Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Ablaze/Part 5-5 - End 1

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File:AAIME crime05l.png

Even though we have solved the mystery of the Yatagarasu, we still have to find out the truth behind the two murders, such as how the murder weapons crossed borders. Both Allebahst and Babahl have strict regulations on immigration, so it can't be easy smuggling them across. Edgeworth now re-arranges his evidence and removes some that are no longer useful.

Gumshoe plays the tape Detective Badd gave us on a nearby TV set. It shows Manny Coachen entering a building with a knife and a card in his hands. Franziska deduces that it is the apartment building of the victim of the KG-8 Incident. Someone stole this tape during the trial for the incident. It is important enough that the ringleader of the smuggling group actually wanted it hidden, so there must be something in this video that ties it to the ringleader.

Edgeworth tells Gumshoe to pause at one scene. It shows a car, and this car does have some relevance to the current case. Present the flag near the front lights. The flag belongs to the Principality of Cohdopia, which means a Cohdopian government car stopped there, but why?

Bad Ending Six: If you run out of logic here, Lang proclaims that no-one can take the case away, forcing Edgeworth and Franziska off the building.

Ambassador Alba now enters the Theatrum Neutralis. He requests us to stop our investigation temporarily, as the jubilee is still being held. Agent Lang now returns to the embassy searching for us. He says he knows the culprit behind the Allebahstian murder and accuses Franziska on the spot! He says that Alba called Franziska to his office before the speech and that Franziska moved freely between both embassies during the investigation. He requests Alba to let us inspect his office to prove Franziska's guilt.

We must now prove that Franziska didn't commit the murder, or else we won't be able to continue with our investigation at all!

Testimony: Shi-Long Lang

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Agent Lang
Agent Lang
Agent Lang's Testimony
- Border-Crossing Weapons -

  1. One of Allebahst's knives was used in Babahl to murder Mr. Coachen.
  2. And the murder weapon in the killing of DeMasque II is Babahl's Primidux Statue.
  3. Somehow, these two objects were able to penetrate the two countries' impenetrable security.
  4. The only one who traversed the two countries just before and after the crimes was you.

Rebuttal: Border-Crossing Weapons

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Present Babahl's Primidux Statue or Allebahst's Primidux Statue at statement 3. Not only was the knife and Babahl's statue smuggled over, but the one in Allebahst was also smuggled to Babahl.

Agent Lang insists that only Franziska could've done it, but there is someone else who crossed the borders tonight. Present the Photo of Yatagarasu. Whatever was the thing in the photo went to the other side above the wall between the embassies. Agent Lang says that it isn't humanly possible for someone to fly over it, but why must it be a human? Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue. Shih-na could've dressed the statue in clothes and launched it over the border, but how?

Edgeworth now requests Franziska to testify about her movements when she was called into Ambassador Alba's room.

Testimony: Franziska von Karma

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Franziska's Testimony
- Movements in Allebahst -

  1. As I said earlier, I was assigned to guard duty in the Allebahstian Embassy.
  2. After I saw the Steel Samurai off on his way towards the ambassador's office.
  3. I returned to the rose garden for a bit, and checked up on the security situation.
  4. After all the preparations were in place, I was called back by Ambassador Alba to his office.

Rebuttal: Movements in Allebahst

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File:AAIME crime05m.png

Press statement 4 to get a new piece of testimony.

  • When I arrived, Ambassador Alba was watering the flowers on the windowsill.

Press this new statement to get another piece of testimony.

  • There were four large passionflowers in full bloom in the flower box.

Present the Passionflowers at this statement. Franziska recalls seeing four passionflowers, but there were only two when we investigated the office earlier. Edgeworth now investigates the flower box in closer detail.

Examine the passionflowers. There are clearly only two passionflowers in this flowerbox, so is Franziska lying? Choose to Show evidence when prompted. Present Hair Sticks. Shih-na was holding these sticks when she was in Babahl, but they look exactly like the plant supports for this flowerbox! It was also smuggled over the border, but for what reason? Present the crossbow. These support sticks can also be used as crossbow bolts! Agent Lang says that these sticks could never carry a statue across the border.

Argument: Shi-Long Lang

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Agent Lang
Agent Lang
Agent Lang's Argument
- Border Crossing, Pt. 2 -

  1. So Babahl's statue was draped in the Yatagarasu's clothes, and then shot over here?
  2. Even if you fired the arrows from this side, they wouldn't go far with a statue tied to them!
  3. I don't think I need to tell you that the Primidux Statue didn't sprout wings.
  4. You're a realist, after all, aren't you?

Rebuttal: Border Crossing, Pt. 2

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File:AAIME crime05n.png
File:AAIME crime05o.png
File:AAIME crime05p.png
File:AAIME Counterfeit Plate.png
File:AAIME crime05q.png
File:AAIME Bonsai Shears.png
File:AAIME Amb. Albas Wound.png

Press statement 2 to get a new piece of testimony.

  • If it wasn't a statue that was tied to the arrows, then what did the crossbow launch...?

Present the Wire at this statement. The wire was tied to the sticks then launched to Babahl's secretariat office, so Allebahst's Primidux statue can be ziplined to the other side. That still doesn't explain how Babahl's statue managed to reach Allebahst, having to move two floors higher on its own. There is a certain form of motion that makes this possible, however. Present Rotary motion. Two ends of the wire were sent to Babahl to form a pulley system, so both statues could be transported simultaneously.

Someone shot a wire from Allebahst to Babahl, creating a pulley system to switch both statues, with Shih-na staying in Babahl to help smuggle the statues. Another arrow was fired carrying the other end of the wire into Babahl, where Shih-na hid it in the grandfather's clock.

Agent Lang says that this is still not enough to prove Franziska innocent, but Edgeworth says that there is a piece of evidence in this very room that can be used to provide the rotary motion used for the pulleys. Present the ceiling fan. There are fans in both rooms with Primidux Statues, which can be used as pulleys.

Bad Ending Seven: If you run out of logic here, Lang arrests Franziska, as he's tired of waiting for everyone to solve this case.

Whoever planned this trick must be someone familiar with the offices of both embassies and know that the support sticks could be used as arrows. It should be obvious who the mastermind is, but a simple accusation will become a major international incident. Present the Crossbow Arrows or Passionflowers. The arrows used for the crossbows were hidden as passionflower supports, and someone spent the time to grow those passionflowers until even Franziska couldn't recognize it. Whoever did it is also very familiar with the layout of both embassies to know about the ceiling fans. The culprit is Ambassador Quercus Alba!

There is one peculiar thing about the plan if the ambassador hatched it. Present Allebahst's Primidux Statue. If the statue in Allebahst is the real deal, why swap it for a fake? We now examine the Primidux Statue.

Examine the head of the statue. Edgeworth notes that there is a gap at the neck, which opens it and reveals a bronze object. Examine the object. It is actually the plates used for the printing of the counterfeit bills! The Counterfeit Plate is added to your Organizer.

Since only the ambassador or the secretariat of an embassy is allowed to even touch the statues, a fake hollow one could be used to conceal something. After receiving the statue, Ambassador Alba ran into DeMasque II, who is coincidentally out to steal the statue. Ambassador Alba tried to intimidate the thief and accidentally killed him with the statue.

Bad Ending Eight: If you run out of logic here, Alba forces everyone to vacate the premises.

Ambassador Alba admits to smuggling the statue and killing DeMasque II by accident, but he asserts that he is not the ringleader. Agent Lang reveals that he was always suspicious of him but he needed his permission to investigate the room. He accused Franziska just so he could investigate the office one more time. Alba now says that we don't have any proof that he is the ringleader, nor do we have any evidence suggesting that he knew about the counterfeit plates.

We're now faced with a difficult choice. We can use the proof that Detective Badd gave us, but that would mean presenting illegal evidence. You'll be given a choice, but you will be forced to present them either way. These two illegal pieces of evidence are what will prove Ambassador Alba as the ringleader of the smuggling ring!

Back at the Theatrum Neutralis, Gumshoe plays the videotape for us again. Now we need to prove that the card was used to give directions. Present the black card in Coachen's hand. It looks the same as the one we have, and we can prove that it is the same card. Examine the bloodstain. The blood on the card belongs to the victim of the KG-8 Incident. We fast forward to another piece of footage, the one with the car. The image is magnified so we can see the person in the car. We can't see his face, but there is one thing that connects this case with Cohdopia. Present the card in the person's breast pocket. The shape of the pocket and the card in it confirms that Coachen arrived on that car that day.

Ambassador Alba now reveals his true self, turning from a weak, elderly person to a fearsome ex-army man. He says that Cohdopia no longer exists, so we don't have any records to confirm that Manny Coachen was on that car that day. We can still prove that he was on it though. Present the reflection of the medal on the opposite window. The medal reflected off the window in the picture matches the one Alba is wearing right now!

Alba now confesses to killing DeMasque II out of self-defense. He says that the man attacked him so he struck back. He shows us the wound around his shoulder as proof. Alba hid DeMasque II's weapon after the murder, a pair of shears. Amb. Alba's Wound is added to your Organizer.

He still says that the smuggling and counterfeiting were all done by his secretary without his knowledge. He also says that he can only be tried at Allebahst due to his extraterritorial rights. Even if he is driven out of this embassy, he can continue ruling another in a different country, continuing his smuggling activities freely! How do you lay down the law on a man that's untouchable?

This battle of wits has only just begun.

This chapter now ends.