Among Us/Imposter Gameplay and Strategy

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An Imposter is a role in Among Us. The Imposter is the most fun role. As an Imposter, your goal is to get rid of Crewmates, one way or another, without getting caught. There are two methods of doing this:

  • Get rid of Crewmates manually, until there are equal numbers of Imposters and Crewmates. Manipulating Crewmates to vote eachother out and not you is very important.
    • You can do this by killing Crewmates directly and getting them voted out by their fellow Crewmates.
  • Causing a critical sabotage, and having the time run out. Critical sabotages will be covered later. Just know that sabotages are problems that Crewmates have to solve, or face some consequence.

If you successfully do one of these things, you and your fellow Imposters will win the game.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Kill[edit | edit source]

Killing is an iconic part of Among Us. When you are near a Crewmate, you can click the skull button. Once you do this, you will see that the upper half of the Crewmate's body will be gone, and the body will fall to the ground. The crewmate will become a ghost, unable to vote or communicate to Crewmates in any way. There is a cooldown, so you can't kill too many crewmates in a short time. Obviously, you should not do this in view of a Crewmate (other than the one you intend to kill, of course). Preferably, you should try to kill near a vent or other escape route. Killing in an area where many Crewmates are extremely close together also works. Alternatively, you can kill and then report your own kill, called a self report in Among Us parlance. This is an easy way to get out of a situation where you are likely to get caught as the Imposter, but be prepared to answer questions about where the body was, and if you saw anything.

Sabotage[edit | edit source]

An Imposter can sabotage to hamper the Crewmates, or even take them out completely. Even if you have been voted out, you can still sabotage as a Ghost. Sabotages can be used strategically to help with killing, by, for example, closing the doors on an area to give you more time to escape. Sabotages can also be used to lure Crewmates away from the room where a killing happened, allowing you to escape. A list of sabotages is avaliable for each map's individual chapter. To sabotage, click the button with a crewmate on fire. This will pull of a map, with individual systems and door you can sabotage. Click on the system or door you want to sabotage to sabotage it. If there are a small number of crewmates left, sabotages can be used to lure one near you to be killed. Remember, a report will stop the sabotage, so if you are sabotaging with the aim of killing the Crewmates via the sabotage, don't self report.

Vent[edit | edit source]

Vents are a quick transportation system for your map. You can use vents to easily escape after killing people, look for lone Crewmates to kill, and simply get around the map quickly. (Admin can also be used to look for lone Crewmates.) Make sure when you're venting, nobody sees, because venting is an ability exclusive to Imposters and Engineers. If there are no engineers in the game, seeing someone vent tells you they are the Imposter, and even if there are Engineers in the game, it's not very good to be seen venting.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Imposter strategy is much more complex than Crewmate strategy, so be prepared. Ignore any and all Crewmate strategy. Remember, if you are playing with other Imposters, use them! Rat them out when you need to, use them to create an alibi, etc.

During Emergency Meetings[edit | edit source]

  • Always vote with the crowd, even if it means voting out your fellow Imposter. Standing out isn't a good idea.
  • Be calm when accused. Begging for people to trust you is a bad idea. It makes you look like a desperate Imposter, which is exactly what you don't want to be seen as.
  • When a Crewmate is about to be voted out, try to defend them weakly. If role reveals on vote out are enabled, the Crewmates will see that they weren't an Imposter and trust you more.
  • Asking someone to join up with you and do tasks can help establish your alibi. Just sabotage the lights and go away from the group when you want to kill.
  • Talk during meetings; silence is suspiscious.
  • Attempt to create a state of confusion; accusations should be thrown around randomly.
  • Whatever you do, never accuse your accuser. They will be simply voted out, and after that, you.
  • Never accuse a verified Crewmate, who has done a visual task. In general, accusing people is something you should not do (especially if the game is set to reveal roles after vote out.)
  • Support other player's accusations.
  • In the event you are sure that you are going to be ejected, claim that a Crewmate is the other Imposter, helping them avoid getting voted out.

During Normal Play[edit | edit source]

  • Kill off dangerous Crewmates, like those that claim you are the Imposter, or are well trusted in the crew.
  • Keep players the Crewmates are suspicious of in the game. This will lead to them being voted out, hopefully instead of you.
  • If a Crewmate sees you vent, they will likely attempt to call an emergency meeting. To prevent this, simply vent to Cafeteria (in the Skeld map, of course) and kill them.
  • Kill Crewmates who are doing tasks that cover their field of view. Be wary of this strategy, though. Some Crewmates will pretend to do tasks without activating them to bait Imposters.
  • Don't underestimate Comms Sabotaged. It can disable Admin and Security, allowing you to vent and kill with impunity.