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Guru[edit | edit source]

Raja Ravi Varma - Sankaracharya

Wikipedia: Guru (Sanskrit) Is a religious teacher in Hinduism, Sikhism and Tantric Buddhism. The teacher is essential in the search for knowledge on the way to salvation. In western language areas the term “guru” is often used in a mocking way used for people who attract followers using religious or philosophic statements. It is also used in a joking manner for people who possess higher than usual knowledge on a given area, exceptional experience in a subject or have a charismatic presence.

With the increasing popularity of the ascetic movement (to live as a solitary yogi) the Samnyasin guru has replaced the other types of gurus. Whereas the Acarya guru (yoga teacher) was still capable of making mistakes and could be criticized, the Samnyasin guru (saint, hermit) represented the already delivered Jivanmukta (Sadguru, enlightened master who lives in God) and the absolute and thus was considered perfect and infallible. By forsaking worldly life and through ascetic discipline he or she is said to achieve supernatural powers and to pass on healing powers to his or her students and to awaken slumbering wisdom.

In the Bhakti and tantric traditions the guru was considered an avatara of God, the incarnation of God, identical with absolute wisdom and highest existence (enlightenment, Sat-Chid-Ananda). The belief in a direct power and healing exchange from the guru to the student plays a central role here.

Online Discussions

Nils: Right now I’m reading the Book Roadtrip with Guru. The book is a report of a man who traveled through the western world with an Indian Guru.It is the story of a great love and a great disappointment. The guru was really enlightened and had a strong energy. The man got energy from the guru and felt happy. Then he found out that the guru had had sex with all of his female followers in his inner circle. He was so disappointed he left the guru and didn’t want to know anything more about enlightenment. Luckily he could return to his girlfriend.

The book awakened mixed feelings in me. First I thought it was terrible the guru didn’t uphold western morality. But that’s how enlightened people are. They are above all morals and therefore destroy the attachments their students have to them. That is an important step along the spiritual way. A student has to become his own guru. It s painful, like a child losing his mother. I experienced that myself with my guru Sai Baba. It took many years to work that out.

The second thing was a feeling of envy appeared in me. I’d also like to be a guru with a harem. He could live out completely as a guru and a man. I’m also a guru with a harem, but only virtual and without real sex. I don’t even have a girlfriend like the man in the book. This morning I woke up feeling sad about my life. At the same time, I know everything is right the way it is. I’m lead by God and need things the way they are for my spiritual development.

The book by Timm Kruse (Roadtrip with Guru) shows how easy it is to get lost along the way of tantric energy. That is particularly true of relationships with several women or men, especially in the west where also psychically sick or instabile people can appear on the spiritual scene. There are also addictive behaviors that might be hard for a guru to overcome. A good guru needs to be a good psychotherapist. Sexuality should always be experienced through the basis of clarity, wisdom and loyalty. The safest way is to stick to relationships with just two people or to live alone.

LaoHu (Yoga Vidya): If a guru has affectionate sex with his followers and then increases his energy, that’s ok for me as long as it is a free decision.

Bhajan Noam: Since the 60’s we thought we had left the stale air of the church behind us and now a lot of people are inviting the worse stink of Hinduism in through the back door via yoga. Yoga is the flowing with the stream of lif.e the real life is beyond morals, but everyone who lets it deep within of course has a conscience. A living person goes with cosmic laws. If you live your life completely, then you don’t have time to get upset or envious about things. It’s as easy as that.

D.Jahnke: It remains true that sadhana and brahmacarya (ascetism) is optimal for energetic transformation.

Nils: What does it mean to completely live out life? Those who live out their addictions end in total chaos. Sex and relationships are basically the way of external happiness which is the opposite of enlightenment. If you want to dance with that as a spiritual person, you should do so carefully and wisely. One can only totally live through enlightenment if inner happiness has been totally developed. At that point, you can rise above the way of material enjoyment. You know how to bring yourself and others forward along the spiritual way.

The Little Guru

Nils: Suddenly it was clear that I am a guru. And as a guru, what do you do? You write a book, at best with the title “Light and Love”. I hope the readers won’t take everything too seriously. Particularly the idea of my being a guru. In reality, I am an anti guru. Everyone should listen to the voice of their own wisdom and to take their own individual path. Everyone should contemplate, think about the text, laugh about it and then find their own truth.

The same word can have extremely different meaning for different people. Take for example, the term “guru”. In the western mass media, this term is usually used as an insult. A guru is a sect leader who takes advantage of people. He takes their money, has sex with female students and teaches crazy things that make people get psychically ill.

Of course such ”gurus” exist (for example, John Friend, Anusara yoga). Everyone should examine deeply the teachings they follow. You should not give up your reasoning at the door of spirituality. You should always look closely, take the good and criticize the bad. A good guru can be criticized. He can learn from it and overcome his mistakes. A bad guru forbids criticism. He lives out his ego, power and money only.

A good guru serves his or her students and the world. He or she sacrifices his or her ego in order to increase the happiness of his or her followers. A good guru brings other people with him or her into the light. That is how this term is to be understood in Hinduism. A guru is a spiritual teacher who leads his or her followers from the darkness and into the light. He or she takes them from foolishness to wisdom. He or she brings them from depression to a fulfilling life. He gives them a life of light, happiness, peace and love. A good guru should be as enlightened as possible. He or she should live in God in order to bring the light of God into the world. She should possess inner peace, light, happiness and love. Only then can he or she authentically bring these values to others. But in the end, a guru is still just a person. We should never forget it. Whenever my gurus are criticized, I look into the criticisms and find my own way of truth and love.

I don’t have that much light and inner peace. I still get angry about the suffering in the world and easily get attached to worldly things. After 26 years as a yogi living on his own more happiness is slowly developing within me.

A year ago, I had a big spiritual crisis. Something transformed in me. Deep-rooted tension and energy blockages released. Strong energy rushed through that me so that I lay in bed every night for three months and could hardly sleep, or not at all. It was a very difficult time. Then things calmed down a bit. I could sleep again, and I had energy to go through the day.

Three weeks ago I went for a walk and I saw two big snakes. I live near the forest where there are fields and swamps. There is a river here, too. Sometimes you can see snakes here. That’s rare because the snakes are rather shy. I had never seen two such big snakes here before.

The snakes were common grass snakes, which are not dangerous for people at all. (For frogs it’s a different story). Frogs are the preferred bounty for the snakes, and not little yogis. Despite this, I had a deep respect for the snakes because they were so big. Grass snakes can grow up to one meter long.

In yoga, snakes are a symbol for happiness. They represent the awakening of the kundalini energy. The yoga god Shiva wears a snake around the neck, thereby expressing that he practices kundalini yoga and has activated his kundalini energy. Happiness energy has been flowing within me for days- Perhaps I’ve been blessed by the yoga God Shiva.

It’s more probable that I automatically visualized the snakes and activated my kundalini energy that way. In the meditation after the walk, the energy flowed in me and suddenly I was in the light. There are still a lot of cleansing processes taking place. The light then disappears for a few days, but always comes back. Then I’m always happy because the happiness brings me beyond the suffering in the world. Suffering is always there in little gurus, too. Even a guru has to go to the dentist, is dumped by his girlfriend or gets shit on by a bird flying by. That has happened to me too.

I almost forgot. I am not a guru. It’s just a mind game. I am a totally normal man. At least, that’s what a former girlfriend said. She was completely disappointed with me. I always wanted to be just normal, which didn’t really work. Somehow I was always different from others. I practice being normal. The true guru is unassuming, normal and modest.

I’m not enlightened. I am totally unenlightened. I find others to be much more enlightened than I am. However, I have had some enlightenment experiences along my yogic way so I know the goal I am going for and I know what I am talking (writing) about. So that much needs to be said.

I mainly see myself as one who practices spiritually. I practice working on my thoughts and growing more and more in the light. I practice maintaining my inner calm and peace in difficult situations and accepting the suffering in life. I work on developing wisdom and positive thoughts and taking the path of truth with self-discipline.

Professionally, I was a lawyer. After the divorce with my ex-wife I gave up my bourgeois life and became a yogi. I earned money as a yoga teacher at the Hamburg adult higher learning school. I studied to become a psycho therapist and offered positive thinking courses at a health center. I wrote a lot of books and tried to spread spiritual knowledge over the internet. I worked with Wikipedia and WikiHow. I also started some groups on Facebook in the German language.

On the American WikiHow, I wrote a lot of texts about yoga. I put the best yoga series on the internet for free. Just a few people are interested in them. That frustrates me. I once wanted to be really successful. I considered how I could make a yoga series successful. The most often clicked on yoga texts were for beginners. So I developed a good series for beginners and called it “Yoga for Absolute Beginners” so I could trump all the other yoga series for beginners.

I just thought of it as a joke and it really became a big success on the internet. Up to now, over 473,000 people have clicked on my yoga series. For some people, it’s become something of a kult series, and through a joke I’m suddenly a guru. At least, on the internet and in the US. Here in Germany, hardly anyone gives a crap about me. But that’s how I like it. I have my peace and can live in my forest without getting pestered by overzealous tourists.

Spiritual Therapy[edit | edit source]

Meditation with the inner voice

Spiritual therapy is a way to heal the body, mind and soul. It recognizes the physical, mental and energetic connections of the illness.

The five rules of health are: healthy diet (a lot of raw vegetables and fruit, vitamins, at least one apple a day), no unhealthy substances (no smoking, alcohol, drugs, and only a little or no meat), regular exercise (going for walks, yoga, bike riding, jogging), enough relaxation (enough sleep, taking breaks, meditation) and positive thinking (to work on negatve thoughts and feelings, paying attention to your inner world).

Positive thinking is best learnt by getting a positive attitude and perspective for the day. An oracle, a positive sentence, a prayer, reading from positive books, enjoy life a little (doing something nice) and communicating with positive people (to talk on the phone or over skype, to chat or write an email).

It’s good to send all beings light every day, to do at least one good deed a day, and to live for a happy world (as a karma yogi/Bodhisattva/father or mother of all beings). If we anchor ourselves in God (in light, in the spiritual way) and live from un-conditional love, then we get a deeper sense of meaning in life and a more positive general feeling.

If I get sick, I try to help myself first. I read a health book or look online. I ask an pharmacist for advice and if all else fails I go to the doctor. At the same time, I connect with my masters (God) and follow the voice of my own wisdom. What does that wisdom advise me to do? What is my way of healing? What options appear when I get informed and contemplate? I then take this path with self-discipline and put my healing plan into action.

I am very familiar with fear, addiction, (relationship addiction) and depression. I’ve suffered all of the above and have tried several ways of healing. I have found my own way of healing. I’ve worked as a psycho-therapist with individual clients and have lead groups in teaching positive thinking. At the moment I just go my way as a yogi and help the people I meet along the way.

A healing practitioner read about me on the internet and wanted to meet me. We talked a little. Then the energy between us grew and we reached a happy silence. We just sat there in a cloud of happy energy. Then she left again. That was all she wanted. After the visit I sensed her aura. I recognized that she had needed healing for herself. She didn’t know that her sick patients were still in her aura and were blocking her energy. I healed her aura, sent light to her patients and let the light flow through and around her.

A woman from an earlier yoga group of mine visited me once a month. We ate something nice together and conversed. One day I felt connected with her hands and feet, after such a visit. Her energy had transferred to me and I healed her from within myself. When I met the woman a month later, she told me happily that her skin problems on the hands and feet had disappeared.

The way I see it is that my masters (God) work through me and do the right thing at the right time. Mu masters see what each person needs and what I can do. They show me how I can heal myself and build up my energy once more.

Healing meditation

1. Sun = We visualize a beautiful sun above us, raise both hands to the level of the head and think the mantra ”sun”. We let the light of the sun flow into us and massage it into the body.

2. Earth = We visualize the globe underneath us and rub the hands or feet into the earth below and think : “I send light to the whole world. May all beings on earth be happy.”

3. Healing Massage = We consider which body parts need healing at the moment. We let light flow into that body part, massage it in circles and think the word “light” as a mantra. We use the light massage to release tension from the part of the body, which then enables self-healing. We can visualize light in various colors that have a healing effect. We think the name of the color as a mantra. We can massage light into various body parts one after the other, using this process.

4. Cosmos = We visualize the cosmos around us full of stars, make big circles with the arms and think: “Om cosmos. I accept the suffering in my life. I take the path of health and healing.”

5. Buddha of Healing = We visualize a Buddha of healing in front of us or above us. We rub the hands together in front of the heart chakra and think: “Om Buddha of healing. Om inner wisdom. I ask for guidance and help along my way.”

6. Healing Question = We concentrate on the part of the body in need of healing or on a personal problem. We contemplate what our personal best way to healing is. What does your inner wisdom tell you to do? Which helpful thoughts come to you? Think about the problem long enough to the point you are satisfied with the solution. If we don’t hear an answer then we are either blocked or we are not connected to our inner voice well enough. The best way is to slowly come into a state of contemplation.

7. Other People = We move one hand in a blessing over the heart chakra and think: “I send light to (person’s name). May all people who have the same problem as I have be healed.” We surround them with light mentally and let light flow into them, and feel connected with them.

8. Relaxation = Stop thinking for one moment. Relax.

Healing Depression[edit | edit source]

Yoga and positive thinking

According to the teachings of yoga, depression occurs because of inner tension (samskaras) and energy blockages. A person has a problem and is not finished with it on the inside. Fears are stuck in the psyche. Lasting inner stress can arise, which makes the person sick. His or her energy is blocked and he or she suffer from negative thoughts. The person feels unwell and that affects thoughts and feelings.

Overcoming depression takes place through consistent work on negative thoughts and through releasing inner tension. A depressed person should pay attention to his or her thoughts, stop the negative thoughts and create positive thoughts. Problems should be solved as much as possible. Otherwise, one should learn to accept things and to go through situations in a relaxed way.

In yoga and Christianity, one helps the self by concentrating on what is positive in life. You concentrate on the spiritual way, on spiritual exercises, on God (life in light). Those who live in God as the main focus do not lose themselves to the problems of the world. They do not get too attached to worldly enjoyment and can deal with problems in a laid-back way.

We should know that when we feel troubled by love, that it is God we love above all. Enlightenment is the deeper meaning in life, not the love of a partner. As a yogi, one looks for happiness in oneself. You work on thoughts of happiness, peace, love and wisdom, as well as self-discipline. Using spiritual exercises we bring the self more and more into the light.

That takes place through daily meditation, walking and thought work. (overcoming thoughts of attachment and denial). Buddha said:”life is suffering. There is a way to overcome the suffering. That way is enlightenment. Through regular meditation and working with the thoughts, one can overcome suffering of the soul. Then peace, acceptance and happiness can come into existence.

Buddha was a great psycho-therapist who had developed a very successful way of healing. The therapy of observation is very helpful toward curing depression. I recommended the book “The Attentive Way through Depression” to a friend of mine and she read it enthusiastically.

My personal way of healing depression and the development of inner happiness consists of lying down and meditating, walking (twice a day going for hour-long walks), reading (the books of my masters), thought work (stopping negative thoughts and creating positive ones), doing good (coming to the energy of unconditional love through good deeds), enjoying life (doing something fun, eating cookies with chocolate). I creatively put these six points into action every day.

I tried to show these methods to my depressed girlfriend at the time. But she refused to let go of her problems, to send all beings light and to strive for the goal of enlightenment. Instead of enlightenment as the goal, we formulated it so that the goal was acceptance and inner wellness. Unfortunately, I couldn’t motivate her to send her enemies light and to do spiritual exercises every day. Through those methods she could have let go of the causes of her depression and would have come to a life in light.

Her biggest problem was self-discipline. Depressed people don’t have much self-discipline. Even I had to force myself to stick to my exercises for two months before I got used to doing them. My girlfriend managed to go for walks sometimes, to meditate sometimes, to stop her depressed thoughts sometimes and to sometimes read an anti-depression’s book. She always managed to talk on the phone with me. The daily phone conversation was the main way to healing. It gave her meaning and strength to live.

She probably would have recovered from her depression more quickly if she had done her exercises regularly. I planned to do the exercises on the telephone with her, but it didn’t happen. Fortunately, she developed a meditation which helped her. As a Christian she had a connection to God. She meditated on God in herself. She could bring her thoughts to rest. It opened the source of happiness within her.

After we broke up, we talked on the phone once more briefly. She said that the break up was final. In that regard, there was clarity and I could let her go with love. At the same time, she told me she had an experience of God after the break up. God showed her that he is there for her and guides her. My main worry during the break up was that my girlfriend wouldn’t find a way out of her depression. Now I don’t need to worry about her anymore. God is protecting her. She will find her way into the light.

From Burn-out to Strength[edit | edit source]

Yogi Nils

32 years ago, I suffered from burn-out. I was totally burnt out on the inside. Five years of extreme job stress (studies, exams) combined with constant relationship stress had really upset my nerves. I was tenser and tenser on the inside. Fears, aggression and stress dominated my life. I was afraid of giving up and not being successful. I was afraid I wouldn’t be loved and would lose my relationship. I was afraid of life in general which I experienced as generally threatening.

All of that persisted until I had a breakthrough. This breakthrough had two stages .First I lost half my strength. Psycho-somatic illnesses appeared in my life. But I continued to struggle with my career and relationship. Two years later I totally broke down. At that time all of my inner strength was gone and I had extreme depression. I couldn’t experience my relationship as positive and lost my family. Some years later I gave up my career as a lawyer.

First I hoped that the burnout would disappear on its own after a longer period of rest. But the weakness and lack of energy continued. I could overcome the depression through sports and consistent positive thinking.

I asked myself how I could get my old strength back. I read about psychology and took part in psychology retreat weekends. I met a lot of people who were looking for the way out of burnout. I can remember a 40-year-old woman especially well. At a Bio-energy workshop she complained that she wanted to feel well and satisfied again. A 50-year-old man said that he was strong and successful earlier and that this state of burn out came after decades of being overwhelmed on the job and now he was plagued by weakness and fear. He was just a shadow of himself and nothing helped.

Psychology still has yet to find a way out of burnout. It recommends preventative measures such as good nutrition, exercise and avoiding stress. But who can avoid stress on the job today? The pressure to succeed is getting bigger and bigger. Individual prevention measures only help a little and sometimes. If burnout is just on the surface, it can sometimes be healed and minimized. A lot of clinics and retreat resorts make a lot of money off of that. But chronic burnout can only seldom be healed. There is no pill against burnout.

All of the psychology techniques failed to help me, so I looked to spirituality. Here I found a convincing healing concept. If the body is cleansed of tension through exercises like yoga, meditation and positive thinking, the chakras open and energy flows again. When enlightened, you have infinite strength, peace and happiness.

I thought out how I could dissolve my tension. Tension was in my body and mind. I needed exercises for the body and for the mind. For the body, doing yoga and going for walks was helpful. I cleansed my mind with thought exercises, positive thoughts, mantras and meditation. I chalked up the deeper causes to inner stress. I didn’t block my feelings anymore, rather I let the rage, sadness and fear run its course. I practiced accepting things as they are, and to free myself of addiction and to orient myself around a positive goal in life.

I lived according to a spiritual daily plan consisting of walking, meditation, reading and unconditional love (doing good). I practiced spiritual exercises so that I would constantly be in a state of inner cleansing. I lived in peace and from the state of calm. According to Swami Sivananda, enlightenment occurs through a combinationof a lot of rest, all-encompassing love and consistent spiritual practice (yoga, meditation). Kundalini yoga is especially important. With Kundalini yoga, the chakras are cleansed and inner power is awakened. I visualized myself as a Buddha, Shiva and mother to all beings. I thought mantras and sent light to all beings. I used oracle cards and encouraged myself with their positive phrases.

I also looked for a lot of enlightened masters and was blessed by them. They transferred enlightenment energy to me and dissolved energy blockages. I connected with my masters daily through prayer, reading and oracle. I sensed that I was lead along my way and that I got help. It’s necessary, because the path of enlightenment isn’t easy. It requires self-discipline and can cause you to go through difficult inner crisis.

Through the course of the years, my psycho-somatic illnesses disappeared, I got stronger and I was happy more often. But I still haven’t reached my goal. But just a year ago, I went through a great inner change. Some deep tension in my head released in a noticeable way and my sleeping problems healed themselves. I felt how my burnout disappeared. At the moment, half of my old strength is back. I hope that I will be just as strong as before in a few years. I am already looking forward to having immeasurable energy and being able to live in light and love permanently.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

1. Earth = We visualize a bright star. We imagine the earth below us and circle the earth with the star. We think the word “earth” as a mantra. We circle the earth with our star until the whole earth below us is full of light. We can also rub the ground with the feet at the same time.

2. Sun = We imagine a beautiful sun above us in the sky. We let our star circle the sun un til the light of the sun flows into us and fills the body with light. We think the mantra “sun” repeatedly.

3. Body = We circle our own bodies with the star and think the mantra ”body”. We cleanse all of the tension from the body. We surround ourselves completely with light. We can move the feet or toes at the same time.

4. In the body = We let the star circle around everywhere in the body. We cleans all of the parts of the body of their tension and fill them with light. At the same time, we think the mantra “light”. We circle the head, the chest, the belly, the legs and the feet, especially, with the star.

5. Sending light = We move the hand in a blessing and send light to all beings: ”I send light to..(name). May all beings be happy. May there be a happy world.”

6. Om Shanti = We tighten the muscles in the pelvis, in the belly and chest. Then we hold the tension and the then relax. We do it once more. Then we breathe deeply into the belly while thinking “om” while breathing in and when exhaling “shanti”. We reach peace more and more as we repeat the mantra.

7. Meditation = By doing the star circles, our energy has turned more inward. We open the eyes halfway and concentrate on the energy within us (the light, the chakras or the kundalini channel). This way, the energy of the eyes flow inward and stabilize our meditation. We stop all of our thoughts. We stay in a calm meditation for a while. Then we slowly come back.

What is Enlightenment?[edit | edit source]

Enlightened Masters. Blessing.

Enlightenment cannot be described. In order to make it possible to comprehend it a little, I will describe it as a staircase path. The first step is experienced as peace, happiness and harmony. You are in harmony with yourself and the world. If you take in spiritual energy, then a consciousness shift takes place. You reach enlightened existence. You lose your ego and your “me” identity. You become pure consciousness and perceive yourself as everything. You think from the unity and not from the ego.

That cannot be comprehended if you only think from the ego. When the ego is gone, you reach great inner peace. You are not really bothered by what happens to you anymore. You don’t consider yourself important. You are now essentially positive, and you think positive.

But even then you can develop further. You can open the chakras and possess infinite inner balance, strength, happiness and love and grow. You can develop abilities like omni-presence. You can connect with other people energetically in order to heal them and send them strength. Then one day you can spiritually help everyone and bring them into the light.

Those who pray to an enlightened being every day will be brought to paradise. The great enlightened beings can also work through other people (their students) and arrange outer situations in helpful spiritual ways. I see this at work around me. I believe that the great enlightened beings use their abilities to help all beings.

Enlightenment is a special type of happiness. I consider it happiness energy. This energy goes beyond worldly experiences of happiness, joy and suffering. You can be full of this joy energy when you are grieving or grieving for someone in empathy. You can feel the worldly suffering and through the enlightenment energy rise above that suffering. An enlightened person experiences rain and sun, but through inner happiness and inner peace is relatively independent in terms of feeling. You live in a higher dimension of light. The word “enlightened” means to be full of light and to live in light.

Don’t suppress your doubt, rather get informed and think about the cause. This way you dissolve the doubts. I’ve experienced enlightenment, and so don’t doubt that it exists. My problem is whether there are higher enlightened beings and what exactly are their abilities. As a former atheist, it’s hard to believe in them. But I’ve had many experiences which suggest that we do get help. I have slowly come to find the truth.

The first truth is that people wish for happiness and want to avoid suffering. I recognized that at the age of 14. I established the luck-bad luck theory. At the age of 30 I recognized the path of inner happiness. Material life consists of a constant shuffle between joy and suffering. If you want to be happy over the long run, then you have to develop your inner happiness. That is my second truth. My third truth is that enlightenment is the highest form of happiness. That is my truth because I have experienced it myself. Then I searched for a way I could grow in inner happiness. I read up on philosophy, psychology and various religions. I recognized that all of the systems deal with enlightenment. Religions are systems of enlightenment. That is my fourth truth.

I found out that people are different. They need different methods to develop inner happiness and enlightenment. Each person has to look within and figure out exactly what will help, and what will harm. Yoga, walking, meditation, reading, doing good and connecting with my enlightened masters help me. If you are consistent, then you grow in light. That is my fifth truth and experience.

A central question along the spiritual way is what is spiritual energy? You feel it. You can check that and rule out having just imagined it. For Buddha, energy is an important element of enlightenment. According to my experiences you reach happiness, luck, love, strength and omni-presence through this energy. It frees the body and mind of blockages and purifies so that the energy can flow. I feel that energy develops within. It can also come from the outside. Christians call this the Holy Ghost. Esoterics talk of light. I feel it as consciousness energy that exists outside of one’s own mind. Near death experiences show that people leave their bodies and observe things from the outside, even when the organs are blocked.

A Miracle[edit | edit source]

Hermit Nils in his hermitage

I hadn’t been to the dentist in five years. I then experienced a little miracle. A tooth hurt a lot, was swollen, and numb. It was a problem even into the root. I was sure that it had to be pulled. But then I pulled the oracle card for healing. And then that evening the tooth healed suddenly. Within an hour, the pain, inflammation and swelling disappeared. I have never experienced such before. I think God had mercy with me because I am such a little, weak yogi.

A year ago, I was often helped a lot by my masters. A lot of miracles took place. The first miracle was that the cleansing processes mostly took place in a way that I could get by. They were in just the right intensity. If they got to be too difficult, my masters obviously intervened. Once I thought I couldn’t go on any longer. And then suddenly the kundalini energy stopped. I could sleep well that night. When I felt like an inner struggle became too difficult after two months, I met a woman. Through her love, I had new strength for living.

Also when people visit me, some miracles occur. Some surprising energy and healing processes take place. It’s amazing how God works through me sometimes. The right people appear at the right moments. They appear when they need me or I need them. They get what is right for them and what helps them along the spiritual path. According to my experience, supernatural abilities do exist. There are great enlightened masters who can help us with our abilities. The open question is how far these abilities go. I can’t explain that. I can only hope that my enlightened masters will help me when I pray to them.

Reincarnation[edit | edit source]

Nataraja, Dancer with life

Wikipedia on Reincarnation: The term reincornation indicates all types of concepts that a soul or a mental process will manifest once more as another conscious being. The most important faith systems where reincarnation plays a central role are Hinduism with 900 million followers and Buddhism with 400-500 million. The protestant theologue Helmut Obst said: “there isn’t aren’t any clear reincarnation teachings in the bible. However, there a few places which seem to indicate reincarnation and can be interpreted as such. “ The evangelium of Matthew and Mark make it impossible to say that the New Testament has absolutely no mention of the reincarnation idea. It deals with John the Baptist who is thought to be the returned prophet Elija. Ian Stevenson, who attained international fame through his research with children who could remember earlier lives, was the most famous of those discussing this new topic. A step further along this way is the reincarnations therapy that tries to use regressions to find out about earlier lives.

Nils: For me, during the last few years some two thousand earlier live shave popped up. That seems to be over now. I sometimes doubt whether they were real earlier lives. But with another yogi, his lives seem similar. The way the lives appear are proof of the authenticity of the lives and the possibility for reincarnation.

After I had lived as a hermit for seven years, I was suddenly overcome by the wish to know my earlier lives. I sensed back in time and at some point found resonance. It appeared as a sort of inner resistance. Then I sensed exactly there. One after another, mentally four earlier lives appeared. I knew the place, the time and the type of life each one respectively was.

If you dissolve tension systematically in the body and the mind with spiritual exercises, then one day you can access the stress situations from earlier lives, when the time is right. Every highly stressful situation is saved in the soul. When tension is dissolved, then pictures or short scenes (little films) can appear in dreams or when awake. The tension releasing process is often connected with bodily reactions such as restlessness, muscle twitching, heat or cold.

First the tension from my life now dissolved. Then in short scenes I saw the stressful test situations, relationship conflict, and repressed accidents. Because I still had the stress experiences in my memory, there was a context between the spiritual exercises, the dissolving of inner tension and the appearance of dreams. I learnt to differentiate between these special dreams and normal dreams. After eleven years as a hermit, suddenly many earlier lives appeared in mind. First, earlier lives appeared one at a time. Then a lot of earlier lives appeared. After four years, the process slowed down slowly. This was in contrast to the conscious sensing out in my mind toward earlier lives, now there were clear short films.I could see geographic and time related details regarding my environment at the time.

Nils (Online discussion at Is reincarnation real? What is Christianity’s position toward reincarnation? What would you decide if you had the choice to reincarnate on earth?

Hadie: Many people know that the Bible cannot be taken literally word for word. Reincarnation isn’t a faith question, because if it is real, it’s real independent of whether or not I believe in it. Even Jesus spoke of John the Baptist as the reincarnated Elia.

Nikodemus (Catholic): If reincarnation were proven, then we would have to accept that it exists.

Nils: There’s the case of an English woman who was burnt as a witch in France in the Middle Ages. She knew exactly where the documents were and what they said. That wasn’t known to anyone else anywhere. On TV a few years back there was a series where they depicted regression therapy. In the hypnosis, certain facts were obtained and then the TV team went to the corresponding place. And then it was considered whether the person in question could have known things beforehand or not.

Max: I don’t want to ever come back to earth. I really don’t want to be back to this world with all of its pain, suffering and death…. No thank you!

CoCreator: I’m convinced that the Buddhists and Hindus are closer to reality than the Christian church with their explanations. In a new incarnation there’s a new chance to make right what was done wrong in earlier lives. The promise of deliverance (Jesus died from you) causes people to not take responsibility for their actions since Jesus will simply free them from their sins.

alf: There’s reincarnation. It can be proven through meditation. But we Christians are generally not familiar with this.

Katrin: There are especially “knowledgeable mystics” who claim to know such. I’m not impressed. Reincarnation doesn’t exist. “People are bound to live once, to die once, and then to be judged.”

fff: “Hebr. 9,27: “And how mankind is determined to live once, and afterwards appear before God.” That appearsfrom the letters of Paul. But show me the statements from Jesus. I orient myself more from the perspective of the teachings of Jesus.

Nils: The Bible is a collection of various texts from various authors. Some points are considered thoroughly and some less so. Sometimes certain texts are held back if the church authorities are against it. I think particularly of the Book of Thomas which emphasizes the way of calm and meditation. Through these methods you come to real experiences of your faith. And then earlier lives appear in the frame of your mind, just like it happened with the Christian desert fathers.

Saint Anthony reported that he experienced situations where he was eaten alive from earlier lives. He saw demonic beasts who wanted to eat him. When cleansing the soul, earlier lives appear and they are mostly from stressful situations. Such situations are remembered especially well and block enlightenment energy the most. They must be cleansed, therefore if you want to advance along the spiritual path.

I believe the teachings of paradise and the teachings of reincarnation do not conflict one another. Both are possible. A soul can decide to be reborn on earth or to advance further on the other side. You can ascend to paradise and remain there if you are spiritually advanced enough and pure of heart. It is also possible for a soul to advance to paradise and to return to earth one day in order to help the people on eart spiritually. Jesus also mentioned this regarding Elija.

Even Jesus planned to return to earth. Therefore, he also taught reincarnation and that enlightened masters can incarnate on earth to help others. That is exactly the way of all-encompassing love that Jesus taught. Wikipedia: Christian theologist Parusie considered the return of Jesus as the completion and perfection of the healing history, of the coming of the kingdom of God.

What is scientific proof? For me, observations and contemplation also count. That’s the only way we can really approach the subject life after death. There are many indications. But it is not the only way. Quantum physics shows the possibility physically. Near death research gives us observations. If we want to ask the dead, we need clairvoyants and enlightened people. Many Tibetan masters could see into the other side and see earlier lives. I also know my earlier lives. That’s proof enough for me.

But I admit I am critical and sometimes doubt whether there is life after death. In the end it doesn’t matter- the deeper point of life is enlightenment. And we can reach that in this life. We will experience or not experience everything else after death.

Woman searching for a Master[edit | edit source]

Blessing hermit

Woman: Hello Nils. Can you help me? I am searching for a master.

Nils: What are you searching for? Are you seriously looking for a master? A master in what? Unfortunately I am no master, just a normal person. Masters for me are the Dalai Lama, Jesus or Mother Meera. They are enlightened and have special spiritual abilities they can help us with. I just have a little knowledge to share with you.

Woman: Your root chakra exercise is totally great. I did it while walking and experienced something like when having an orgasm. It wasn’t the second time, but it still motivates me to exercise.

Nils: Wonderful. I sensed from a distance that you had a big spiritual breakthrough. Keep going. You just need the self-discipline every day to exercise. Then you will come to the light. Now everyone wants to know what this exercise was. I just sensed in your energy field where the energy blockage was and developed a simple exercise for you. The exercise consisted of going for a walk, concentrating on the earth and thinking a mantra. I will tell the mantra to every woman who comes to visit me. Just kidding!

Woman: Most people search for happiness in the context of a relationship.

Nils: Only when enlightened does the search come to an end. Only in enlightenment can lasting happiness be found. Enlightenmen is described through the words Sat-Chit-Ananda. Sat means enlightened being, inner rest and inner peace. Chid is the unity consciousness. Ananda is happiness, inner bliss. All three are related. They are together and all three can be developed by working on each aspect respectively. The enlightened being is exercised by accepting things as they are. You overcome tendencies toward addiction and develop inner peace. Inner peace can be developed through kundalini meditation and by thinking positively. The unity consciousness is developed by consciously experiencing nature and love for all beings. I release inner tension using spiritual exercises (walking, meditation, thought work.) Then the energy starts to flow and a feeling of inner wellness and happiness arises. But I still haven’t reached my goal. But I can say that this way works for me. I have a feeling of peace, happiness and wellness.s I am not really searching. I have found my way.

Woman: Isn’t it so that a relationship is more about sex and material needs?

Nils: I try to take the middle road where some worldly joy can be experienced. I have to be careful not to lose myself along the spiritual way. Even by skyping daily with A. I lost myself in relationship addiction. When she broke up with me, God appeared once more. I was in my own happiness energy once more. I try to find what works for me in just the right amount, when it comes to enjoying things of the world.

Woman: Do you have dreams?

Nils: My dream is to reach a sufficient level of enlightenment so that I can be happy and independent from the suffering of life, so that I can help others and contribute to building a happy world. Earlier I was addicted to sex, affection, intimacy. Now my inner happiness is developin slowly. I rest in myself and don’t need anything external anymore. I don’t need sex or affection. I can experience it though, when it is there. I couldn’t have believed that earlier. Inner happiness is enough if it is present in a sufficient amount. I am a yoga teacher who also takes the path of tantra yoga in addition to teaching it. Tantra yoga is multi-faceted. Sometimes it is connected to free love. For me, I realize that faith, love and truth are an important part of my path. My wisdom is putting God as the center of life. This way one can go with or without a relationship. Without a relationship the way to enlightenment is normally faster than with. But that is not always the case. Some people need to live one way, others another. I need to live as a single, or in the context of a relationship at different points. I grow through both. I believe God leads me in my life. The right woman always appears when I need a relationship. My relationships have all been very different. There have been relationships with and without sex. The deciding factor of a relationship is love.

Woman: I’m not doing so well today.

Nils: What’s wrong with you? The divine loves you. You are blessed. You are wonderful. You deserve everything good in the world. If someone is hopeless it’s me. I have so many errors and weaknesses.

Woman: I’m so full of ego. I am never satisfied.

Nils: You’re a woman. That’s how women are, according to my experience. They want love from a man. They want attention and energy from their partner. They are addicted to relationships. They’re never satisfied. They look to the outside world instead of within. Therefore, you are completely normal. Don’t worry.

Woman: What is enlightenment?

Nils: For me, enlightenment is a flowing process. Enlightenment means that the light of God flows into us and enlightens us. We feel the peace, love, happiness and connection to everyone. I’m satisfied with my life. The sun is shining, it is warm and I don’t have a toothache anymore.

Light meditation

1. Relaxing= we tense up the muscles of the feet and legs. We hold the tension, stop all thoughts and breathe into the legs. Then we relax. Then we tighten up the muscles of the arms and hands. We breathe into the arms and hands. We relax. We tighten the muscles of the head and face. Then we breathe into the face. Then we relax. Then we tighten the muscles of the entire body. We breathe into the entire body. Then we relax.

2. Count from 1 to 20= We count from 1 to 20 mentally, concentrate on the head and breathe into the head. Our mind comes to rest. We concentrate on the rib cage breathe into the rib cage and count from 1 to 20. We breathe into the belly and count from 1 to 20. We concentrate on the legs and feet and count from 1 to 20. Then we visualize a ball under the soles of the feet and count from 1 to 20 in the ball.

3. Sun in the sky= We visualize a beautiful sun in the sky. It sends its rays out to us. We feel the light and the warmth on the skin. It is as if we are on vacation in the sun. We enjoy the sunlight.

4. Surrounded by the light= We surround ourselves with light. We take a golden sunray and let the sunlight circulate around us. Then we repeat the mantra “light”. We let the sunlight into us and fill us with light. We think the mantra “light”. We send light to everyone.

5. Thought stop= We stop all of our thoughts for a minute and move the feet gently. We concentrate on the feet and move them until the mind is completely calm.

6. Relaxation= We lay down for a few minutes and just relax. We let the feelings come and go as they please.

7. Returning: we come back slowly. We move the feet and hands. We stretch. Then we sit up. We’re back.