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Dominus!     (Latin) Lord![1] Some versions of Ulysses emend this to the vocative Domine!

KYRIE ELEISON     (Greek) O Lord, have mercy.[2] Kyrie eleison is a Latin tranliteration of a Greek prayer, the only piece of Greek to be retained in the Christian liturgy. In the Latin Tridentine Mass, which was still performed in 1904, the Kyrie was said or sung between the Introit and the Gloria.

Kyrios     (Greek) Lord.[3] This is a Latin transliteration of the Greek Κύριος.

Kyrie     (Greek) O Lord, the vocative case of Kyrios. This is a Latin transliteration of the Greek κύριε.

Kyrie eleison     (Greek) See KYRIE ELEISON above.


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