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AdSynth main screen with amplitude editor displayed for voice 1

The ADsynth engine uses additive synthesis, which basically consists in adding the output of multiple sine wave generators called voices. The ADsynth provides 8 independent voices.


AdSynth menu

The menu on the top proposes the following screens:

  • On/off button
  • - | VCE n | + : voice selector among the 8 available ones, same as the pad selector on the left
  • GLOBAL: main controls
  • for currently selected voice:
    • VOICE: main controls
    • OSC: oscillator
    • MOD-OSC: modulator oscillator (FM, PM, AM, etc.)
  • VOICE LIST: voice modifiers

Global Parameters[edit]

AdSynth amplitude editor
AdSynth frequency editor
AdSynth filter editor
AdSynth resonance editor


AdSynth toggle and voice selector

There are 8 voices that can be selected either from the list on the left (below the ADD button) or from the top left corner of the main AdSynth screen.

AdSynth voice list

The voice list displays general parameters for each voice:

  • activation toggle

Voice Parameters[edit]

AdSynth voice 1 amplitude editor
AdSynth voice 1 frequency editor
AdSynth voice 1 filter editor
AdSynth voice 1 OSC editor
AdSynth voice 1 MOD-OSC editor
AdSynth voice 1 modulation: amplitude editor
AdSynth voice 1 modulation: frequency editor