Ancient History/Americas/Aztec Empire/The Aztecs arrive in the Valley of Mexico

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When The Aztecs arrived in Tenochtitlan it was just a marshy swamp but when hernando cortez came in 1519 it was a fully developed island through the dirt piling skills of the aztecs who were known for building Chinampas


A chinampa was built in the lake auround the island, this was a skill that helped the aztecs become the great civilization that they were and produce much food. A chinampa would be built by the aztec Commoners and Peasants, it was dirt piled into a square box of reeds along the side of the island and would be the property of one of the aztec clans. They were built in great numbers and were fertilized with the feces of the aztecs. They were used to plant food for the clan that owned them, each clan had its own chinampas. They were also called "floating gardens"

Arrival and Building[edit]

The Aztecs arrived on the island in 1327 after hundreds of years of searching the island was actually more like a swamp but they built it up till it was the size of Mexico city which it would become hundreds of years later after the lake dried up the aztecs built buildings with rocks and had been influenced by the maya they worked the ground and within the next decade perfected a city


Azcapotzalco was a city that took control of the Aztec's island and ruled over their city for many years. So the Aztecs had a rebellion and went against them with 2 other cities. This became known as the Aztec Triple Alliance. The Aztecs clearly objected to life under this power because they rebelled against them. This was the prototype for the Aztec Empire and the first use of their deadly war skill.


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