Annotated Republic of China Laws/Immigration Act/Article 38-8

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Immigration Act
Republic of China (Taiwan) Law
Article 38-8

Promulgated addition on 2015-02-04, effective 2015-02-05

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Article 38-8[1]
For an alien whose temporary detention is revoked in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 38-1, or a detainee whose temporary detention is terminated or suspended under Paragraph 1 of the preceding paragraph, and falls under any of the following circumstances; the National Immigration Agency may temporarily detain him/her if a compulsory exit order is difficult or impractical to enforce. A continuation of the detention period may be applied for in court prior to the end of the said detention period.
  1. Violated the detention conditions stated in Paragraph 2 of Article 38-1;
  2. The reason for terminating or suspending the temporary detention is no longer valid.
The time period for repeated detention of an alien mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be included in the detention period for the same case and shall not exceed 100 days.

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