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German cooking is considered rather heavy. Depending on season and region it uses pork, beef, sausages, game and fish. Vegetables used include especially potatoes, peas and carrots, cauliflower, string beans, pickled cabbage (sauerkraut), kale (Grünkohl), asparagus. There's a variety of stews. Surely not everything is Sauerkraut. Germany has various regional cuisines and specialities, and many real "haute cuisine" meals.

Bavarian recipes and dishes[edit]

  • Kalbshaxe mit Sauerkraut (calf joint with sauerkraut)
  • Semmelknödel (bread dumpling)
  • Leberknödel (liver dumplings)
  • Weißwurst (white sausage with sweet mustard)
  • Leberkäse
  • Schweinsbraten mit Kartoffelknödel (pork roast with potato dumpling)
  • Spaetzle Dumplings

Franconian recipes and dishes[edit]

  • Zwiebelkuchen (onion tart, served especially in autumn with new wine or "Federweisser" - fermented grape juice that has not yet turned into wine)
  • Fränkischer Sauerbraten (beef stewed in a sauce made of vinegar, gingerbread and spices)
  • Rindfleisch mit Kren (beef with horseradish mash)
  • Blaue Zipfel ("Bratwürste" - typical sausages - cooked in vinegar with onions, carrots and spices)
  • Karpfen (carp - to be eaten only september to april)

Frisian and North German recipes and dishes[edit]

  • Grünkohl mit Pinkel (curly kale with sausage)
  • Grünkohl mit Kassler (curly kale with smoked pork chop)
  • Grützwurst ("grits sausage")
  • Kopfwurst ("head sausage")
  • Bregenwurst ("brain sausage")
  • Strammer Max (a slice of bread with butter, gammon or Mettwurst and fried eggs)
  • Holsteiner Pfanne ("Holsteinian pan", roast potatoes with tomatoes)
  • Bauernfrühstück ("farmer's breakfast", roast potatoes with scrambled eggs)
  • Bohnen, Birnen und Speck (stew of string "beans, pears and bacon" plus potatoes)
  • Niedersächsische Hochzeitssuppe ("Lower Saxon wedding soup", usually beef broth with balls of minced meat, royale, asparagus, parsley etc.)
  • Pfannkuchen, Eierkuchen, Plinsen ("pan cake", "egg cake" usually eaten with sugar and apple or gooseberry purée, but also with all kinds of either fruits or meat either baked within or as a separate sauce)
  • Kartoffelpuffer (fried rasped potatoes)
  • Spargel (aspargus with ham, salt potatoes and either molt butter or Sauce Hollandaise)
  • Labskaus (corned beef, potatoes, onions rootbeet, rollmop, fried egg and pickle
  • Rote Grütze (dessert of several red berries with cream or vanille sauce)
  • Königsberger Klopse

Hesse recipes and dishes[edit]

  • Grüne Soße ("Green Sauce", potatoes + herb/sour cream sauce)

Rhineland recipes and dishes[edit]

  • De halve Hahn (rye bap (Röggelchen) with butter, 2 slices of Gouda, 1 small sour cucumber and mustard)
  • Sauerbraten (sour roast - red meat marinated in vinegar for several days)

Swabian recipes and dishes[edit]

  • Spätzle (noodles with a lot of egg yolk)
  • Maultaschen
  • Nockerln
  • Linsen (English: Lentil stew) - part of a traditional Swabian meal.


  • Weihnachtsgans ("Christmas goose")

Fish and seafood[edit]

  • Forelle blau ("trout blue")
  • Forelle Müllerin Art ("trout à la wife of the miller" or "trout meunière")
  • Hummer (Helgoland, North Sea lobster)
  • Neujahrs- or Silvesterkarpfen ("New Year's Eve carp")
  • Heringssalat ("herring salad", pieces of herring and beetroot)
  • Rollmops ("rollmop", pickled herring)
  • Matjes
  • Räucheraal (smoked eel)


  • Rehrücken (roast saddles of venison)
  • Wildschweinbraten (wild boar)

often with Preiselbeeren (mountain/lowbush cranberry)

  • Wildleber (fried liver with mashed potatoes, onions and apples)


  • Wiener Würstchen
  • Frankfurter Würstchen
  • Bratwurst
  • Currywurst
  • Thüringer Rostbratwurst
  • Schinkenwurst
  • Mettwurst
  • Leberwurst
  • Blutwurst


  • Erbseneintopf ("pea stew" usually with sausages)
  • Linseneintopf
  • Gulasch

Side dishes[edit]

  • Salzkartoffeln (potatoes boiled in saltwater)
  • Petersilienkartoffeln (potatoes boiled without salt, but with parsley)
  • Pellkartoffeln (potatoes boiled with peel, eaten with butter and salt and often herring)
  • Kartoffelbrei (mashed potatoes with milk or cream)
  • Kartoffelsalat (potato salad)
  • Leipziger Allerlei (cauliflower, peas, carrots, sometimes asparagus)
  • many sausages are best with mustard


  • Berliner, Pfannkuchen, Krapfen (very similar to a jam-filled donut dusted with powdered sugar)
  • Schwarzbrot ("black bread", co rye, brown bread)
  • Pumpernickel
  • Vollkornbrot ("whole grain bread", wholemeal, wholewheat, bread)
  • Graubrot ("gray bread", rye, brown bread)
  • Brötchen, Semmel ("little bread", usually white bread, palm sized; cut in halves to be buttered; mostly eaten for breakfast only)
  • Brezeln (pretzels)
  • Zwieback
  • Mozartkugeln
  • Windbeutel
  • Butterkuchen
  • Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte ("Black Forest Cake")
  • Lebkuchen (gingerbread, often served at Christmas time)
  • Marzipan
  • Spekulatius (spicy biscuits, again served at Christmas)
  • Stollen (a type of fruitcake with many variations)
  • Streuselkuchen
  • Spritzgeback