RattleCAD User Manual/First Steps

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First Steps[edit]

Download rattleCAD[edit]

ratlleCAD is hosted on sourceforge.net.

You can download rattleCAD here:

Install and Configure[edit]

MS Windows[edit]

  1. install Tcl/Tk
  • recommended destination for tcl/Tk 8.5: C:\Program Files\Tcl\8.5

Mac OS[edit]



There are two configuration Files for rattleCAD. They are located in your Project-directory.
e.g.: C:\Users\<yourUserName>\Documents\rattleCAD


rattleCAD brings a config-File to configure your environment for rattleCAD:

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
       <fileCreated>2014.06.15 15:40</fileCreated>
       <GUI_Font>Helvetica 12</GUI_Font>
           <mime name=".test">_any_executable</mime>
           <exec name="gs">C:/Program Files (x86)/gs/gs9.14/bin/gswin32c.exe</exec>
           <exec name="_test">_any_executable</exec>


rattleCAD brings a config-File to configure visual appearance of rattleCAD:

   ! ... created by  rattleCAD (
   !     ... on  2014.06.15 14:58
   !*Menu.foreground: black
   !*Menu.background: lemonChiffon2
   !*Menu.foreground: red
   ! --- any untested examples: -----------------
   !       ... see: http://computer-programming-forum.com/57-tcl/714fcdf48fb18c6c.htm
   ! ----- try some attributes ------------------
   !*padX: 10
   !*padY: 10
   !*sliderLength: 20
   !*yScrollSide: left
   !*Scale.width: 8



rattleCAD is written based on TclTk.

rattleCAD recommends to use the Tcl/Tk installation-Package from ActiveState.
current Recomendation:


rattleCAD uses Ghostscript to create postscript- and pdf-files.
You can download Ghostscript here: Ghostscript download
Currently rattleCAD uses the 32-bit Version of Ghostscript.

To use Ghostscript from any other location on your computer or if rattleCAD
cannot find Ghostscript itself, there is an option to configure ghostscript for rattleCAD manually.


        <exec name="gs">C:/Program Files (x86)/gs/gs9.14/bin/gswin32c.exe</exec>


rattleCAD uses GhostView to view postscript-files.
You can download Ghostscript here: GhostView download