Among Us/Crewmate Gameplay and Strategy

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A Crewmate is one of the roles in Among Us. Knowing whether you are a Crewmate or not should be easy enough, since the game shows you text that tells you your role. All of the advice in this chapter applies exclusively to crewmates.

The first screen at the beginning of each game shows each player their respective role. The text above would be shown to Crewmates (though in light blue instead of black).

Being a Crewmate boils down to two things: voting, and doing your tasks. Doing these two things is how you win. Do these correctly, and it will increase your chances of winning substantially.

Voting[edit | edit source]

If you see a body (bodies look like players lying on the ground with a bone sticking out), you can press the 'Report' button on your screen. This will trigger an emergency meeting, where you and the other players can discuss it and vote out the player you think is one of the Imposters. If you happen upon a body, report it. There is also a button in the center of the Cafeteria (or the office, in The Skeld map) that can trigger an emergency meeting, if you press it. You usually shouldn’t do this unless you are at least 90% sure who the imposter is. Voting is the core of Among Us, so remember this section.

In an emergency meeting, remember to mention which room you found the body, and anyone who was nearby the body. People who were nearby the body could potentially be Imposters. In an emergency meeting, click on or press the box with the username of the player you believe is one of the Imposter, or 'Skip Vote' if you don't know who. The people with an X next to their name are dead, so you can't vote for them.

Usually, in an emergency meeting, the players discuss and make accusations. These activities take place in the Chat, which can be accessed by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner of the screen. There, you can type in whatever you want to say. After the discussion, voting will begin. If you are accused of being an imposter, try to get another player to vouch for you. If they were with you while you were doing tasks (especially visual tasks, which will be explored later in this chapter), then this can work. (If visual tasks are disabled, sadly you cannot do this.) Remember to vouch for other players, too! If nobody can vouch for you, propose that someone follow you to see you do a visual task, to verify that you are a crewmate. If you are concerned about people thinking you are an imposter, do this before someone accuses you, preferably in a meeting where there isn't much evidence of any imposter. If this doesn't work, just be calm and deny the accusations. If the person who is accusing you isn't giving a good reason, state this in the chat.

After a vote, the results will be tallied up. Whoever has the most votes will be ejected from the game and become a Ghost. If this happens to you, don't fret! Continue to do your tasks, and hopefully your fellow Crewmates will win out in the end.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a list of tasks you have to do. There should also be an arrow that points in the direction of the room where you have to do your task. Tasks are usually mundane, boring things like connecting wires together or swiping cards. Doing your tasks is very important, since if everyone does all of their tasks, the Crewmates win. You can see the general task progress of all crewmates by looking at the progress bar in the upper left corner of the screen. A list of tasks for each map is available in the chapter focusing on that map.

There are three main categories of tasks:

  • Short tasks usually only have a single stage. You clean the vent, align the telescope, clean the toilet, etc. After that, you are done with it.
  • Long tasks take a long time or have multiple stages. You clear the asteroids in multiple places, or align the engine output on both the lower and upper engine
  • Common tasks are tasks that every Crewmate has to do. If one Crewmate doesn't have it nobody has it, and vice versa. These tasks are first on the list of tasks. Common tasks are a good way to find a Imposter, because if you see them doing a common task you don't have, it probably means they are an Imposter.

Visual tasks are tasks that all players can see being done (if visual effects for tasks hasn't been turned off by the game host). These tasks are very important, because they have the aforementioned use of being able to prove if someone is not the imposter.