Abnormal Sexual Psychology/Frotteurism

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Frotteurism is a type of paraphilia, which refers to sexual disorders that involve persistent and intense sexual arousal or fantasies involving unusual or socially unacceptable sexual behaviors or fantasies.

In the case of frotteurism, the person who has this disorder achieves sexual arousal and gratification by rubbing his/her genitals against another person, usually a stranger, in a public place or a crowded area, such as a train or bus. This behavior is usually non-consensual, meaning that the other person may not be aware of or consent to the behavior.

Frotteurism is considered a form of sexual misconduct and is illegal in many jurisdictions. It can cause distress and discomfort to the person who experiences it and to the person who is the target of the behavior.

Treatment for frotteurism usually involves psychotherapy and medication to manage the person's sexual desires and behaviors. It may also involve addressing any underlying psychological issues, such as depression or anxiety, that may contribute to the behavior.