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Zelda franchise strategy guide/Bosses/Poe Sisters

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The Poe Sisters are four fictional ghosts from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The sisters include (from eldest to youngest) Joelle, Beth, Amy, and Meg. They are named after the four main characters of Louisa May Alcott's 1868 novel Little Women. The Poe Sisters are the mini-bosses of the Forest Temple.

Meg[edit | edit source]

Meg is the youngest of the Poe Sisters. She favors the color purple/violet, and prefers the strategy of making illusions. Of the four Poe Sisters, which can all be considered one big mini-boss, Meg is the common choice as the Forest Temple's mini-boss, as no guide or other resource addresses the sisters as a mini-boss.

Ocarina of Time[edit | edit source]

Meg is characterized by her sinister, evil-looking eyes and elegant headdress which the other sisters lack. In Ocarina of Time, Meg is found stealing the Forest Temple's elevator's purple torch and leaving to an unknown art gallery. The gallery is speculated to be the one that the boss, Phantom Ganon, lurks in, as that is the only remaining art gallery after the other sisters'. Meg is next found near the end of the temple after defeating Amy. From anywhere outside the fenced center of the elevator room, Meg can be safely observed (and heard) as to be crying, for her older sisters.

To defeat Meg, the player must decide which of Meg's orbiting illusions is the real Meg (the real one spins in place as she orbits around Link), then shoot the real one with an arrow (or the Hook Shot) before the illusions--and Meg--attack. Meg is the only Poe Sister who receives mini-boss battle music. Defeating Meg awards the player with access to the temple's basement.

Majora's Mask[edit | edit source]

In Majora's Mask, Meg is found being held captive by the Ghost Hunter in Ikana Canyon. For a handsome fee, the Ghost Hunter will allow the player to battle the Poe Sisters in a limited amount of time for a Piece of Heart. If this Meg is the same as Ocarina of Time's, it can be speculated that these Poe Sisters are just parallel versions. Meg will be the last sister to battle after defeating Joelle and Beth. She is armed once more with her illusions.

Joelle[edit | edit source]

Joelle is the oldest of the Poe Sisters. Joelle may have a closer bond with Beth than with Amy or Meg, as Joelle and Beth are always grouped together. Joelle favors the color red, and so wears a red dress and holds a red torch, which she stole from the elevator room in the Forest Temple. Like Beth, Joelle hides in an art gallery with three pictures, all possessed by Joelle.

Ocarina of Time[edit | edit source]

Joelle can be characterized by her cartoon-reminiscent, frowning eyes and her red-orange coloration. She is first seen in the elevator room stealing the normal torch's flame. While the other Poe Sisters depart for the courtyard, Joelle goes to the southwest corner. Joelle is found before the others, in a room resembling a mirror-version of Beth's art gallery. To battle Joelle, the player first must acquire the Fairy Bow, located in the room found between Joelle and Beth's rooms. The player must shoot whichever portrait shows a picture of Joelle on it. When hit, the picture vanishes, but if the player is too close Joelle will move to a different painting when looked at. Once all three portraits are gone, Joelle will do battle. Joelle fights like a normal Poe, except that she does not float away when hurt, and takes more hits to defeat.

Majora's Mask[edit | edit source]

Along with the other Poe Sisters, Joelle is held captive by the Ghost Hunter in Ikana Canyon. Unlike Amy and Meg, Joelle teams up with Beth to battle Link. Battle Beth first and block Joelle attacks well shooting Beth with arrows.

Beth[edit | edit source]

Beth is the second Poe Sister. Beth probably shares a bond with Joelle, as they are always grouped together. Beth favors the color blue, and wears blue wherever she goes. Like Joelle, Beth hides in an art gallery with three pictures, all possessed by Beth.

Ocarina of Time[edit | edit source]

Beth can be characterized by her flat, almost symbolizing boredom eyes. These eyes are the most unique of the sisters'. Beth is first seen in the Forest Temple's elevator room stealing the blue torch's flame and running off to one of the two courtyards (Meg heads to the other one). Beth is usually categorized as the second Poe Sister battled, but Joelle and Beth can be battled in any order. Beth's room looks like a mirror-version of Joelle's art gallery. The two follow the same strategy, and so battling them has the same requirements. However, Beth is stronger and harder to defeat than Joelle.

Majora's Mask[edit | edit source]

Like the other sisters, Beth is found being held captive by the Ghost Hunter in Ikana Canyon. Beth teams up with Joelle in the Ghost Hunter's Challenge.

Amy[edit | edit source]

Amy is the third Poe Sister, and one of the two (the other is Meg) sisters that focuses more on strategy than on brawn. Amy is the smallest of the sisters as well. Amy favors the color green, and is associated with that color. Amy is the last Poe Sister with a located art gallery (even though it holds only one painting).

Ocarina of Time[edit | edit source]

Amy is characterized by her comic-style, cheerful eyes and her swift movements. Amy is seen stealing the Forest Temple's elevator room's green torch. She then heads for the room's inaccessible balcony that connects with the eastern courtyard. The young sister is also usually categorized as the third sister to battle. Amy's gallery holds a single painting, and is located at the end of Ocarina of Time's infamous Topsy-Turvy Room (although it consists of three or four halls), which was titled the most topsy-turvy location in Nintendo history (the temple itself was tied with Majora's Mask's Stone Tower Temple). The player must go through twisted halls dotted with crooked and rotatable chambers, in the middle of which are Joelle and Beth. The player must also navigate the courtyard's section of the "room," a wide hall with a collapsing, checkerboard-like ceiling. In the gallery itself, the player must fire an arrow at Amy's Portrait.

This designates the beginning of a timed block puzzle, in which the player must push and pull large, decorated blocks so that they depict Amy's Portrait. To jumble the player, Amy has added a decoy block, which depicts part of Beth's Portrait. If the player fails in the allotted time, the blocks flip themselves, and the player must start again. When the puzzle is solved, Amy will attack. Amy is slightly weaker than the other sisters, but is faster. Once Amy is defeated, the door to the elevator room's balcony unlocks, and Meg will appear in the elevator room (assuming Joelle and Beth are already gone).

Majora's Mask[edit | edit source]

Amy is found being held captive by the Ghost Hunter in Ikana Canyon with her sisters. Amy is the first Poe Sister battled in the Ghost Hunter's mini-game.