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Usage note[edit]

Chinese names are used by ethnic Chinese people worldwide, consisting of the Chinese language's lexicon instead of "proper" names or random made-up words as in the West. Therefore, Chinese given names don't come fully-made for the public's usage, nor are they inherently gendered, nor are their meanings anything less than clear and distinct, in the same way Western names do and are. Parents, grandparents, and namers create given names by combining name-y Chinese characters, or take inspiration from literature, dramas, serials, movies, and even video games, but never from real-life people.

In the Sinosphere, the family name comes before the given name. Family names are mostly single-character, and therefore pronounced with only one syllable, hence why Sino people's names seem so short and straightforward compared to other cultures, particularly European and American names. Dual-character family names exist to a much rarer occurrence; only around 60 exist and are still in use, but they are treated the same way as single-character ones. Family names are typically passed down patrilineally, though the usage of maternal family names is not uncommon in the modern day, especially for those whose mother is a single child or whose family is making a statement of progressiveness. The law allows its citizens to use any family name from any side of their family, as long as they have the right to inherit it.

Given names consist of 1–3 characters, with single-character given names being a thing of the past and considered outdated nowadays, dual-character given names the most common and favored throughout the times, while triple-character given names are just now slowly seeing a rise in trend as population number skyrockets and dual-character given names start to lack distinct uniqueness. Non-Han ethnic groups of China and Taiwan sometimes use their own native naming traditions and transliterate their names to Chinese for legal registration, often ending up with very long Chinese full names. There is no legal limit to how many characters an individual's name may have; everyone just knows their lanes.

Chinese-Americans of the Baby Boomer generation sometimes choose to display their dual culture in the form of compound Chinese-and-English names, such as: Ya-Jack, Meg-Ping, Ming-Anne. Millennial, Gen-X, and Gen-Z Asian-Americans use the same name stock as the general population, but a few girls' names (Amy, Angie, Cindy, Connie, Helen, Michelle, Mindy, Wendy) are particularly common among Asians, and diminutives (Johnny, Jimmy, Tommy) as given names are more common among Asian-Americans than among the general populace.

Feminine given names[edit]

Here are examples of Chinese feminine given names.

  • 爱丽 (Aili) "love and prettiness"
  • 爱玲 (Ailing) "love jade tinklings"
  • 安安 (Anan, An'an) "safe and sound, secure, at ease"
  • 安雅 (Anya) "safely refined elegance"
  • 安美 (Anmei) "safe beauty"
  • 宝甜 (Baotian, Pao-tien, Bou-tim) "sweet like a precious treasure"
  • 宝玉 (Baoyu, Pao-ik, Bou-yuk) "rare and treasured jade"
  • 炳炳 (Bingbing) "splendid, luminous, glorious"
  • 炳晴 (Bingqing, Ping-ching) "splendid clarity"
  • 彩霞 (Caixia, Tsai-hsia, Choi-ha) "colorful, rosy clouds"
  • 婵娟 (Chanjuan, Sim-gyun) "the moon, moonlight; lovely, beautiful woman"
  • Chen
  • Choi-lai
  • Choi-lin
  • Chunguang
  • 春花 (Chunhua, Cheun-fa) "springtime flowers, springtime blooms"
  • 春兰 (Chunlan, Cheun-lan) "springtime orchids or cymbidiums"
  • 春梦 (Chunmeng, Cheun-mung) "spring dream, fleeting illusion"
  • 春雨 (Chunyu, Chun-ik, Cheun-yu) "spring rain"
  • Dai-lin
  • 丹凤 (Danfeng, Dan-fung) "the red phoenix"
  • 芳 (Fang, Fong) "sweet-smelling, fragrant, good name, good reputation"
  • 芳花 (Fanghua, Fong-fa) "sweet-smelling flower"
  • 芳音 (Fangyin, Fang-in, Fong-yam) "sweet-smelling sound; fragrant musical note"
  • 芳引 (Fangyin, Fang-in, Fong-yan, Fong-yen) "the sweet fragrance extends far, lures, and guides"
  • 芳英 (Fangying, Fang-ing, Fong-ing) "sweet-smelling flower; fragrant hero"
  • 菲娜 (Feina) "flowery fragrance, luxuriant growth, and elegance"
  • 芬 (Fen, Fan) "perfume, fragrance, sweet aroma"
  • 凤 (Feng, Fong) "phoenix"
  • Fengyi, Fong-i
  • Fengyin, Fong-in
  • Fujian, Fuk-gin
  • 贵芬 (Guifen, Kwei-fen, Gwai-fan) "expensive, precious, noble fragrance"
  • 海霞 (Haixia) "rosy glowing sky at the ocean"
  • 海音 (Haiyin) "the sea's melody"
  • 花娜 (Huana) "flower-like grace"
  • Huanyue
  • Hui
  • Huifeng
  • Huiying
  • Hongchang, Hung-chang
  • Hongchuan, Hung-chuan
  • Huiling, Hweiling
  • Zhongshun, Chungshun
  • Zhongxun, Chung-hsun
  • 佳丽 (Jiali, Chiali, Ga-lai) "beautiful, beauty"
  • Jiang
  • Jianghui, Chiang-hui
  • Jinlin, Chin-lin
  • 嘉霓 (Jiani, Chia-ni, Ga-ngaih) "excellent, distinguished rainbow; to praise or commend the rainbow"
  • Jianping
  • 姣 (Jiao, Chiao, Gau) "beautiful"
  • Jihong
  • Jing
  • Jingmei
  • 金美 (Jinmei, Chinmei, Gam-mei) "golden beauty"
  • 金梅 (Jinmei, Chinmei, Gam-mui) "golden plum"
  • Jingwei, Ching-wei
  • Jingzhi
  • 金花 (Jinhua, Gam-fa) "golden flower"
  • 金华 (Jinhua, Gam-wah) "golden splendor, golden magnificence, golden prosperity"
  • 乐乐 (Lele, Lok-lok) "pleasure, enjoyment, amusement"
  • 乐映 (Leying, Lok-ing) "enjoyment reflects, mirrors, or shines"
  • 莲花 (Lianhua, Lienhua, Lin-fa) "lotus flower, lotus blossom"
  • 莲英 (Lianying, Lien-ing, Lin-ing) "lotus flower, lotus blossom, lotus hero"
  • Lihong
  • Lihua
  • Lili
  • Limei
  • Limin
  • Liming
  • 琳 (Lin) "fine jade"
  • 丽娜 (Lina) "pretty and graceful"
  • Ling
  • Linwei
  • Linyao
  • Liping
  • Liqin
  • Lirong
  • Li-wei
  • 丽雅 (Liya) "gorgeously elegant, refined, and proper"
  • Mei-chu
  • Mei-chuan
  • Mei-hi
  • Mei-hua
  • 美丽 (Meili) "beautiful, pretty"
  • 美莲 (Meilian, Meilien, Mei-lin) "beautiful lotus"
  • 美琳 (Meilin) "beautiful precious jade"
  • 美玲 (Meiling, May-ling) "beautiful jade tinklings"
  • 美伶 (Meiling, May-ling) "beautiful and clever; beautiful actress or performer"
  • 美素 (Meisu, Mei-sou, May-sue) "beautiful element, beautiful essence; beautifully plain, simple, white, and unadorned"
  • 美桃 (Meitao) "beautiful peach"
  • Mei-xing
  • Mei-zhen
  • 梦 (Meng) "dream"
  • Ming'an
  • Mingfang
  • (Mingli
  • Ming-yu
  • (Mingyue) "
  • 娜 (Na) "phonetic na, graceful, elegant"
  • Nanzi, Nan-tzi, Nan-tzu
  • 妮娜 (Nina) "Nina; graceful young girl"
  • Peijun
  • Piao
  • 萍蕊 (Pingrui, Ping-rwei, Ping-yeui, Ping-yeoi) "duckweed stamens/unopened flower buds"
  • 琪 (Qi, Chi, Ch'i, Kei, Kay, Kaye) "fine jade"
  • 琦 (Qi, Chi, Ch'i, Kei, Kay, Kaye) "precious stone, unique and admirable"
  • 绮 (Qi, Chi, Ch'i, I, Yi) "damask, fine woven thin silk, beautiful"
  • Qianxi, Chien-hsi
  • Qianyi, Chien-i
  • Qiao
  • Qiming, Chi-ming
  • Qingkuan, Ching-kwan
  • Qinglai, Chinglai
  • Qingyu, Ching-yu, Ching-i
  • Qingyuan, Ching-yuen
  • Qingxi, Ching-hsi
  • Qinqin, Chin-chin
  • Qiutian, Chiu-Tien
  • 荣芳 (Rongfang, Wing-fong) "luxuriantly thriving, glorified sweet fragrance"
  • 荣美 (Rongmei, Wing-mei) "prosperous, glorified beauty"
  • 荣芯 (Rongxin, Wing-sam) "luxuriantly thriving, glorified rush pith"
  • 荣珍 (Rongzhen, Wing-jan) "prospering, thriving, luxurious treasure"
  • 瑞萍 (Ruiping, Rwei-ping, Seui-ping, Seoi-ping) "lucky omen duckweed"
  • 润润 (Runrun, Yeun-yeun) "moist, damp, smooth and sleek, glossy"
  • Shiyu
  • Shou-feng
  • Shou-yun
  • Shuang
  • Shuangcong, Shuang-tsung
  • (Shufang) "graceful fragrant"
  • (Shuyan, Shu-yen) "graceful swallow"
  • Song-lian
  • Su-chen
  • Su-chu
  • (Songli, Sung-li)
  • Su-yin
  • Su-yuan
  • (Teling) "special
  • Tian-yun
  • Tien-kai
  • 婷婷 (Tingting) "slender and graceful woman"
  • (Tingyan
  • Caiqin, Tsai-chin
  • Zitong, Tse-tung
  • Tong, Tung
  • Tongmei Tung-mei
  • Ziping, Tze-ping
  • Zixi, Tzu-hsi
  • Wai-kwong
  • Wai-ting
  • 婉 (Wan, Yun) "tactful, polite, subtle, graceful"
  • Wang-fen
  • 伟丽 (Weili, Wai-lai) "imposing and beautiful, greatly pretty"
  • 文丽 (Wenli, Man-lai) "literature prettiness"
  • 雯丽 (Wenli, Man-lai) "pretty like colorful clouds"
  • Wen-huan
  • (Xiahe)
  • 夏梦 (Xiameng, Hsiameng, Ha-mung) "summer dream" → in reference to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream «仲夏夜之梦»
  • Xiang
  • (Xiangling)
  • 香雨 (Xiangyu, Hsiang-yu, Siang-ik, Heung-yu) "sweet-smelling rain"
  • Xiaohong
  • Xiaoxing
  • Xiaoxuan
  • Xin, Hsin
  • Xingfu, Hsingfu
  • Xingli, Hsingli
  • Xingxing, Hsing-hsing
  • 馨蕾 (Xinlei, Hsinlei, Hing-leuih) "strongly fragrant flower bud"
  • 秀丽 (Xiuli, Hsiuli, Hsiou-li, Sau-lai) "beautiful, pretty"
  • 秀秀 (Xiuxiu) "excellent, beautiful, intelligent, and talented person"
  • 希望 (Xiwang, Hsiwang, Hei-mong) "hope, wish, expectation"
  • 绚丽 (Xuanli, Hsuanli, Hyun-lai) "gorgeous and magnificent"
  • 雪 (Xue) "snow"
  • 雪芳 (Xuefang, Hsue-fang, Hsye-fang, Syut-fong) "snow fragrance"
  • Yan-jun
  • 艳丽 (Yanli, Yenli, Im-lai) "bright-colored and garishly beautiful"
  • 燕燕 (Yanyan) "swallow (hirundinidae genus)"
  • (Yingying)
  • Yirong
  • Yize
  • 永美 (Yongmei, Wing-mei) "forever beautiful, eternal beauty"
  • Yuewan
  • Yueyan
  • Yueying
  • 玉美 (Yumei, Yuk-mei) "jade-like beauty"
  • 玉丽 (Yuli, Yuk-lai) "pretty as jade"
  • 玉瑞 (Yurui, Yuk-seui, Yuk-seoi) "auspicious jade token, precious omen of luck"
  • 玉蕊 (Yurui, Yuk-yeui, Yuk-yeoi) "jade buds, jade stamens, a type of traditional Chinese bud-only tea"
  • 玉润 (Yurun, Yuk-yeun) "smooth as jade [especially about a woman's skin]"
  • Yun
  • Yun-ping
  • Yun-qi
  • Zhao-ying
  • Zhen
  • Zhen-Juan
  • Zhen-li
  • Zhu

Masculine given names[edit]

Here are examples of Chinese masculine given names.

  • Cheng-gong
  • Cheng-ji
  • Daoming
  • De
  • Deshi
  • 东华 (Donghua) "eastern splendor, magnificence of the East, east China"
  • 恩赉 (Enlai) "favor and kindness will grant"
  • 敢豪 (Ganhao, Kan-hau, Gam-hou, Kam-ho) "brave, bold, wealthy, and powerful person"
  • Gang-sheng
  • Guo-qing
  • 东海 (Haidong, Hai-tung, Hoi-tung) "to the eastern side of the sea"
  • 鸿财 (Hongcai, Hong-tsai, Hung-choi) "grand wealth and fortunes"
  • 鸿泉 (Hongquan, Hong-ch'uan, Hung-chyun) "grand water spring"
  • 鸿雁 (Hongyan, Hung-ngan) "grand swan goose"
  • 佳亮 (Jialiang, Chia-liang, Gai-leung) "fine bright light"
  • 健刚 (Jiangang, Chien-kang, Gin-gong, Kin-kong) "healthy, strong, indomitable, and unyielding"
  • 建国 (Jianguo, Chien-kuo, Gin-gwok, Kin-kwok) "building and establishing the country"
  • Jiang-kui
  • Jiang-li
  • Jiaolong
  • 举隆 (Julong, Chu-long, Ch'u-long, Geui-lung) "to lift, raise, or elect the grand, magnificent, and thriving"
  • 康 (Kang, Hong) "healthy, well-being, abundant"
  • Kao-kan
  • Liang
  • Liangde
  • Lian-wei
  • Minghan
  • Mingjiang
  • (Mingwei, Ming-wai)
  • 祺伟 (Qiwei, Ch'iwei, Kei-wai) "auspicious greatness"
  • 仁 (Ren, Yan, Yen) "benevolence, humanity"
  • Shanbo
  • Shanli
  • Shantang
  • Shaoqi
  • 盛 (Sheng, Sing) "flourishing, vigorous, energetic, prevailing, magnificent, abundant"
  • 诗庭 (Shiting, Shih-ting, Si-ting) "main hall of poems"
  • Shiwei
  • Wanling
  • Wei
  • Weiguo
  • Weihong
  • Weimin
  • Weiyan
  • 旭挖 (Xuwa, Hsu-wa, Yuk-wat) "to dig, excavate, and explore at the daybreak's first sunlight"
  • 雅顺 (Yashun, Nga-seun, Ngah-seun) "elegantly smooth and successful, neatly-arranged, well-written, properly obeying"
  • 奕杰 (Yijie, Ichieh, Ik-git) "great outstanding hero"
  • (Yiling, Iling) "
  • 奕敏 (Yimin, Imin, Ik-man) "great quick-witted nimbleness"
  • Zhi-chao
  • Zhiyuan
  • 忠 (Zhong, Chong, Chung, Jung) "loyal, faithful, devoted"
  • 倬 (Zhuo, Chuo, Cheuk) "notable, noticeable, striking, distinct"

Unisex given names[edit]

Here are examples of Chinese unisex and gender-neutral given names.

  • 宝熙 (Baoxi, Pau-hsi, Bou-hei) "bright treasured sunny warmth; this treasure is prosperous, happy, and content"
  • 畅永 (Changyong, Cheung-wing) "free and worry-less forever"
  • 潮汐 (Chaoxi, Chao-hsi, Chiu-jik) "morning and night tides"
  • 聪 (Cong, Tsong, Tsung, Chung) "clever, wise, good hearing"
  • 丹 (Dan) "cinnabar, bright vermilion red"
  • 泛 (Fan) "general, surface-deep, mediocre, ordinary, common"
  • 繁 (Fan) "numerous, manifold, multitudinous, complex, to propagate, to multiply"
  • 昉 (Fang, Fong) "dawn, to dawn on, to begin"
  • 海夏 (Haixia, Hai-hsia, Haisia, Hoi-ha) "summer at the ocean"
  • 海英 (Haiying, Hai-ing, Hoi-ing) "ocean's hero, or ocean's flower"
  • 和平 (Heping, Wo-ping) "peace, peaceful"
  • 赫秀 (Hexiu, He-hsiou, He-hsiu, Hak-sau) "grandiosely conspicuous, awe-inspiring, and talented person"
  • 佳宁 (Jianing, Chia-ning, Gai-ning) "fine tranquility"
  • 金国 (Jinguo, Chin-kuo, Chin-kwok, Gam-gwok, Kam-kwok, Kim-kok) "golden country"
  • Jinyuan, Chin-yuan, Chin-yuen
  • 吉祥 (Jixiang, Chi-hsiang, Chi-siang) "lucky, auspicious, propitious"
  • 均 (Jun, Chun, Gwan, Kwan) "equal, even, all, without exception"
  • 霖畅 (Linchang, Lam-cheung) "continuous rain pouring freely, unimpededly"
  • 霖昌 (Linchang, Lam-cheung) "continuous rain [makes us] prosperous and flourishing"
  • 敏 (Min, Man) "quick-witted, agile, nimble, keen, clever"
  • 明华 (Minghua, Minghwa, Ming-wah) "clear and distinct splendor"
  • 平和 (Pinghe, Ping-wo) "gentle, mild, placid"
  • 祺密 (Qimi, Chimi, Ch'imi, Kei-mat) "the secret to auspiciousness, felicity, best wishes"
  • 诗亭 (Shiting, Shih-ting, Si-ting) "pavilion of poems"
  • 顺心 (Shunxin, Shun-hsin, Shunsin, Sunsin, Seun-sam) "satisfactory, satisfying, pleasing, to agree with the heart, in accordance to desires"
  • 文采 (Wencai, Wen-tsai, Man-choi) "literary talent and grace, gorgeously rich and bright colors"
  • Xianying, Hsien-ing
  • 晓辰 (Xiaochen, Hsiaochen, Hiu-san, Hyusan) "celestial bodies at dawn"
  • Xiaoqiu, Hsiao-chiu
  • Xiaoyi, Hsiao-i
  • Xianyuan, Hsien-yuan
  • 欣倩 (Xinqian, Hsin-cien, Hsin-chien, Yen-sin) "joyfully pretty/handsome"
  • 秀英 (Xiuying, Hsiou-ing, Hsiu-ing, Siu-ing, Sau-ing) "intelligent, beautiful, and talented hero/flower"
  • 雪亮 (Xueliang, Hsue-liang, Hsueh-liang, Sueliang, Syut-leung) "bright as snow"
  • Yueyou
  • Yujie


Chinese nicknames stem from either diminutives of the given name, diminutives of the family name, [diminutives of] the person’s foreign/western name, words relating to the person’s characteristics and traits, or even titles and lines of work. words that a close friend or relative deemed as matching the person’s vibes, random cutesy or pretty words they like, terms of endearment, or inner jokes.

  • 阿蓝 (Alan, Alam, Ah-lam) "blue-y" → nickname for someone named 蓝 Lan
  • 阿金 (Ajin, Achin, A-gam, A-kam, Ah-gam, Ah-kam, A-kim, Ah-kim) "goldie" → nickname for someone named 金 Jin
  • 泛泛 (Fanfan) "very general, surface-deep, mediocre, ordinary, common" → for someone with 泛 Fan in their name
  • 繁繁 (Fanfan) "very numerous, manifold, multitudinous, complex, to propagate, to multiply" → for someone with in their name
  • 芬芬 (Fenfen, Fanfan) "fragrance aroma" → for someone with 芬 Fen in their name
  • 凤凤 (Fengfeng, Fongfong) "phoenix phoenix" → for someone surnamed 凤 Feng or has 凤 Feng in their name
  • 河河 (Hehe, Hoho) "river river" → for someone surnamed 河 He or has 河 He in their name
  • 米米 (Mimi, Maimai) "grain grain, or rice rice" → for someone surnamed 米 Mi or for the phonetic value of "mimi"
  • 小美 (Xiaomei, Syumei) "little beauty" → for a younger girl or of the same age as the speaker, who has 美 Mei in their name or is popular for being pretty


Top 30 (PRC only, 2018)[edit]

  1. 王 Wang, Wong, Ong, Vong
  2. 李 Li, Lee, Lie, Lei
  3. 张 Zhang, Chang, Cang, Jhang, Jeung, Cheung, Tio, Tiu, Tiau, Teo, Theo, Thio, Chong, Diong
  4. 刘 Liu, Liow, Liou, Lio, Lew, Lau, Law, Lao, Lieu
  5. 陈 Chen, Chan, Can, Tan, Chhun, Chun, Ding, Deng, Dang, Zen
  6. 杨 Yang, Young, Yeung, Yoeng, Joeng, Io, Yo, Yeo, Yeoh, Iu, Yu, Chhiu, Chhio, Yong, Yon, Yen, Hhian
  7. 黄 Huang, Hwang, Wong, Vong, Ng, Ui, Uy, Oey, Wi, Wee, Huan, Hhuaan, Uan, Wan
  8. 赵 Zhao, Chao, Chau, Chaw, Jhao, Jhaw, Jaw, Jiu, Chiu, Chyu, Ziu, Tio, Tiao, Chheu, Diau, Dieu, Zau
  9. 吴 Wu, U, Oo, Woo, Ng, Ngo, Go, Goh, Vu, Ngu, Ghou, Hu, Hhu
  10. 周 Zhou, Chou, Chow, Jhou, Jhow, Joe, Jau, Chau, Zau, Chiu, Ciu, Ziu, Chu, Ciu, Tseu
  11. 徐 Xu, Hsu, Hs'u, Hsyu, Shu, Shoo, Shoe, Shew, Shyu, Cheui, Ceoi, Tsui, Chi, Chee, Chhi, Ce, Xxi
  12. 孙 Sun, Soon, Syun, Sng, Sung, Song, Sen
  13. 马 Ma, Mah, Mak, Maa, Bhe, Be, Mo
  14. 朱 Zhu, Chu, Choo, Jyu, Cyu, Chiu, Zyu, Cu, Zu, Tsr
  15. 胡 Hu, Hoo, Who, Wu, Woo, U, O, Oh, Ou, Fu
  16. 郭 Guo, Kuo, Kwo, Kwok, Kuok, Gwo, Gwok, Gwoh, Guok, Koeh, Keh, Kok, Quock, Quoc, Gua, Gwa, Kua, Kwa
  17. 何 He, Ho, Hoh, Hok, O, Oh
  18. 林 Lin, Lynn, Lam, Lum, Lim, Liem, Ling, Lang
  19. 高 Gao, Kao, Ko, Gou, Gow, Kou, Kow, Gau, Gaw, Kau, Kaw, Go
  20. 罗 Luo, Lo, Loh, Low, Law
  21. 郑 Zheng, Cheng, Jheng, Zeng, Te, Ti, Tee, Chng, Cheang, Chiang, Chang, Thang, Tay, Teh
  22. 梁 Liang, Leung, Loeng, Leong, Leng, Liong, Niu, Nio, Neo
  23. 谢 Xie, Hsieh, Hsie, Sie, Sieh, Ze, Che, Tse, Sia, Chia, Cheah, Tshia
  24. 宋 Song, Sung, Sang, Soong
  25. 唐 Tang, Tong, Tng, Teng, Thong, T'ang
  26. 许 Xu, Hsu, Hsyu, Hs'u, Shu, Shyu, Su, Syu, Heoi, Hoi, Hui, Kho, Khoh, Koh, Ko, Hi, Hee, Hie, He
  27. 邓 Deng, Teng, Dang, Tang, Theng, Dng, Tng, Then, Ten
  28. 韩 Han, Hon
  29. 冯 Feng, Fung, Fong, Foong, Pang
  30. 草 Cao, Tsao, Cou, Chou, Cho, Tso, Chow, Chaw


Hundred Family Surnames (百家姓 baijiaxing)

  1. 安 An, Ann, On
  2. 卬 Ang, Yeung, Yoeng, Joeng
  3. 敖 Ao, Au, Aw, Aok, Ngou, Ngow
  4. 巴 Ba, Pa
  5. 仈 Ba, Pa
  6. 百 Bai, Pai, Bak, Pak
  7. 白 Bai, Pai, Bak, Pak
  8. 柏 Bai, Pai, Pak
  9. 班 Ban, Pan
  10. 包 Bao, Pao, Bau, Pau, Pow, Paw, Bow
  11. 暴 Bao, Pao, Bou, Pou, Bow
  12. 鲍 Bao, Pao, Bau, Pau, Pow, Paw, Bow
  13. 毕 Bi, Bee, Pi, Pee, Pie, Bat, Pat
  14. 邲 Bi, Bee, Pi, Pee, Pie, Bei, Bey, Pei, Pey
  15. 卞 Bian, Bien, Pien, Bin, Pin
  16. 秉 Bing, Ping
  17. 邴 Bing, Ping
  18. 薄 Bo, Po, Boh, Poh, Bok, Pok
  19. 步 Bu, Boo, Pu, Poo, Bou, Pou, Bow
  20. 卜 Bu, Boo, Pu, Poo, Bak, Pak
  21. 蔡 Cai, Tsai, Choi, Choy, Coi, Choa, Chwa, Chua, Cwa, Tswa, Tjwa, Tjai
  22. 柴 Chai
  23. 朝 Chao, Chiu, Chyu, Chew
  24. 巢 Chao, Chau, Chaw
  25. 晁 Chao, Chiu, Chyu, Chew
  26. 鼂 Chao, Chiu, Chyu, Chew
  27. 车 Che
  28. 成 Cheng, Sing
  29. 程 Cheng, Ching
  30. 承 Cheng, Sing
  31. 澄 Cheng, Ching
  32. 乘 Cheng, Sing
  33. 晟 Cheng, Sing
  34. 庱 Cheng
  35. 郕 Cheng, Sing
  36. 迟 Chi, Chih, Chee
  37. 池 Chi, Chih, Chee
  38. 蚩 Chi, Chih, Chee
  39. 崇 Chong, Chung, Jung, Sung
  40. 丑 Chou, Chow, Chau, Chaw
  41. 楚 Chu, Choo, Cho
  42. 储 Chu, Choo, Chiu, Chyu, Chew
  43. 禇 Chu, Choo, Chiu, Chyu, Chew
  44. 鄐 Chu, Choo, Chuk, Chook
  45. 钏 Chuan, Chwan, Cwan, Chyun, Chiun, Cyun
  46. 春 Chun, Choon, Cheun, Choen, Ceon
  47. 从 Cong, Tsong, Tsung, Chung, Cung
  48. 琮 Cong, Tsong, Tsung, Chung, Cung
  49. 爨 Cuan, Cwan, Tsuan, Tswan, Chyun, Chiun, Cyun
  50. 崔 Cui, Cwei, Cuei, Cuey, Tsuei, Tsuey, Tswei, Cheui, Ceoi
  51. 达 Da, Ta, Dat, Tat
  52. 笪 Da, Ta, Dat, Tat
  53. 戴 Dai, Tai
  54. 翟 Di, Dee, Ti, Tee, Dik, Tik
  55. 狄 Di, Dee, Ti, Tee, Dik, Tik
  56. 刁 Diao, Tiao, Tiau, Tiaw, Diu, Dyu, Tiu, Tyu
  57. 丁 Ding, Ting
  58. 东 Dong, Tong, Tung, Dung
  59. 冬 Dong, Tong, Tung, Dung
  60. 董 Dong, Tong, Tung, Dung
  61. 东方 Dongfang, Tongfang, Tungfang, Tungfong, Dungfang
  62. 窦 Dou, Dow, Dough, Tou, Tow, Dau, Daw, Tau, Taw
  63. 杜 Du, Tu, Doo, Too, Dou, Dow, Dough, Tou, Tow
  64. 都 Du, Tu, Doo, Too, Dou, Dow, Dough, Tou, Tow
  65. 段 Duan, Dwan, Tuan, Twan, Dyun, Diun, Tyun, Tiun
  66. 法 Fa, Fat
  67. 范 Fan
  68. 樊 Fan
  69. 方 Fang, Fong, Fung
  70. 房 Fang, Fong, Fung
  71. 坊 Fang, Fong, Fung
  72. 费 Fei, Fey, Fay, Faye, Fai
  73. 斐 Fei, Fey, Fay, Faye
  74. 封 Feng, Fung
  75. 凤 Feng, Fung
  76. 丰 Feng, Fung
  77. 酆 Feng, Fung
  78. 富 Fu, Foo, Fuk
  79. 付 Fu, Foo, Fuk
  80. 伏 Fu, Foo, Fuk
  81. 福 Fu, Foo, Fuk
  82. 符 Fu, Foo, Fuk
  83. 傅 Fu, Foo, Fuk
  84. 赅 Gai, Kai, Goi, Goy, Koi, Koy
  85. 甘 Gan, Kan, Kam, Gam, Gum
  86. 干 Gan, Kan, Kam, Gon, Kon, Gone
  87. 港 Gang, Kang, Gong, Kong, Kung
  88. 郜 Gao, Kao, Ko, Gou, Gow, Kou, Kow, Gau, Gaw, Kau, Kaw, Go
  89. 葛 Ge, Ke, Got, Kot
  90. 盖 Ge, Ke, Goi, Goy, Koi, Koy
  91. 戈 Ge, Ke, Gwo, Guo, Kwo, Kuo
  92. 鬲 Ge, Ke, Lik
  93. 根 Gen, Ken, Gan, Kan
  94. 亘 Gen, Ken, Gang, Kang
  95. 耿 Geng, Keng, Kng, Gang, Kang
  96. 宫 Gong, Kong, Kung, Gung
  97. 贡 Gong, Kong, Kung, Gung
  98. 公 Gong, Kong, Kung, Gung
  99. 弓 Gong, Kong, Kung, Gung
  100. 龚 Gong, Kong, Kung, Gung
  101. 工 Gong, Kong, Kung, Gung
  102. 功 Gong, Kong, Kung, Gung
  103. 缑 Gou, Kou, Kow, Gow, Go, Ko, Gau, Gaw, Kau, Kaw
  104. 苟 Gou, Kou, Kow, Gow, Go, Ko, Gau, Gaw, Kau, Kaw
  105. 勾 Gou, Kou, Kow, Gow, Go, Ko, Ngau, Ngaw
  106. 古 Gu, Goo, Ku, Koo
  107. 谷 Gu, Goo, Ku, Koo, Guk, Kuk, Cook, Kook, Gook
  108. 顾 Gu, Goo, Ku, Koo
  109. 辜 Gu, Goo, Ku, Koo
  110. 关 Guan, Gwan, Kuan, Kwan
  111. 管 Guan, Gwan, Kuan, Kwan, Gun, Kun, Koon, Goon
  112. 官 Guan, Gwan, Kuan, Kwan, Gun, Kun, Koon, Goon
  113. 观 Guan, Gwan, Kuan, Kwan, Gun, Kun, Koon, Goon
  114. 冠 Guan, Gwan, Kuan, Kwan, Gun, Kun, Koon, Goon
  115. 筦 Guan, Gwan, Kuan, Kwan, Gun, Kun, Koon, Goon
  116. 归 Gui, Gwei, Guei, Guey, Kwei, Kuei, Kuey, Gwai, Kwai, Kuai, Guai
  117. 桂 Gui, Gwei, Guei, Guey, Kwei, Kuei, Kuey, Gwai, Kwai, Kuai, Guai
  118. 妫 Gui, Gwei, Guei, Guey, Kwei, Kuei, Kuey, Gwai, Kwai, Kuai, Guai
  119. 炅 Gui, Gwei, Guei, Guey, Kwei, Kuei, Kuey, Gwai, Kwai, Kuai, Guai
  120. 邽 Gui, Gwei, Guei, Guey, Kwei, Kuei, Kuey, Gwai, Kwai, Kuai, Guai
  121. 炔 Gui, Gwei, Guei, Guey, Kwei, Kuei, Kuey, Kyut, Kiut, Cute
  122. 过 Guo, Kuo, Kwo, Kwok, Kuok, Gwo, Gwok, Gwoh, Guok, Quock, Quoc
  123. 国 Guo, Kuo, Kwo, Kwok, Kuok, Gwo, Gwok, Gwoh, Guok, Quock, Quoc
  124. 呙 Guo, Kuo, Kwo, Kwok, Kuok, Gwo, Gwok, Gwoh, Guok, Quock, Quoc, Gwa, Gua, Kwa, Kua
  125. 虢 Guo, Kuo, Kwo, Kwok, Kuok, Gwo, Gwok, Gwoh, Guok, Quock, Quoc, Gwik, Guik, Guick, Kwik, Kuik, Quick
  126. 海 Hai, High, Hi, Hoi, Hoy
  127. 翰 Han, Hon
  128. 寒 Han, Hon
  129. 含 Han, Ham
  130. 函 Han, Ham
  131. 航 Hang, Hung, Hong
  132. 杭 Hang, Hung, Hong
  133. 郝 Hao, Hau, How, Haw, Ho, Hou, Hoh, Hok, Kok
  134. 昊 Hao, Hau, How, Haw, Ho, Hou, Hoh, Hok
  135. 和 He, Hek, Wo, Woh, Ho
  136. 河 He, Hek, Hoh, Ho
  137. 贺 He, Hek, Hoh, Ho
  138. 赫 He, Hek, Hoh, Ho, Hak
  139. 佫 He, Hek, Hoh, Ho, Hok
  140. 恒 Heng, Hang, Hng
  141. 衡 Heng, Hang, Hng
  142. 后 Hou, Howe, Hoe, Hau, Haw, Hauh
  143. 侯 Hou, Howe, Hoe, Hau, Haw, Hauh
  144. 郈 Hou, Howe, Hoe, Hau, Haw, Hauh
  145. Hu, Hoo, Who
  146. Hua, Hwa, Fa
  147. Huan, Hwan
  148. Hui, Hwei, Huei, Huey,
  149. 火 Huo, Hwo, Hwok, Hwoh, Huoh, Fo, Foh
  150. 霍 Huo, Hwo, Hwok, Hwoh, Huoh, Fo, Foh, Fok, Fock
  151. 皇 Huang, Hwang, Wong, Vong
  152. Ji, Jee, Chi, Chee
  153. Jia, Chia, Chya, Jya
  154. Jian, Chien, Jien,
  155. Jiang, Chiang
  156. Jiao, Chiao
  157. Jin, Chin, Cin, Kim
  158. Jing, Ching
  159. 樛 Jiu, Chiou, Chiow, Jiou, Jiow, Gau, Gaw, Gao, Kau, Kaw, Kao
  160. Ju
  161. 涓 Juan, Chuan, Chwan, Jwan, Gyun, Kyun, Kyune, Kyoon, Kiun, Kune, Gyune, Giun, Gune
  162. 隽 Juan, Chuan, Chwan, Jwan, Syun, Siun, Syoon
  163. Jue
  164. 凯 Kai, Hoi, Hoy
  165. Kan
  166. Kang
  167. Kao, Kau, Kaw
  168. Ke, Keh
  169. Ku
  170. Kuai
  171. Kuan
  172. Kuang
  173. Kui
  174. Lai
  175. Lan
  176. Lang
  177. Lao, Lau, Law
  178. Le, Lok, Lo
  179. Lei, Ley, Lay, Leigh
  180. Leng
  181. Lian
  182. Liang, Lyang
  183. Liao, Liau, Liaw
  184. Lian, Lien
  185. Lie, Liek, Lyek, Lye
  186. Ling
  187. Liong, Lyong
  188. 柳 Liu, Liow, Liou, Lio, Lew, Lau, Law, Lao, Lieu
  189. Long, Lung
  190. Lu, Luh, Luk
  191. Luan
  192. Luo, Lwo, Lwok, Lwoh, Luoh, Luok, Lo, Loh, Lok, Loo, Lou, Low
  193. 麻 Ma, Mah, Mak, Maa
  194. Man, Mann
  195. Mang
  196. Mao, Mau, Maw
  197. Mei, May, Mey
  198. Men, Mun
  199. Meng
  200. Mi, Mie, Mee
  201. Miao, Miau, Miaw, Meow
  202. Min, Minn, Meen, Mean
  203. Ming
  204. 墨 Mo, Mok, Mou, Mow, Mok, Mock, Moch, Moo
  205. 莫 Mo, Mok, Mou, Mow, Mok, Mock, Moch, Moo
  206. 鄚 Mo, Mok, Mou, Mow, Mok, Mock, Moch, Moo
  207. 木 Mu, Muk, Moo, Mook, Moock, Mooch
  208. 牧 Mu, Muk, Moo, Mook, Moock, Mooch
  209. 穆 Mu, Muk, Moo, Mook, Moock, Mooch
  210. 那 Na, Nak, Nah
  211. 纳 Na, Nak, Nah, Nap
  212. 南 Nan, Nam
  213. Ni, Nee, Knee
  214. Nie, Nieh, Niek, Nek, Nye, Nyeh, Nyek, Neck
  215. Nian, Nien
  216. Ning
  217. Niu, Niou, Niow, Nio, Neo
  218. 区 Ou, Ow, Keui, Keoi
  219. 欧 Ou, Ow, Au, Aw
  220. 殴 Ou, Ow, Au, Aw
  221. 欧阳 Ouyang, Auyeung, Auyong, Auyoung, Aujoeng, Oyang, Owyang, Owyoung, O’Young
  222. Pa, Pak, Pah
  223. Pan
  224. Pang
  225. Pei, Pey, Pay
  226. Peng, Pung, Png
  227. 皮 Pi, Pih, Pik, Pee, Pei, Pey, Pay, Peih
  228. 裨 Pi, Pih, Pik, Pee, Pei, Pey, Pay, Peih
  229. 邳 Pi, Pih, Pik, Pee, Bei, Bey, Bay, Beih, Pei, Pey, Pay, Peih
  230. Pian, Pien
  231. Piao, Piau, Piaw, Peow
  232. 平 Ping
  233. Po
  234. Pu, Poo, Pooh, Puh
  235. Qi, Chi, Chee, Ci, Ji
  236. Qian, Chien, Cien, Jien
  237. Qiao, Chiao, Ciao, Jiao
  238. Qin, Chin, Cin, Jin
  239. Qiu, Chiu, Chiou, Chiow, Ciu, Ciou, Ciow, Jiu, Jiou, Jiow
  240. Qu, Ch'u, Chu, Chyu, Cyu, Jyu, Ju, Cu
  241. Quan, Ch'uan, Chuan, Chyuan, Cyuan, Jyuan, Juan, Cuan
  242. Que, Ch'ue, Chue, Chuek, Chyue, Chyuek, Cyue, Cyuek, Jyue, Jyuek, Jue, Juek, Cue, Cuek
  243. Ran
  244. Rao, Rau, Raw
  245. 任 Ren, Yam, Jin
  246. Rong
  247. Ru, Roo, Rue
  248. Ruan, Rwan
  249. Sa
  250. Sang
  251. Sha
  252. Shan
  253. Shang
  254. Shangguan
  255. Shao, Shau
  256. She, Sheh, Shek
  257. Shen
  258. Sheng
  259. Shi, Shih
  260. Shou, Show, Sho
  261. Shu, Shoo, Shoe
  262. Shuang, Shwang, Suang, Swang
  263. Shui, Shwei, Shuei, Shuey, Swei, Suei, Suey
  264. Si, Sih, Sek, Seh, Se
  265. 司马 Sima, Sih-ma, Sek-ma, Seh-ma, Sema, Simah
  266. 司徒 Situ, Sih-tu, Sih-too, Sih-toe, Sek-tu, Sek-too, Sek-toe, Seh-tu, Seh-too, Seh-toe, Setu, Setoo, Setoe, Sitou, Sitouh, Sitow, See-tow
  267. 松 Song, Sung, Soong, Chung, Choong, Cung, Tsung
  268. Sou, Sow, Souw, So, Soo
  269. Su, Sue, Soo, Soe, Suk, Suh
  270. Sui, Swei, Suei, Suey, Swe, Sway
  271. 索 Suo, Swo, Suoh, Swoh, Suok, Swok, Sak, Sack
  272. 妁 Suo, Swo, Suoh, Swoh, Suok, Swok, Shuo, Jeuk, Cheuk, Zoek
  273. 台 Tai, Thai, Taih, Taik, Toy, Toi, Toih, Tye, Tie
  274. 邰 Tai, Thai, Taih, Taik, Toy, Toi, Toih, Tye, Tie
  275. 漦 Tai, Thai, Taih, Taik, Toy, Toi, Toih, Tye, Tie
  276. Tan, Tann
  277. Tang
  278. Tao, Tau, Taw
  279. Te, Tee, Tay
  280. Teng, Tng
  281. Ti, Tee
  282. Tian, Tien
  283. Tiao, Tiau, Tiaw
  284. Tie, Tiek, Tieh
  285. Ting
  286. Tong, Tung
  287. Tou, Tow
  288. Tu, Too, Toe, Tuh, Tuk
  289. Tuan, Twan
  290. Wan, One
  291. Wei, Wey, Way, Weigh
  292. 温 Wen, Wan, One
  293. 闻 Wen, Man
  294. 文 Wen, Man
  295. 翁 Weng, Wng, Yung, Yoong
  296. 瓮 Weng, Wng, Ung, Oong
  297. 武 Wu, Woo, U, Oo, Mou, Mow, Mouh
  298. 伍 Wu, Woo, U, Oo, Ng
  299. 巫 Wu, Woo, U, Oo, Mou, Mow, Mouh
  300. 乌 Wu, Woo, U, Oo
  301. 吾 Wu, Woo, U, Oo, Ng
  302. 仵 Wu, Woo, U, Oo, Ng
  303. 邬 Wu, Woo, U, Oo
  304. 毋 Wu, Woo, U, Oo, Mou, Mow, Mouh
  305. 兀 Wu, Woo, U, Oo, Ngat
  306. 习 Xi, Hsi, Shee, See, Jap, Chap, Cap
  307. 夏 Xia, Hsia, Ha
  308. 冼 Xian, Hsian, Hsien, Shien, Sin
  309. 咸 Xian, Hsian, Hsien, Shien, Ham
  310. 向 Xiang, Hsiang, Siang, Heung, Hoeng
  311. 相 Xiang, Hsiang, Siang, Seung, Soeng
  312. 项 Xiang, Hsiang, Siang, Hong
  313. 肖 Xiao, Hsiao, Siao, Chiu
  314. 萧 Xiao, Hsiao, Siao, Siu
  315. 谢 Xie, Hsie, Hsieh, Je, Che, Sia
  316. 解 Xie, Hsie, Hsieh, Gai, Kai
  317. 新 Xin, Hsin, Sin, San
  318. 辛 Xin, Hsin, Sin, San
  319. 兴 Xing, Hsing, Sing, Hing
  320. 幸 Xing, Hsing, Sing, Hang
  321. 邢 Xing, Hsing, Sing, Ying, Ing
  322. 熊 Xiong, Hsiong, Siong, Hung
  323. 敻 Xiong, Hsiong, Siong, Hing
  324. 修 Xiu, Hsiu, Hsiou, Hsiow, Siu, Sau
  325. 休 Xiu, Hsiu, Hsiou, Hsiow, Siu, Sau
  326. 盱 Xu, Hsu, Hs'u, Heui
  327. 胥 Xu, Hsu, Hs'u, Seui
  328. 鄦 Xu, Hsu, Hs'u, Heui
  329. 雪 Xue, Hsue, Hs'ue, Syut
  330. 薛 Xue, Hsue, Hs'ue, Sit
  331. 荀 Xun, Hsun, Hs'un, Seun, Soen
  332. 轧 Ya, Ja, Jat, Chat, Zat
  333. 衙 Ya, Ja, Nga, Ngah
  334. 严 Yan, Yen, Yim, Im
  335. 颜 Yan, Yen, Ngan
  336. 延 Yan, Yen, Yin, In
  337. 燕 Yan, Yen, Yin, In
  338. 杨 Yang, Yeung, Io, Yo, Yeo, Yeoh
  339. 扬 Yang, Yeung
  340. 羊 Yang, Yeung
  341. 仰 Yang, Yeung
  342. 姚 Yao, Yau, Yaw, Yiu
  343. 摇 Yao, Yau, Yaw, Yiu
  344. 瑶 Yao, Yau, Yaw, Yiu
  345. 尧 Yao, Yau, Yaw, Yiu
  346. 叶 Ye, Yeh, Yap, Ip, Yip
  347. Yi, I, Ee, Yee
  348. Yin, In, Inn, Een
  349. Ying, Ing, Eeng
  350. Yong, Yung, Yoong
  351. Yuan, Yuen, Jyen
  352. Yue, Yueh
  353. Yu, Iu, Ioo, Yoo, Yuh, Ik
  354. Yun, Yoon, Yune
  355. Zan, Tzan, Can, Tsan, Tjan
  356. Zang, Tzang, Cang, Tsang, Tjang
  357. Ze, Tze, Ce, Tse, Tje
  358. Zeng, Tzeng, Ceng, Tseng, Tjeng
  359. Zeng, Tzeng, Ceng, Tseng, Tjeng
  360. Zeng, Tzeng, Ceng, Tseng, Tjeng
  361. Zhan, Chan, Can, Jhan
  362. Zhang, Chang, Cang, Jhang
  363. Zhao, Chao, Cao, Jhao, Jhaw, Jaw
  364. Zhen, Chen, Cen, Chn, Jhen
  365. Zheng, Cheng, Ceng, Chng, Jheng, Jhng
  366. Zhi, Chih, Jhih
  367. Zhong, Chong, Chung, Jhong, Jhung
  368. Zhou, Chou, Chow, Chouh, Jhou, Jhow, Joe
  369. Zhu, Chu, Choo, Jhu
  370. Zhuang, Chuang, Cuang, Jhuang
  371. Zhuge, Chu-ke, Chu-kek, Chu-keh, Jhuge
  372. Zhuo, Chuo, Chuok, Chuoh, Chwo, Chwok, Chwoh, Jhuo, Jhuok
  373. Zi, Tzi, Tzu, Tz'u, Tzih, Tze, Tsih, Tse, Cih, Ce, Tjih, Tje
  374. Zong, Tzong, Tzung, Tsong, Tsung, Tjong, Tjung, Cong, Cung
  375. Zou, Tzou, Tzow, Tsou, Tsow, Tjou, Tjow, Cou
  376. 组 Zu, Tzu, Tsu, Tju, Cu, Jou, Joe, Jow, Chou, Chow, Cou, Cow
  377. 祖 Zu, Tzu, Tsu, Tju, Cu, Jou, Joe, Jow, Chou, Chow, Cou, Cow
  378. 坐 Zuo, Tzuo, Tzuok, Tzuoh, Tzwo, Tzwok, Tzwoh, Tjuo, Tjuok, Tjuoh, Tjwo, Tjwok, Tjwoh, Cuo, Cuok, Cuoh, Cwo, Cwok, Cwoh, Cho, Choh
  379. 左 Zuo, Tzuo, Tzuok, Tzuoh, Tzwo, Tzwok, Tzwoh, Tjuo, Tjuok, Tjuoh, Tjwo, Tjwok, Tjwoh, Cuo, Cuok, Cuoh, Cwo, Cwok, Cwoh, Jo, Joe, Joh

Chinese-Guyanese surnames[edit]

These three-part surnames are used by people of Chinese descent in Guyana:

  1. Chee-A-Nam
  2. Chee-A-Tow
  3. Chee-Yee-Cheong
  4. Cho-Kin-Choy
  5. Cho-See-Nam
  6. Fung-A-Fat
  7. Fung-On
  8. Hoahing
  9. Hoalim
  10. Ho-A-Yun
  11. Lam-A-Sy
  12. Low-A-Chee
  13. Man-Son-Hing
  14. Phung Foo Pow
  15. Sue-A-Quan
  16. Tjon-A-Kien
  17. Tsoi-A-Sue
  18. Woon-Sam

Surnames of Chinese in Hawaii and Samoa[edit]

These names are peculiar to people who immigrated to Hawaii or Samoa from China. The "Ah" before many of these names comes from a Chinese title of respect.

  1. Ah Ching
  2. Ah Choi
  3. Ah Chong
  4. Ah Fat
  5. Ah Fong
  6. Ah Him
  7. Ah Kam
  8. Ah King
  9. Ah Kiong
  10. Ah Liki
  11. Ah Loe
  12. Ah Mau
  13. Ahnee
  14. Ah Quin
  15. Ah Sam
  16. Ahsing
  17. Ah Wong
  18. Ah You
  19. Hew Len
  20. Ho Ching
  21. Po Ching