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CSS2XPath Live Test

XPath Tester

XPath Tutorial

XPath Primer

Introduction to XPath

Things to Know and Avoid When Querying XML Documents with XPath

XPath and Namespace Primer

Little Black Corners of XPath

Executing XPath Queries with Namespaces in the URL

One-Based Indexes in XPath

Are multiple XPath Predicates the same as the Boolean "and" Operator

XPath in JavaScript, Part 3

XPath in JavaScript, Part 2

XPath in JavaScript, Part 1

Implementing XPath

Implementing XPath, Part II

XPath Tips

What's New in XPath 2.0

XQuery and Data Abstraction

XPath Functions and Numeric Operators

Cool things you can do with XPath in XForms

Practical data binding: XPath as data binding tool, Part 1

Practical data binding: XPath as data binding tool, Part 2

Working XML: Get started with XPath 2.0

How XQuery extends XPath

Avoid the dangers of XPath injection

Introduction to using XPath in JavaScript

Using XPath

XPath Reference

XPath Functions

XPath Axes

PrintTicket, names, and XPath

XPath - What is an XmlNode, and what does node() return?

Deep XML Geekery: XPath and not()

XPath Powers: Calculating Totals

Powerful Declarative Logic: Phone Number Parsing

Enforcing unique values in a repeating list

Use XPath to Perform a Case-Insensitive Search with MSXML

XPath Visualizer

Using XPath with cURL

Using XPath with PHP to Scrape Web Pages

XPath CSS Class Matching

XPath vs CSS Selectors

More XPath vs CSS Selectors

XPath in Five Paragraphs