited to see Magnifi's tricks come alive again.
  • Magnifi Gramarye: It was Magnifi who guided Valant to perform miracles. If the whole world was watching, why would they wait for seven years? Valant blames the law, thanks to "performance rights".
  • Performance rights: Zak had been missing for seven years. Now he is legally dead. Magnifi passed the rights to Zak originally, but now that Zak is dead, it will be Valant who will be carrying on the torch.

Present the Gramarye Envelope to Valant. He will reveal that the signature on the back belongs to Zak! He wants to open it, but you tell him Phoenix doesn't want you to.

File:AJAA Brushels Card2.png

Present Brushel's Card to Valant, then Talk to him.

  • Mr. Brushel, Journalist: He says he is at the Detention Center right now. You give him the card, which Valant rips it up. He must not like that journalist.

Move to the Detention Center, via Wright Anything Agency Express.

Detention Center (2)

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You will hear someone trying to interview the guard. It looks like it's that Brushel guy, and it looks like you know why Valant hates him. The interviewer introduces himself as Spark Brushel. He has a quirky personality and likes to use quotes a lot! Talk to Brushel:

  • Spark Brushel: Nothing important here. Except he's a journalist and likes to "end quote" a lot!
  • The night of the crime: He doesn't directly answer if he was at Drew Studios that night.
  • The interview: He will now say that he did interview Drew that night! Nothing else, though.

Brushel says he has nothing to say, but he does, however, tell you that he learned a painting was stolen. It contains an old lady with a giant peach floating down the river. Sound familiar?

Move to Drew Studios.

Drew Studio (2)

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Present the Hidden Painting to Ema. Ema will reveal to you that Drew was a forger!

  • Forger: She will reveal that Drew makes forgeries - fakes that you can hardly tell apart from the real thing. Drew made a lot of money out of those! There seem to be rough sketches under them, which is why Ema brought the X-ray Analyzer.

Let's check out the paintings. First, Present the Portrait. You will now analyze it. Just do what you did with the lottery ticket and the letter (turn, rub, repeat four more times). It looks like two men playing a game of poker. This isn't like the final painting. Perhaps it's because Drew thinks it didn't matter what's on the rough sketch? There is something odd about this painting, though. You will now analyze the Acrylic. It looks like someone pulling a stand. Could this be a coincidence? You check out one last painting, the Landscape. Under it is someone playing the guitar on a huge stage, with his guitar on fire! This is very strange; for these are sketches of all of the three cases you worked on!

Just who exactly is Drew Misham? What did he have to do with you?