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Add Live Bookmark by Icon[edit | edit source]

Firefox's Live Bookmarks is one application of RSS. Here we are going to tell you how to use Firefox browser as your RSS reader. There are basically two different ways for user to feed RSS into Firefox. The first and easiest way is to add the feed directly.

  • When browsing a website with RSS feed, there will be a small icon showed on window.
  • For Firefox version, a small icon will show on the right side of the URL location.
  • The icon will change depending on the theme of your Firefox browser. The icon showed here is the default icon of Firefox.
  • For different version of Firefox, the location of the icon might be different. In prior versions, the icon might be at lower-right corner of the window.

  • Users click on the icon.
  • A dialog window will show up.
  • Choose the location to put the Live Bookmark. Then click OK.

Add feed

  • Live Bookmark will show on the bookmark bar.
  • When clicking on the icon, it will update to the latest news automatically.
  • When you click on one topic, it will open one new window connecting to the website of the content.

Another Way to Feed RSS[edit | edit source]

  • Click on the Bookmark tag and choose Manage Bookmarks.

  • In Bookmarks Manager, choose File -> New Live Bookmark.
Go to bookmark manager

  • Copy the RSS site (an URL of a xml file) of the website you want.

  • Paste the RSS link into Feed Location attribute.

  • The Live Bookmark will show up at your Bookmarks.