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What is Windows Vista?[edit]

Windows Vista is the latest edition of Windows released in 2006. Windows is Microsoft's worldwide famous Operating System for use at home, at work, at college and in schools, for presentations and documents, and for the world to use. Windows Vista has suffered criticism, as the Operative System have an unusual high level of bugs, problem with drivers, it incorporates DRM and is very resource hungry. Microsoft has addressed some of the criticisms, releasing Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

Since 2006, many changes are being considered for Microsoft's next system, Vienna, which were not released in Vista, making Vista a sort-of test run for Windows 7 (codenamed Vienna). If you have bought Windows Vista, you may experience faults at times, but Microsoft are building on them for their next system.

Vista has introduced software which no other version of Windows has had, including DVD Maker, Defender, Speech Recognition and Internet Explorer 7, giving us the back drop for our next chapter.

Why a new OS?[edit]

There are three primary reasons to consider the new Windows Vista OS: security, manageability, and end user productivity. Windows Vista security features include Windows Services Hardening, IE 7 Protected Mode and Full Volume disk encryption.