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C# is a programming language, designed by Microsoft, and described by some as similar to Java [1]. An open source implementation of C# is provided by the Mono project.

C# has been standardized under the following documents:


GLPK# (GLPK Sharp) provides C# language bindings for GLPK and is licensed under CeCILL version 2.

GLPK# is written in C++/CLI and would normally be statically linked to GLPK. As at July 2012, GLPK# supports most of the GLPK 4.45 API, including terminal callbacks and branch-and-cut callbacks. See the dual French/English project website for details.

Visual C++[edit]

When GLPK is compiled with Visual C++, both .dll and .lib files are created. The easiest (usual) way to the use GLPK in a C# project in this case is to make the C++ GLPK project a dependency for the C# project and include the .lib file.