Annotated Republic of China Laws/Immigration Act/Article 38-7

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Immigration Act
Republic of China (Taiwan) Law
Article 38-7

Promulgated addition on 2015-02-04, effective 2015-02-05[edit | edit source]

Article 38-7[1]
After the National Immigration Agency executes the temporary detention order or if the continued or extended detention is permitted by the court since the detention order is no longer valid, unnecessary, or refutable; the temporary detention order shall be revoked and the detainee would be released.
In case an alien whose temporary detention order is revoked in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 38-1, or a detainee whose temporary detention is terminated, violates the detention conditions under Paragraph 2 of Article 38-1, the National Immigration Agency may cancel the bail bond.
When the execution of forcible deportation of a detainee under Paragraph 1 is permitted, as well as continued or extended detention based on a court order, the National Immigration Agency should immediately provide information about the original ruling.

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