Wu Chinese/Lesson 1

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Here are a few greetings and phrases in the Wu language, specifically the Shanghai dialect, that may be of use to you.

侬好 (nóng hō) - Hello

大家好 (dâka hō) - Hello everyone

侬好伐 (nóng hō va) or 侬过得还好伐 (nóng kûle e-hô va?) - How are you?

我蛮好,谢谢 (wú mehō, yáyà) - I'm ok

蛮好。侬呢? (mehō. nóng nak) - I'm pretty good. What about you?

我蛮好, 侬 (wú mehō, nóng) - I'm good.

请问尊姓大名?(chînmen tzenxin-dâmin) or 请问侬信啥?(chînmen nóng xin sa?) - What is your name?