Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 2: Turnabout Corner/Day 2 - Investigation

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That sure was a messed up trial today, but at least Wocky made it out okay... for now. Alita comes in, pleading you to save Wocky, as their marriage takes place in a month. Talk to Alita:

  • Marriage: Alita will say that she and Wocky met at her job.
  • The Kitakis: You will learn that Winfred is trying to get out of the gangster business. (This probably explains his apron). Wocky is against it of course and is equally determined to keep up with the family business.
  • Wocky's operation: Alita has heard of Wocky's operation, but doesn't think what Klavier said back there is true, that he is trying to scare everyone.

After talking, Alita will leave. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center

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Wocky is in questioning, but Stickler is free to talk. Talk to Stickler:

  • Panty-snatcher: Stickler wanted to be Trucy's apprentice to learn about the panty trick!
  • What you witnessed: Stickler insists that he saw the two men and they turned when he called out for him.

Move to the Kitaki Mansion.

Kitaki Mansion

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Little Plum is out again. You let her know about her bloomers, and the panty-snatcher. Talk to Plum:

  • Wocky: Plum reminds you of a story about Wocky's battle. She says that Wocky doesn't have the heart to shoot anyone. Wocky and Winfred could settle their differences.
  • The case: Plum reveals that one of their pistols were missing. Only the family members, such as Wocky, could have taken them. This is probably why the police are here, searching the Kitaki mansion right now.
  • Alita Tiala: Plum has a suspicion that Alita may be holding something dark, but that's probably because she has been in the gangster business a little too much.
File:AJAA Slippers.png
  • Father and son: Plum says the reason Winfred wants out of gangster business is because the family needs clean money. Hopefully Wocky will see his father's ways.

Pan right and Examine the trash can where you found the mirror yesterday. The slippers may have some connection to Phoenix's accident. It has a paint stain under it. The Slippers will be added to the Court Record.

Move to Eldoon's House.

Eldoon's House

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Guy is grateful that you have found his noodle stand, but is angered that he can't get it back, as it is a crime scene now. Naturally, he blames Meraktis for this.

Pan left first. An officer won't let you in, unless you could show if there is a connection between here and the crime scene. You have nothing now, so this spot isn't accessible right now.

Pan right and Talk to Guy:

  • The noodle stand: Guy seems to blame Meraktis for giving him his job as a chef. Just what did he do to him?
  • Meraktis clinic: Guy reveals that Meraktis was the only doctor at the clinic. One day, he made a sweet deal with the Kitaki family. It may be illegal, but that's what got Guy, involved, in making salty noodles.
  • Eldoon's past: Guy reveals that he was once a surgeon, until Meraktis came along. Both Guy and Meraktis were fierce rivals. No matter what Guy did, Meraktis would always follow in his footsteps and beat him at his own game. It looks like you found a motive, but surely Guy can't be the murderer.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)

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Wocky is out of questioning, so you will finally get to Talk to him:

  • Your fiancée: You ask Wocky how he met Alita. Wocky doesn't quite answer directly. How are they keeping this a secret?
  • Meraktis Clinic: Wocky blames the rival family for his condition.
  • Wocky's Future: He thinks that his dad is getting "soft". So he wants to take over and stay on the dark side of the law instead of moving on and dealing with his bullet near his heart.

After talking, Present either the Knife or the Pistol. Wocky admits he was there that fateful moment. This will open up a new topic.

  • The night of the crime: Wocky will admit that he brought a gun with him that night, thinking he should give Meraktis "a taste of his own bad medicine". He isn't sure if he shot the doc or not.

Move to the Kitaki Mansion.

Kitaki Mansion (2)

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A crowd is forming up here. Is it the crime scene? Nope, it's Klavier. He says his exhaust pipe was clogged up yesterday, so his bike wouldn't move. He also notes that Ema isn't too fond of him.

Klavier leaves, Move inside People Park.

People Park

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In here you will notice something different. The blue tarps around the stand are gone, why? You then notice Ema, would, as predicted, isn't in a good mood. Ema couldn't get her "new" forensics stuff to work, and she couldn't really stand Klavier. Talk to Ema:

  • Detective Skye: She and Phoenix were involved in a case (from the first Ace Attorney game). She went to Europe to study forensics. She failed, but that doesn't stop her from doing science, which is why she was trying out a new kit she got in the mail today.
  • Prosecutor Gavin: Ema will reveal a twist about Klavier... It was he who stripped Phoenix's attorney's badge seven years ago!
File:AJAA Footprint Kit.png
  • The new kit?: Ema is trying out a footprint analysis. It rained that night, so some footprints were left! Ema isn't doing well with them, so she wants your help with them. When given the choice, Try it.


[edit | edit source]

German translation: Zurück is Back and Untersuchen is Examine.

File:AJAA Crime02b.png
File:AJAA Crime02c.png

Ema will now show you how to make footprints. First, you will have to check which shoeprints you want to analyze. Ema wants to try out Wocky's prints. You look closer to Wocky's prints. First, you will need to pour some plaster into the print. Just pour the plaster on where you want. However, the amount is limited. You can't touch the Stylus on one spot for too long, or you will run out of plaster before you finish, or you will overflow the print.

Next, you will dry off the plaster. Use the Stylus to guide a hair dryer all over the plaster. Once it's done, you will need to press ink on the print. Again, use the Stylus to rub the print with a roller until you get a clear view. The print is now planted on a piece of paper and now you can compare to the print to it's owner. In this case, Compare to Wocky Kitaki. It matches! Wocky really was at the scene of the crime!

  • Talk to Ema to initiate another Footprint analysis: You will now examine another print. Examine the green prints. Go through the same process as explained above (pour, dry, ink, compare). In this case, Compare to Wesley Stickler.
  • Another shoeprint: Now Examine the red prints. It doesn't look like it belongs to someone. What is it doing here? It looks smooth, with exception from a leaf shaped part.

Present Slippers, Now check a leaf shaped mark on the bottom. Look familiar? Now look closer inside the insoles of the slipper. It looks like a dark toe mark. It looks suspicious. Check the mark and you will get a choice to analyze it or not. Choose Dust for prints. Now do what you did with the Knife yesterday. Sprinkle, blow, and compare. It doesn't look like the print belongs to anybody, so you can't compare it right now. The Slippers will be updated in the Court Record.

File:AJAA Orders.png
  • Mystery print: Ema will ask you if you have evidence that proves the connection to the prints and the murder. Show evidence, and Present the Slippers. The shape of the bottom matches that of the print you just found! What's more is that it says Meraktis Clinic! It looks like the slipper had something to do with the crime after all!

Now you have proof that will convince the officer to let you into the clinic. Ema will hand you Detective Skye's Orders, which is added to the Court Record.

Move to Eldoon's House!

Eldoon's House (2)

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You show the orders to the officer, leaving him no choice but to let you in.

Finally, you can Move inside Meraktis Clinic.


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File:AJAA Sandals.png

It looks like no one is here today. Examine a pile of bowls on the ground. They must be Eldoon's! It looks like they're all clean. It looks like a clue. Examine what looks like a pair of sandals just right of the bowls. What are they doing here? It looks suspicious. The Sandals will be added to the Court Record.

Check the Sandals. Look into the insoles and check what looks like a dark mark. You will check for prints. Do as you did with the Slippers earlier. It doesn't look like it matches anyone. Perhaps you should consult Ema for this. The Sandals are updated in the Court Record.

Examine the slipper rack. There are slippers missing, and it looks like you are holding them! Just what were they doing at the scene of the crime?

Examine the door on the left side of the screen. You hear a thump through it. Is something happening in there? Lucky for you, it's unlocked, so you move inside.


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File:AJAA Lamp.png
File:AJAA Chart.png
File:AJAA Bullet.png

A break in! It looks like they're escaping... too late. Well, it looks like you have to check the room. First, Examine the lamp on the ground. It looks like the burglar dropped it for some reason, as it is broken. It looks like there is a pink splotch on it's wires! The Lamp will be added to the Court Record.

Now, Examine the safe. It looks like someone tried to unlock it. 7 and 9 are already put in. Trucy wonders if you have anything to figure out the rest. Say, I've got just the thing! Present the Fingerprint Powder, as you will have to use your fingers to touch the buttons to open the safe. You will now dust over the numbers and blow them off. Now enter the following numbers in order: 5 and 2.

It opens! There are two notable things to look at. First Examine the piece of paper. Look at the patient's name... Wocky Kitaki! Your client! It is signed by Pal Meraktis... and Nurse Alita Tiala!? Wocky's fiancée!?! Did she used to work here?! It looks like vital evidence! Wocky's Chart will be added to the Court Record.

Examine what looks like a bullet hole in the back. You can still see the bullet, which you pull out. What is it doing here? Was that burglar trying to break in? The Bullet is added to the Court Record.

It looks like you have found everything. Move to People Park.

People Park (2)

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First, check both the Slippers and the Sandals and get their toeprints. After that, present either the Slippers or the Sandals. You can do this at the reception as well to give it a head start by checking for toe prints early before coming to this place.

Ema will ask if there is a way to tell if both were worn by the same person. Say that you Got one right here. Then Present either the Sandals or Slippers (if you presented Slippers or Sandals first, respectively). Ema tries out both shoes... they match! Both were worn by the same person! But who? Maybe you should talk to Wocky about this.

But for now however, Move to the Hickfield Clinic.

Hickfield Clinic

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Phoenix is here. It looks like you are eager to get more information about seven years ago. Talk to Phoenix:

  • 7 years ago: Phoenix confirms that he indeed faced Klavier in his final trial. Klavier was 17-years-old at the time. (He was raised in Germany, should be obvious to Ace Attorney fans). Phoenix lost and he left law in shame. But didn't his departure have something to do with forged evidence?
  • Forged evidence: Phoenix neither denies creating forged evidence, nor does he admit it. Just what is he up to?

Let's drop the subject for now. Now to what really matters (for now anyway). Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (3)

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Wocky is here. Talk to him:

  • Guilty verdict: Wocky is still unsure if he shot Meraktis or not.
  • Your father: Wocky still disapprove of his father leaving the mob. Still, once he marries Alita, he'll continue on a generation in being a gangster.

Present Wocky's Chart. When you show him the nurse's name, Wocky will admit he met Alita as a patient!

Talk to Wocky again:

  • Wocky & Alita: Wocky was shot and taken to the hospital. There, he met Alita. Wocky told her "He'll take her on." Alita responded by making a proposal. That's how things got to where they are today.
  • Health check-up: It is quite strange that Meraktis said he was giving Wocky a check-up, but lied.

Present the Sandals. Wocky will reveal that it was a present he gave to Alita! The Sandals will be updated to Alita's Sandals in the Court Record.

You are almost finished today. Move to Eldoon's House.

Eldoon's House (3)

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File:AJAA Wockys Check-up2.png

You can now talk to Guy for some advice, and boy is he happy? Present Wocky's Chart to Guy. He will respond by saying that Wocky is "ABD" (All but dead) unless he has an operation after hearing that he is your client. He takes off his bowl hat and offers some advice as a doctor. He looks serious. Talk to Guy:

  • Wocky's Chart: Guy tells you that Meraktis tried to pull out the bullet stuck inside, but failed, as it would take a true miracle to get it out before Wocky bleeds to death.
  • Meraktis's dilemma: Meraktis knew that it would be next to impossible to remove the bullet without killing Wocky, so he had to sew him back up. If he told the family that he failed to remove the bullet, he would have been in a world of hurt.

You then point out something disturbing. Alita Tiala. She knew that Wocky was in serious danger, so why didn't she call for another operation rather than propose a marriage? What was she thinking!?

You can't go into that now. You decide to call it a day.