Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 2: Turnabout Corner/Day 3 - Trial

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In the lobby, Phoenix (who had just signed out from Hickfield) informs you that Alita will be today's witness! Why would she be testifying against her own fiancée? It looks like today's trial will bring out all of the answers.

Trial begins

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Klavier calls up Alita to the stand. He wants to look at the case from a different angle, and Alita is the woman to tell. She reveals that Wocky had "plans" to kill Meraktis! Alita will describe in her testimony.

Alita's Testimony: Wocky's Plan

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Alita's Testimony
- Wocky's Plan -

  1. It was the day that the family health check-up results came back.
  2. When Wocky found out that Dr. Meraktis had lied, he flew into a rage.
  3. "I'll teach him!" he said. He took one of the Family's pistols...
  4. ...And, you already know what happened that night.
  5. I... just don't see how anyone but Wocky could have done it.

Thanks to the rifling marks, (fingerprints of a bullet) they were able to prove that the bullet did indeed come from the family pistol.

Wocky's Plan: Cross-Examination

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Press on statement 5. When given the chance, say that There was another person that could have used the pistol. When asked who, Present Alita Tiala's Profile. Did she murder Meraktis for the fate of her future husband? She would be hesitant, so there is probably something else. Possibly a connection between her and the doctor. When asked what, Present Wocky's Chart. You can also present her sandals and present Wocky's Chart afterwards for the same results.

You ask Alita why her name is on the chart. Alita will cover herself by saying that she quit the clinic half-a-year ago. Afterwords, she had no connection to Meraktis. You now need to prove that she really did still have a connection. Present Alita's Sandals. Alita denies ever wearing them, but Klavier counters it by saying that her footprints are on them. Is he going against his witness? This will prove that she visited the clinic on the day of the murder.

Alita will testify about her visit to the clinic.

Alita's Testimony: The Meraktis Clinic

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Alita's Testimony
- The Meraktis Clinic -

  1. I did go to the clinic that day. My first time since I quit in January.
  2. I went to warn him. After all, I knew Wocky had the pistol.
  3. The doctor always was a timid man... too timid to admit his own mistake.
  4. Why else would I have gone? I'm not hiding any dark secrets.
  5. I wanted to tell him to be careful, as an old friend.

Klavier will point out a contradiction. If she brought her sandals to the clinic, why didn't she bring them back home? He suspects she brought a spare pair with her. Alita confirms this. No fair indeed, Apollo.

The Meraktis Clinic: Cross-Examination

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Present Wocky's Chart on Alita's 4th statement. Meraktis knew that the operation on Wocky was a failure, so he wrote a false report and hid the truth in the safe. Alita somehow knew it also, as her name was signed as well. Alita will cover herself by saying it was the doctor's fault. She will now amend her testimony. You will notice your bracelet reacting. A habit! Trucy didn't notice however. It seems your senses are sharper than Trucy. It looks like you're on your own from here.

  • Why would I go to the clinic now for a half-year-old chart?

Use your bracelet on that statement:

  • Why would I go to the clinic now for a half-year-old chart?

Perceive her ring. She was fiddling with it as soon as she said now! Why? Probably because the chart was a present threat to her! When asked for proof, Present Wocky's Check-Up Report. Recently, Wocky went to his first health check-up since the operation. If Alita would knew that she would be in trouble if Wocky found out that she was in on it!

Alita will now admit into lying, however, she will say that he just went to the clinic to warn Meraktis about Wocky and leave. A new statement will be added.

  • Nothing happened at all. I warned him, and left.

Present the Bullet on that statement. A bullet was fired inside the safe from the gun that was stolen that day. Klavier will ask when. The bullet will be analyzed. The results came back as you hoped. According to the rifling marks, the bullet and the barrel of the gun match, proving that the bullet was dislodged on the day of the crime!

This could only mean one thing, someone was trying to threaten Meraktis. And the one who would do that, was Alita Tiala! She knew if she married Wocky, he would die within a few months. By then, she would inherit the fortune the Kitakis now hold. Just then, Wocky comes in, yelling at you into accusing Alita. He will admit that he killed Meraktis! Is he insane!? However, Alita laughs at Wocky. She will admit that she wanted to marry Wocky just to get the money.

Alita will testify more about her visit to the clinic.

Alita's Testimony: The Meraktis Clinic 2

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Alita's Testimony
- The Meraktis Clinic 2 -

  1. Yes, I went to the clinic that day to speak to the doctor.
  2. I wanted that chart, but I failed to get it. So I went back to the clinic later.
  3. In any case, I didn't shoot him. You don't even have proof I stole that pistol, do you.
  4. And that brat was spotted in the park at the moment of the crime!
  5. Frankly, I don't think it matters if Dr. Meraktis was shot in the temple or not.

Alita will admit that SHE was the one who broke in the clinic yesterday, but ran out because she heard you and Trucy come in.

The Meraktis Clinic 2: Cross-Examination

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German translation: Präsentieren is Present.

File:AJAA Crime02d.png

Press statement 5. Yesterday, you have proven that Meraktis was shot in the right temple, but in an impossible way. You are asked where the killer shot from. Choose Someplace else and then Present the noodle stand. When Meraktis was shot, his right temple was pointing at the stand!

This could mean that someone was hiding at the noodle stand. When asked for proof, say Well, I've got it. You can also choose Well, too bad. But you're just kidding! There's no penalty with that choice. Present the Slippers. There was a single print that matches the slipper. The killer might have thrown it away to hide it. Klavier now asks how the killer was able to fit in there. Remember, to fit in the stand, you would have to remove some things. Present the Bowl. You would have to remove all of the bowls in there to ensure that Alita fits in there.

You have now proven that Alita had opportunity and motive, now you have to learn why Meraktis was pulling the cart and why was Alita inside it.

One more testimony!

Alita's Testimony: Tiala's Explanation

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Alita's Testimony
- Tiala's Explanation -

  1. That night, I went to ask Dr. Meraktis for the chart.
  2. I had no intention of ever letting that chart fall into the Kitaki Family's hands.
  3. But Dr. Meraktis didn't understand...
  4. For some reason, he thought the Kitakis had sent me!
  5. So I gave up and went home... All I did was talk to him!

Tiala's Explanation: Cross-Examination

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Use the bracelet on the 5th statement:

  • So I gave up and went home... All I did was talk to him!

Perceive her right hand on her scarf. When she said all she did was just "talk" she was playing around with her scarf, as if something else did happen when she talked with Meraktis. When asked what, Present the Lamp. Alita asks what it is and touching her scarf again. You request that Alita removes her scarf. You left her no choice. She removes it with great reluctance. It looks like a mark!

You come to the conclusion that Alita would go to the clinic to get the check-up report no matter what, even to kill Meraktis with a Kitaki pistol! When she threatened him, Meraktis attacked her in defense, by strangling her with the lamp's cable. Alita then lost consciousness...

...Which creates a new problem. If Alita was unconscious, how did she managed to sneak into the shack? Uh oh, it looks like you heard everything from her! You were so close! It looks like The Judge is about to end cross-examination... until...

Solving the Case

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File:AJAA Crime02e.png

"Objection!" says Klavier. He asks one more question... Meraktis had "killed" Alita, so what did he do next? It seems you should know where this is going. Present the Noodle Stand. If Meraktis choked Alita unconscious, he panicked, thinking he had "killed" her. So what did he do? He stole Guy's noodle stand, which he put all of the bowls out of, to do what? To make room for Alita's "corpse" of course! He would use it to dispose of the "body"! Klavier objects, saying that there was a dead end at the park, so where did he go? You examine the map, Present the river. Meraktis was trying to throw the "body" into the river!

It looks like you got her, but then you are asked one more question. Meraktis owned a car right? If so, then he could have used that to dispose of the body, so why did he use the stand instead? Again, there are doubts in your claims, but then, an idea. What if the car didn't work? It worked when Meraktis went back to his garage that day, so how? When given the option, choose The car didn't run. When asked for proof, Present Trucy's Panties.

Recall what you have proven yesterday, some guy (Stickler) stole a girl's panties. The girl herself (Trucy) caught him and chased after him. The chase ended at Meraktis's garage, where Meraktis's car was. Seeing nothing else to do, Stickler sticked the panties into the car's exhaust pipe! Remember Klavier's mishap yesterday, his motorbike couldn't move, because something was jammed in his exhaust pipe! So after the panty-snatcher got away, Meraktis tried to move the cart, but couldn't because it wouldn't work, why, there were girl's panties in there of course! He would look for an alternative to carry Alita's body, such as the noodle stand!

At this point, Alita is left with no choice but to admit to the crime. She is arrested and The Judge announces the final verdict:

Wocky Kitaki is found...

What REALLY Happened

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It all started six months ago, when badass gangster Wocky Kitaki went to deal with the Rivale family. Unfortunately, he was shot. He had to be taken to the hospital at Meraktis clinic. There, surgeon Pal Meraktis and nurse Alita Tiala discovered that the bullet was lodged right next to his heart. Knowing they were not skilled enough, they decided to stitch up Wocky and lie to the family that the surgery was a success, as letting the family know otherwise would be bad for them (Meraktis made a sweet and illegal deal with them once). He hid the papers in his safe and created a fake report.

File:AJAA Case02acrime.png

This gave Alita a plan. She would complain to Wocky about the job. Wocky said she should quit. Alita took his advice, if she could marry him. Once Wocky died after the marriage, she would inherit the fortune the family is holding. Wocky was discharged after the operation and Alita dismissed from her job.

Things really got started six months later. Wocky went through medical check-up. It was revealed that Meraktis had lied to them - the bullet was never removed, it was still lodged near Wocky's heart. Wocky became enraged and decided to kill Meraktis for revenge.

On the night of the crime, Meraktis was on his way home when he hit a pedestrian (Phoenix Wright, who only suffered a sprained ankle). The rear-view mirror was knocked off, along with a pile of paint cans, making a huge spill. He didn't stop but continued on home and parked the car in his garage.

Meanwhile, college student Wesley Stickler stole a girl's panties that were a prop in a magic trick, curious of how the trick worked. The girl (Trucy Wright) caught him and chased after him. Stickler eventually came to Meraktis's garage. Knowing there was nowhere to hide, he stuffed the panties into the car's exhaust pipe. He eventually got away and went to steal another pair.

Meanwhile, Alita noticed that Wocky finally found out about the operation cover-up. She feared that Wocky would find out about her involvement as well. She stole one of the guns from the Kitaki mansion and went to Meraktis Clinic. She took off her sandals in the reception and put on the hospital's slippers as required by the hospital. She went inside and started to threaten Meraktis. She held him at gunpoint and demanded he open the safe and give the chart report to her. Meraktis opened the safe, but then he jumped at her. Alita shot, but missed, hitting the back of the safe. Meraktis then took the lamp and strangled her with the wire. Alita passed out, and her red lipstick left a smudge on the wire.

File:AJAA Case02bcrime.png

Meraktis panicked, thinking he had killed Alita. He tried to dispose of her body in his car, but it didn't work (with the exhaust pipe stuffed). So, as an alternative, he stole Guy Eldoon's noodle stand. (He was rivals with Guy. The reason he became a doctor and made that deal with the Kitakis was to beat Guy like he'd always done since pre-school.) Meraktis took the bowls from the stand and hid them in his clinic to make room for Alita's "corpse". He intended to throw the body into the river at People Park, so he pulled the stand there... where Wocky was waiting for him with a knife!

Meanwhile, Stickler, who had stolen another pair of panties (belonging to Plum Kitaki), came into the park from the north and witnessed the two men arguing.

As they were arguing, Meraktis was about to reveal to Wocky Alita's involvement in the cover-up. Meanwhile, inside the stand, Alita regained consciousness. She overheard the conversation and feared that Meraktis would expose her to Wocky. She couldn't allow him to tell anyone her secret, let alone her fiancé! She picked up the gun, Stickler called out, Wocky and Meraktis turned their heads towards him, and Alita discharged the bullet into his right temple, killing Meraktis instantly.

Wocky, in panic, dropped his knife and fled. Stickler ran off too, leaving the panties in the garbage. Finally alone, Alita came out of the stand, still wearing the hospital's slippers. One of the slippers stepped on a leaf in the grass. While fleeing, she also stepped through the paint that was spilled in the car accident earlier, and only after that did the leaf come loose, leaving a leaf-shaped mark in the paint on the slipper's sole. Finally, she threw the slippers into the trash.

After hearing of Wocky's arrest, Alita decided to hire an attorney before the family could do so. She hired fresh attorney, Apollo Justice, thinking he would mess up and get Wocky convicted. She also decided to make another attempt to steal the chart report. She broke into the office, only to run out without it again because Apollo and Trucy were about to enter. The next day would go badly for the nurse.

Turnabout Corner: Epilogue

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Wocky doesn't seem too happy about losing Alita. Winfred then comes in and both he and Wocky naturally start arguing. You need to help Wocky understand why Winfred is trying to become a businessman. Present either Wocky's Chart or Check-Up Report. Recall what Plum said, the whole family needs a lot of money. It turns out Winfred is trying to find another doctor, one who could actually remove the bullet from Wocky's heart and wants to use clean money, not the kind that hurt Wocky.

Wocky responds by storming out in tears. Winfred seems very happy with you and invites you over for Kitaki Lime Pie. (This explains the apron).

The whole case ends, yet a lot of mysteries are left unsolved: the bracelet, the power Trucy showed you, and of course, that case seven years ago. In the next case, you will get a little bit closer to the answers of these mysteries.