Xbox 360/Xbox 360 Accessories

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Controllers[edit | edit source]

Xbox 360 Controller[edit | edit source]

Official Xbox 360 Controllers came in a variety of styles. Some official controllers were wired, and others were wireless. Wireless controllers used a removable battery pack, typically one which used AA batteries.

A controller was required to use most Xbox 360 Functions.

Xbox 360 Chatpad[edit | edit source]

A keyboard attachment was made for the Xbox 360 controllers.

Multimedia[edit | edit source]

HD DVD Player[edit | edit source]

Early on an optional external HD DVD drive was offered. This is distinct from the standard DVD drive built into every console.

After Blu-Ray won the format war, the drive quickly fell into obscurity.

Media Remote[edit | edit source]

A remote used for more optimized use of multimedia functions of the console.

References[edit | edit source]