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Step by Step[edit]

To setup ZK in Eclipse you can use description in HowToSetupEclipseWtp for Apache Tapestry with some adoptions for ZK:

Except the tapestry stuff you have the same benefits and prerequisites... probably sourcelevel debugging is not possible for java code inside *zul files...

Changes in the steps:

  • Steps 1 and 2: as they are...
  • Step 3: instead of Add .application, .page, .jwc and .library extensions to the Text > XML node add the ZK specific extensions to the XML node (*.xul, *.zuml ...)
  • Step 4: not applicable for ZK... a template file for ZK files could be created...
  • Steps 5 and 6: as they are...
  • Step 7: not applicable for ZK... probably there are other useful switches for the VM for developement purposes
  • Step 8: as is... but probably don't call it TapestryTest... ;)
  • Step 9: of course you have to copy the ZK jars (as in Quickstart instead of the Tapestry jars
  • Step 10: Setup a Sceleton Site... setup the WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml and the WebContent/hello.zul as in Quickstart.
  • Step 11: as is...


Verify the installation with http://localhost:8080/ZKTest/hello.zul (replace ZKTest with your Project name...)

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