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GPRbuild can be used to make portable builds.

Platform-independent code[edit | edit source]

Create a project for platform-independent code which is common to all supported platforms.


project Portable is

   for Main use ("portable.adb");

   -- GPS uses this to start the executable
   for Exec_Dir use "bin";

   for Source_Dirs use ("src");

end Portable;

Platform-specific code[edit | edit source]

For example, open portable-windows.gpr with GPS or GPRbuild to build a project for Windows.


project Portable.Windows extends "portable.gpr" is

   -- Object for Windows Resources
   for Languages use ("Ada", "WinRes");
   for Source_Dirs use ("windows", "resources");
   for Object_Dir use "windows-obj";

   -- This should be the same as the parent project
   -- or the executable will be placed on the object directory
   for Exec_Dir use "bin";

   package Linker is
      for Default_Switches ("Ada") use
        ("-lgdi32", "windows-obj/resources.o", "-mwindows");
   end Linker;

   package Compiler is
      for Driver ("WinRes") use "windres";
      for Default_Switches ("WinRes") use ("--target=pe-x86-64");
      for Leading_Required_Switches ("WinRes") use ("-i");
      for Object_File_Suffix ("WinRes") use ".o";
   end Compiler;

   package Naming is
      for Body_Suffix ("WinRes") use ".rc";
   end Naming;

end Portable.Windows;