A-level Chemistry/OCR (Salters)/Elements from the Sea

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An Australian gold mine

From Minerals to Elements is the third unit in the Salters Advanced Chemistry course.

Chemical Storylines sections[edit]

  • ES1: Why is the sea so salty? A story of smokers and solutions
  • ES2: The lowest point on Earth
  • ES3: An industrial case study - how best to manufacture chlorine?
  • ES4: From atomic bombs to safer drinking water
  • ES5: Hydrochloric acid - an industrial success
  • ES6: Treasures os the sea
  • ES7: Summary

Chemical Ideas sections[edit]

  • 5.1: Ions in solids and solutions
  • 9.1: Oxidation
  • 2.4: Electronic structure: sub-shells and orbitals
  • 11.4: The p-block: Group 7
  • 1.5: Concentrations of solutions
  • 8.1: Acid-base reactions
  • 5.2: Molecules and networks


  • M1.1: Solutions of ions
  • M1.2: Bromine production
  • M1.3: Halogens and their compounds
  • M1.4: This liquid is dangerous
  • M1.5: Manufacturing chlorine
  • M2.1: Mineral spotting
  • M2.2: Getting at the minerals
  • M2.3: Extracting copper
  • M2.4: Finding out how much acid there is in a solution
  • M2.5: The philosopher’s microbe?
  • M2.6: Molecules and networks
  • M3: Check your notes on From Minerals to Elements

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