Writing Adolescent Fiction/Character names/Arab

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Usage note

[edit | edit source]

These surnames are used by people in Arab countries like Iraq, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as well as by Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Afghans, Maldivians and Bangladeshis. The -que ending is special to Bangladeshi surnames. Islamic Lebanese and Syrians use Arab given names as well; while among Christians, these are mixed with names like Jeanne, Sylvia, Susan, Sharon, Judy, Marie, Elias, Philip, Gabriel, Joseph, Tony and Pierre. Lebanese often prefer the most French-looking spellings of Arab names, such as Fouad.

Yemenis and Omanis have a particular liking for surnames prefixed with Al-. Jordanians have a fondness for three-syllables surnames beginning with -eh, such as Tababneh.

Girls' names

[edit | edit source]
  1. Aamal
  2. Abdah
  3. Abia
  4. Abida
  5. Abir
  6. Abira
  7. Abiha
  8. Abla
  9. Adara
  10. Adila
  11. Adiva
  12. Adjah
  13. Afaaf
  14. Afaf
  15. Afra
  16. Afriah
  17. Afton
  18. Ahlam
  19. Ahsia
  20. Ain
  21. Aisha
  22. Aishah
  23. Akilah
  24. Akram
  25. Alaia
  26. Ale
  27. Aleah
  28. Ali
  29. Alia
  30. Alima
  31. Alina
  32. Aliya
  33. Almira
  34. Alya
  35. Amal
  36. Amani
  37. Amatullah
  38. Saniyaa