AQA Information and Communication Technology/ICT4

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ICT4 is assessed by a 2 hour written paper consisting of a series of short, structured questions and a longer essay question, making up 15% of the total A-Level marks. The UMS for this paper is 90 marks.

ICT4 aims to cover the subject of "Information Systems Within Organisations" and has 9 topics.

13.1 Organisational Structure100 percent.svg
13.2 IS Within Organisations100 percent.svg
13.3 Corporate IS Strategy100 percent.svg
13.4 Information and Data100 percent.svg
13.5 The Management of Change100 percent.svg
13.6 Legal Aspects100 percent.svg
13.7 User Support100 percent.svg
13.8 Project Management100 percent.svg
13.9 Information and the Professional50%.svg