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When you'll take a look at the Laboratory Module, you'll see that it manages the request, creation and evaluation of laboratory analyses. As far as the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) functionality, GNU Health is very flexible. You will be able to link it to the patient chart and to the financial management of the Health Center.

GNU Health - Laboratory - Requests


The laboratory module allows you to chose from a list of different lab tests and to create the specific one that you need, with their analytics, normal values, etc. etc.

GNU Health - Laboratory - Test Types


Once you created the Lab Request, in the Patient Section you'll be able to go to Lab Reports and see the results. Of course you'll be able to create and print the Lab Report that will show, in different colors, any anomalous value.

There is a specific and very useful functionality in the system. It's the possibility to check the “excluded” box if you already know that the patient has a condition that will mark it as warning (e.g the value of blood sugar in case of a diabetic persons or if the person is taking a specific medication …). This will provide to the physician a clearer vision of the patient's general and real condition.

GNU Health - Laboratory - Reports

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