Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 2: Turnabout Corner/Day 1 - Investigation

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Wright & Co. Law Offices

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File:AJAA Prospect.png

It has been two months since your mentor's arrest. You have hit rock bottom and are now forced to come here.

The Wright & Co. Law Office looks different from previous series at this point. Much different! What's new is Trucy's props that's used for magic, a piano and a spaghetti with a floating fork! Upon entering, you will meet a girl, who presumes you are here for an interview. You eventually learn of the place's current name, The "Wright Talent Agency". The girl will introduce herself as Trucy Wright, CEO and magician.

Isn't this the girl you met on your last trial? Like it or not, she'll be your aide for the rest of the game.

You finally begin your first investigation gameplay of this game. Talk to Trucy:

  • Wright Talent Agency: She tells you about the agency and it's employees (There are currently two).
  • Trucy Wright: You will learn her age: 15. Phoenix is 33 as of yet. A little young to be a father of a teenager.
  • Phoenix Wright: Trucy will tell you that he is in the hospital. Is he alright? Or is he injured severely?

You and Trucy decided to go to Phoenix's hospital, the Hickfield Clinic. You automatically move there.

Hickfield Clinic

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You meet a doctor who names himself Director Hickfield, who should be familiar to Ace Attorney fans. Phoenix then arrives, and it looks like he is all right. If your searching for a reference to the "doctor", play "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All" in Ini Miney's case and Maya's kidnapping case. Talk to Phoenix:

  • What happened: Phoenix tells you he was hit by a car! Thankfully he only suffered just a sprained ankle.
  • About Trucy...: Phoenix tells you about more about his "daughter".
  • Wright Talent Agency: Phoenix and Trucy tells you about the troubles they are currently facing. They want you to join them. Phoenix will say he set up a client for you. (He doesn't mean...) You decide to hear what he says.
File:AJAA Accident Map.png
  • Our client: Phoenix will give you information about his accident. He wants you to go and investigate there and find out who hit him. He shows you the location of the accident and gives you a Map, which is added to the Court Record.

Phoenix tells you the your "client" is back at the talent agency.

Move to the Wright Talent Agency.

Wright Talent Agency (2)

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You will meet your client, with a bowl of noodles for hair (If it isn't hair). His name is Guy Eldoon, owner of a noodle stand Phoenix goes to all of the time. Talk to Guy:

  • Who's this guy?: Guy tells you about his history with noodles and his family.
  • Eldoon's Noodles: You will learn that his stand was stolen!
  • Stolen stand: His stand was stolen last night, and he wants you to find it and investigate. Trucy will tell you about ANOTHER crime. Something important to her was stolen... her panties... yes, it is what you think.
  • Trucy's request: Trucy says last night, someone had stolen her panties. She tried to catch him, but lost him. Trucy wants you to find her stolen panties.

A hit and run, a noodle stand theft,... and a panty theft. Three cases you will have to look through.

Time to check on Phoenix's request first, Move to the Accident Scene.

Accident Scene

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It looks like the scene where Phoenix got hit. You will meet a chubby woman, whose name is Plum. She is part of the Kitakis, known as "the biggest organized crime syndicate in town!" (Not to mention scary at first glance). It looks like you have no choice but to Talk to Plum (Trucy has no fear with talking to gangsters):

  • The Kitakis: You will learn that the family are gangsters, probably the "bad guys".
  • Last nights accident: Nothing important here.
  • Splattered paint: Plum tells you that when the car hit Phoenix, it ran over to some paint cans, spilling them all over.

After talking, Pan right. The whole scenery changes. You are now looking at a park. You will see a young woman, who leaves immediately. It looked like she was looking at the park at a worried state. No kidding, it looks like something happened!

Examine the lady trying to climb over the fence. An officer is keeping you from coming in. Just then, another mysterious woman in a lab coat (who should look oddly familiar to Ace Attorney fans) comes and is revealed to be a Detective. It looks like she is quite moody. She tells you to buzz off. It looks like you'll have to stay out... for now.

File:AJAA Slippers.png
File:AJAA Mirror.png

Examine the trash can. It looks like there is two things in it. A pair of slippers, which looks like the ones you could buy from a hospital. There's also looks like a torn off car window! Maybe it's from the car that hit Phoenix! You are given a choice of which to keep. For now, keep the Mirror. The Mirror will be added to the Court Record.

Pan left. You should probably Talk to Plum for a better idea of what is happening in the park:

  • People Park: You will learn that there was a murder at the park last night! The house seems to be in trouble as well. Plum says it is a "private matter".
  • Private matter: Plum will tell you that her "bloomers" are stolen, just like Trucy was! It looks like a panty-snatcher is on the loose. Of course, Plum wants you to find it.

After talking, the mysterious young woman (not the one in the lab coat) returns. She calls Plum "mother". It looks like she is a Kitaki too. Trucy will then hand out the new "Wright Anything Agency" flyer. She tells the mysterious woman that you are a defense attorney. The woman will leave.

You have nothing else to do here for now. Move to the Scene of the Stand Theft.

Eldoon’s House

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You arrive at the scene. Right next to it, a hospital (not the same one Phoenix is in). It looks like a police car is here. Trucy then remembers this is where she lost the panty thief.

You will then see Guy. Talk to Guy:

  • Eldoon's Stand: Guy says everything in the noodle stand was taken as well.
  • Stolen stand: The stand was there when he went to sleep last night. The next morning, it was gone.
  • The garage: Nothing important here, except Guy has an animosity to the doctor.
File:AJAA Bowl.png

Examine the red bowl on the ground. Guy says it is one of his bowls. All of the others is in the stolen stand. The Bowl will be added to the Court Record.

Pan left and Examine the police car. An officer doesn't let you in. Did something happen? You better talk to Guy about this. Pan right and Talk with Guy

  • Meraktis Clinic: Guy doesn't know what happened, but he does know that the doctor is working for the "wrong crowd".

Time to look for Trucy's panties. Move inside the Meraktis Clinic - Garage.

Meraktis Clinic - Garage

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File:AJAA Pink Cell Phone.png
File:AJAA Trucys Panties.png
File:AJAA Trucys Panties2.png

Examine the car. You will look closer into it. Examine a pink thing under the car. It looks like a cell phone. Did someone lose it? The Cell Phone will be added to the Court Record.

Now, Examine the tail pipe. It looks like something is stuffed in there. It's Trucy's panties! Trucy reveals it is actually a prop for her magic show. Trucy's Panties will be added to the Court Record. Now all you have to do is to find the panty snatcher. If you're wondering what Apollo is talking about the tail pipe of the car, play "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney" episode "Rise From the Ashes" near the end of the cross examination of Angel Starr, the "Cough up Queen" when she reveals the last photo at the back of Edgeworth's red car.

Now Examine what looks like the car's broken windshield. You suspect it to be a clue. When given a choice, choose Show evidence. Then, Present the Mirror (if you have it. If not, go to the Accident Scene as explained above.) It looks like the perfect match! It looks like you have found the car that hit Phoenix last night! The Mirror will be updated to the Court Record.

You should talk to Phoenix about this, Move to the Hickfield Clinic via the Wright Talent Agency.

Hickfield Clinic (2)

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You'll see Phoenix there. Talk to him:

  • Progress report: You tell Phoenix about what you have discovered, like the one who hit him, the doctor at the Meraktis Clinic. Phoenix will say something about a "wrong crowd". Sound familiar?
  • Meraktis Clinic: Phoenix says they make money, in a bad way. They have ties with the Kentucky family (he probably means the Kitaki family).
  • People Park: Phoenix says that the body was found at unusual circumstances. He says that it doesn't concern you right now.

It looks like it all leaves to the noodle stand, Move to the Wright Anything Agency.

Wright Anything Agency (3)

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File:AJAA Crime Photo.png
File:AJAA Letter of Request.png

It's that woman Trucy give the flyer to earlier! She will introduce herself as Alita Tiala. She has a request for you. Talk to Alita:

  • Your request: Alita will ask you to defend her fiancé, as he is charged for murder at the park!
  • Tiala's story: After asking her about her connections to the Kitaki family, Alita will tell you that she will marry a member in a month or so, as she wants to live a gangster life.
  • Murder in the park: She tells you that the victim was murdered with a pistol, but in unusual circumstances.
  • Your fiancé: The suspect's name is Wocky Kitaki. Alita will beg you to defend him. All right, your first solo case! Alita will hand you a Letter of Request, which is added to the Court Record.

Move to the Kitaki Mansion.

Kitaki Mansion (2)

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You show the officer the letter of request, but he still won't let you in. You will then meet a young man, who is referred to Mr. Gavin. Gavin? You show him the letter of request and he escorts you into the crime scene, anyways. That was easy.

People Park

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The young man leaves and you will come to the crime scene. You will then meet the detective again. You show her the letter of request, and she confirms it to be Alita's handwriting (taking thirty minutes to figure that out?!). The detective will introduce herself as Ema Skye. (Finally, a returning character!) If you can't figure it out, play the "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney" bonus episode "Rise Against The Ashes" to learn more about her character. The difference is that she's a detective and her mood went down because of who she works for now. But if you're expecting Gumshoe, not this time.

Talk to Ema. She won't say anything important (she complains about not getting a job she wants, and that "he" gave up the defense attorney life), but you have to go through at least one dialog with her. Not to mention that she likes to eat on the job as well. Is "Snackoos" her favorite snack she's addicted to now?

Examine the stand. It's Guy's noodle stand!

Move to the Hickfield Clinic.

Hickfield Clinic (3)

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Talk to Phoenix:

  • Murder: You tell Phoenix about the noodle stand, and about Ema. Phoenix seems to remember her.
  • Skye connection: Ace Attorney fans may remember Ema from that case from the first game.
  • Mysterious Prince: Phoenix recognizes the Gavin you saw earlier as Klavier Gavin, a "rock 'n' roll god incarnate". What was he doing at the crime scene?

Phoenix will gave you a solution to get past the detective (Ema). He says to find white powder under the silk top hat back in the agency. Move to the Wright Anything Agency.

Wright Anything Agency (4)

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File:AJAA White Powder.png

Examine the blue top hat Phoenix mentioned in the middle of the screen. You will find the White Powder, which is added to the Court Record.

Move back to People Park.

People Park (2)

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File:AJAA Autopsy Report.png
File:AJAA Noodle Stand.png
File:AJAA Bloomers.png
File:AJAA Wockys Knife.png

Present the White Powder to Ema. You see her shock look for the first time. After learning about your connections to Phoenix, she promises to help with anything she could. Not to mention that she's also surprised about Phoenix's daughter, Trucy. That was easy. Ema will tell you that the white powder is used for fingerprints. The White Powder will be updated to the Court Record as Fingerprint Powder. You can now finally Talk to Ema:

  • The case: Ema tells you that the victim was killed by a shot in the right temple with a pistol. His name was Pal Meraktis. (Meraktis?) Ema will give you Meraktis's Autopsy Report, which is added to the Court Record. You will then tell Ema about the stand. Present Guy Eldoon's Profile. The Noodle Stand will be added to the Court Record. Ema will also tell you that the victim was a doctor. Getting the picture?
  • Your story: Ema will tell you that she studied forensics in Europe. She came back here, but was put in the criminal affairs. She thinks she owes everyone that helped her here 10 years ago.
  • The defendant: Ema tells you that the defendant, Wocky, is the son of the boss of the Kitaki family. She reveals to you that they have a witness, who will testify in court tomorrow!
  • The victim: Ema tells you that Meraktis works as a physician at the Meraktis Clinic (where you found Trucy's panties). Ema thinks Meraktis has stolen the stand, but why?

After talking, Examine the trash can on the left side of the screen. Inside you find... another pair of panties! Could this be stolen too? The Bloomers will be added to the Court Record.

Examine the knife stuck in the ground in front of the mannequin. It looks like a shiv, which the police suspects to be Wocky's. It looks like there is a handprint on it. This will get Ema's attention.

Ema will now teach you about fingerprints (remember the lockers and cloth from the first game?). You will look closer to the knife. First, Ema lets you choose a fingerprint. Choose the darkest one, closest to the blade (Put the cursor on it and press A.) You then get to sprinkle powder all over the print by touching the Stylus all over the place, but near the middle. Once you get enough powder on there, you will blow off the powder by using the mic. Once the fingerprint is revealed, you will get to match the fingerprint. In this case, compare this to Wocky Kitaki.

It matches, things are already taking for a dive for you, but this is too early to lose hope, right? The Knife will be added to the Court Record.

Ema tells you that visiting hours are almost up at the Detention Center, so you better step on it.

Move to the good ol' Detention Center, accessible from the Wright Anything Agency.

Detention Center

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The background looks more detailed here then the last game.

A guard tells you that visiting hours are almost up. Wocky is currently speaking with his father, Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki. You then meet Big Wins himself, The 4th head of the Kitaki family. Just why is he wearing an apron? He says that Wocky is innocent.

You meet Wocky himself. It doesn't look like the type to not be innocent.

You don't have a chance to talk to Wocky. It looks like you have to hear from him tomorrow at court.