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Verbs in Yoruba is called ̀̀̀̀ọ̀rọ̀ ise .

Number English Verb Yoruba Verb Examples and Meaning Notes
1 Eat Jẹ Jẹ ewà :Eat Beans Jẹun: Eating.Jẹun is used a person or animal is eating at the moment.
2 Drink Mu Mu omi:Drink water Mumi can be used instead of Mu omi also Muti or Mu ọti(Drink Alcohol)
3 Call Pè àwọn omo: Call the children It could also mean pronounce. E.g Pè Orúkọ mi(Call my name or pronounce my name)
4 Sleep Sùn Mo tí sùn lana(I have slept yesterday{literal translation}) Orun also means sleep but it is used as a noun.E.g Oún Sùn Orun (He is Sleeping)