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A Researcher's Guide to Local History Terminology

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This is a Resource Book of Local History techniques and terminology aimed at helping local history researchers who are studying historical documents which contain many archaic terms, local names for plants and animals, dialect words (Scots, English, Welsh, Cornish, American, etc.), unusual first names, specialist farming terms, legal terms, obscure or rarely used (archaic) words, etc. which are often absent from standard factual sources or are only defined briefly, in outline and often not in context.

This abecedary is designed to be used as a resource for all local history linked researches and as a steadily accumulating bank of information on each topic. Editors are invited to add new words, but to do more than just give definitions, e.g. cite examples, sites for, historical links, trivia, etc.

Researching local history

Abecedary (a list of definitions of historical terminology)[edit | edit source]

Many sources use technical or archaic terms and fail to define them or provide a glossary. The following lists of words and terms are intended to provide clarity of meaning for the majority of researchers.

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Further reading[edit | edit source]

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Magazines[edit | edit source]

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