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Hello, I'm Atcovi. An administrator on the English Wikibooks since March 11, 2015 (RFA). I've been an SWMT member since November 30, 2013 and still active in SWMT work to this day. Other projects I'm active on/contribute to are Meta Wikimedia and on Wikiversity (home project). Even tho I'm active only on three WMF projects, I have a global account, and revert vandalism in over 10 WMF Wikis. I used to be active on Wikia under several names, but not anymore.

I have several projects I've contributed/I'm contributing to here at Wikibooks. The ones I've contributed to are the Cello Handbook, French and How To Become A Good Student. Some current projects I'm contributing to are How to Play Violin, Wikijunior:Asia, Wikijunior:Africa, Wikijunior:Extinct Birds, and random Cookbooks. My main projects are Wikijunior:Asia, Wikijunior:Africa, and Wikijunior:Extinct Birds. Upcoming projects are Wikijunior:World Religions/Islam (currently needs expansion)

For my administrative actions, check my Block Log, Deletion Log, and my public log. I monitor Category:Candidates for speedy deletion, cats in Category:File maintenance, Spam Blacklist log (those "Random Blocks" could be the ips/users appearing in the Spam Blacklist log), and Category:Requests for unblock every day. I'm human, and pretty clumsy. If I make a mistake, politely tell me on my talk page.

I have also written essays on the English Wikibooks, that can be seen here.

I play the violin, as well as associate football, and Cricket. I currently live in the United States, but was born and came to the USA from Sri Lanka. I've been to several countries in Europe, such as Switzerland, France, and the UK, and been to only two Asian Countries, which are Sri Lanka and Qatar. I've never set foot in South America or Africa. I've always wanted to set foot in several countries, such as Japan.