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Welcome[edit | edit source]

Thanks for dropping by! If you need some help using Wikibooks, check out the resources below. If you have any ideas for how to flesh out the articles, be bold and start a discussion, or go just straight to creating and editing articles. Right now, our biggest priorities are getting new contributors, creating the important chapters, and compiling all the sources for different writing systems. Our goal is for this wikibook to be the best place to go for anyone interested in learning how to write ASL.

Development Stages[edit | edit source]

For each chapter that has been created, the following icons show how complete they are:

0% developed  as of date  Only a few sentences of placeholder text exists.

25% developed  as of date  Page has some content, but needs to be significantly expanded and clarified by drawing on external sources.

50% developed  as of date  Some important information is there, but page is still incomplete, or unreliable. Page needs to be fleshed out by adding information, examples, and citations.

75% developed  as of date  Much of the important information is there, but it needs to be touched up or organized. This is still rough, but usable.

100% developed  as of date  The information is essentially complete. However, additions and improvements can still be made, especially as new information emerges.

Resources[edit | edit source]

What is Wikibooks


Correcting Errors

Creating An Account

Starting A New Wikibook

How To Structure A Wikibook

Authoring Foreign Language Textbooks

Discussion and Consensus

How To Edit A Wikibook

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