Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 2: Turnabout Corner/Day 2 - Trial Former

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Phoenix won't be here today, since his foot injury is acting up, so Trucy will be filling in for him. You enter the courtroom, completely unprepared due to not talking to your client.

Trial begins

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You will be introduced to your opponent. Hold on, isn't he Klavier Gavin? The prince you met at the crime scene!? He's a prosecutor too!?! It is revealed he hasn't taken a case in a while. Klavier says he was absent for his fans, it turns out he is a celebrity in rock music. Klavier is here to see who the man who defeated his brother is capable of. He plays one of his latest hits (Guilty Love) before giving his opening statements. Dr. Meraktis was pulling a stand when he was murdered, but why?

Klavier will call up Wocky to the stand. Apparently he requested to explain his "motive" to kill the doctor. Wocky will be called up to testify.

Wocky's Testimony: Wocky Kitaki's "Truth"

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Wocky's Testimony
- Wocky Kitaki's "Truth" -

  1. I'll tell you one thing, that doctor was a quacker!
  2. Someone had to show him what's what!
  3. I was in his clinic 'bout half a year ago. He messed up my op something bad.
  4. And then he just lets me go, without a word. See ya later, bye!
  5. So I gotta go in, get another doc to patch me up again!
  6. That was the day I done figured it out. No O.G.'s gonna let that pass!
  7. That's why I went to his pad that night, know what I'm saying!?

Wocky Kitaki's "Truth": Cross-Examination

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Wocky was a patient? Press on Wocky's 3rd statement. Wocky reveals he was shot dangerously close the heart, as he ambushed a rival family. He had to be taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the surgery was a failure!

Press on the 4th statement. He just left Wocky without a word? Klavier says the doctor may be hiding his mistake.

Finally, Press on statement 5. Wocky says the bullet is pressing against his heart right now!

File:AJAA Wockys Check-up.png

Now you know Wocky's motive, revenge for not removing the bullet. Klavier now reveals that if the bullet isn't removed from the heart at any moment, it could kill Wocky! That is according to Wocky's Check-up, which will be added to the Court Record.

Klavier will now call up a witness to the stand. His name is Wesley Stickler, a junior student at Ivy University. A very talkative person he is. Stickler will testify about what he saw at the murder.

Stickler's Testimony: A Night in the Park

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Stickler's Testimony
- A Night in the Park -

  1. That night, I passed through the park on my way home from shopping... when I saw them!
  2. One man, pulling a stand. Another man, facing him.
  3. I saw them quite clearly. The man facing the victim was the defendant.
  4. In his hand he held... yes, a pistol! It was pointed at the man pulling the stand.
  5. A shot! The bullet hit the man pulling the stand from the front, square in the forehead!
File:AJAA Case02 Pistol.png

Stickler says there was no one else at the park. Klavier will present the Pistol, which is added to the Court Record. Trucy gets a feeling that she has seen him before.

A Night in the Park: Cross-Examination

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Present Meraktis's Autopsy Report on the 5th statement. Stickler says Meraktis was shot in the forehead, as the autopsy report tells that Meraktis was shot square in the right temple!

It looks like a contradiction, but Klavier counters it by asking you a question. If you were walking in a park and you saw a man pointing a gun at another man, what would you do? You'd tell them to stop, or scream of course. This will jog Stickler's memory and he will testify again.

Stickler's Testimony: A Night in the Park 2

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Stickler's Testimony
- A Night in the Park 2 -

  1. As soon as the killer raised his pistol, I took action.
  2. "Cease this at once, you two!" I cried... with composure.
  3. The victim turned in the direction of my voice... and a shot rang out.
  4. Whereupon our cowardly killer, the defendant, appeared to have become frightened.
  5. Tossing the pistol aside, he fled from the scene.

If Stickler had shouted out, then the two men could have turned at his direction. Klavier will show a diagram of the crime. Wocky was on the west side, as Meraktis is on the east side. Stickler was on the south side when he shouted, so if Meraktis DID turn his head to Stickler's direction, then there was no doubt that he was shot in the right temple! It's like the evidence wants you to lose!

A Night in the Park 2: Cross-Examination

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Present the Pistol on the fifth statement. It looks like there are no fingerprints on it. If Wocky had just dropped the gun and ran, then he probably had no time to wash off the fingerprints. Klavier will ask you if Wocky was wearing any gloves at the time. Answer No way. It is true that there is some fingerprints on it. Stickler says Wocky threw down the "murderous weapon" and ran, soon the pistol was found at the crime scene. Trucy will now say that Stickler said that he saw "something", but this doesn't mean Stickler was sure of what it was.

When asked what Wocky threw, Present the Knife. It has Wocky's fingerprints all over it.

You have proven two things. Wocky wasn't wearing gloves and it wasn't a pistol he was holding, unfortunately Klavier tells you that you have proven two other things, Wocky was at the crime scene, and he held the knife with intent to harm Meraktis. Whoops! Stickler will testify once more about the crime.

Stickler's Testimony: From Shot to Call

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Stickler's Testimony
- From Shot to Call -

  1. I could not prevent the killer from leaving the scene.
  2. Nor could I simply leave the scene in good conscience.
  3. Ergo! I used my cell phone to call the police.
  4. Until the police arrived at the scene 10 minutes later, I saw no one else.

From Shot to Call: Cross-Examination

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Press on all of Stickler's statements. Nothing you could say about here, though Trucy looks like she wants to say something. What is it?

After pressing all statements, you are asked if you are finished with the testimony. Say, Yes, as Stickler's testimony seems completely flawless, so much so that The Judge decides to end the cross-examination... and declare a verdict!

Just then, a scream! It's Trucy, and she is being held at knifepoint! The holder requests a twenty-minute recess. He then disappears with Trucy, who tells you to come to the Lobby. The Judge is left no choice, but to call a recess. Could the kidnapper be a Kitaki?