Annotated Republic of China Laws/Nationality Act/Article 15

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Nationality Act
Republic of China (Taiwan) Law
Article 15

Promulgated full amendment on 2000-02-09[edit | edit source]

Article 15[1]
A person who has lost the nationality of the Republic of China in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 and who at present has a domicile in the territory of the Republic of China and satisfies the requirements of sub-paragraphs (3) and (4) of Article 3 may apply for the restoration of his (her) nationality.
The provisions in the previous Paragraph does not apply to a naturalized person and his (her) children, who have lost their nationality in conjunction with the naturalized person.

Promulgated amendment on 2005-06-15[edit | edit source]

Article 15[2]
For a person who loses the nationality of the ROC according to Article 11, if he/she now has a domicile in the territory of the ROC and meets the requisites provided in Subparagraph 3 and Subparagraph 4 of Paragraph 1 of Article 3, he/she may apply for restoring his/her nationality of the ROC.
The preceding Subparagraph shall not apply to naturalized persons and their children naturalized concurrently who lost the nationality of the ROC.

Annotated by Wikibooks[edit | edit source]

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