GNU Health/Products and Services Management

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Creating Products

Creating new medication products in GNU Health

IMPORTANT: GNU Health medicament products must always be created in the main “Tryton” product section before they can be imported into the GNU Health medicaments.

1. Each product can be added individually or a range of products can be loaded via a CSV file.

2. The product must be described and costed as individual dose units that are dispensed / administered to patients.

e.g. Amoxicillin 500mg capsules (UOM = capsule), Amoxicillin 250mg/5ml oral liquid (UOM = mL), Benzylpenicillin 600mg vials (UOM = vial)

3. A range of new “Default UOM” values will need to be created for medication dose units – tablet, capsule, mL, vial etc

4. Always tick the “Consumable”, “Medicament” and the "Purchasable" boxes.

5. When the "Purchasable" box is ticked a new tab will open allowing the setting up of "Suppliers" for a particular product. Set up any number of suppliers to attach to the product.

6. Add a “Category” as “Medicaments” or “Medicaments / WHO essential medicines”.

After this initial set up it is now possible to create/import the medicament product into the configuration section of the GNU Health module - Health/Configuration/Medicaments

Type in a few letters of the product to be imported from the main “Tryton” product section.

Add the pharmacological category – in this case “Antibacterials”.

And set the Pregnancy Warning setting for that particular medication. This setting will trigger a message when prescribing for female patients between the age of xx years and yy years.

Add the “Active component” of the medication. This should be entered by referring to the WHO essential medicines list.

Creating Product Categories

Creating Services

Use "Health Services" to create patient invoices for medical services and prescriptions supplied to the patient.

Select Patient

Free text the invoice description eg "Medical evaluation and prescription"

Select the create new invoice paper icon

Add invoice lines one at a time - tick invoice box, add product and quantity, free text invoice description

Then click on the "Launch action" button on top bar to "Create Health Service Invoice"


The new invoice should be available as draft

Validate, Post and Print 2 copies of the invoice - 1 for the patient and one for the clinic records