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1893 Columbian Exposition Commemoratives[edit]

World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois

Columbus in Sight of Land, 1¢ Landing of Columbus, 2¢ Flagship Santa Maria, 3¢ Fleet of Columbus, 4¢
Columbus in Sight of Land
Landing of Columbus
Flagship Santa Maria
Fleet of Columbus
Columbus Soliciting Aid of Isabella, 5¢ Columbus Welcomed at Barcelona, 6¢ Columbus Restored to Favor, 8¢ Columbus Presenting Natives, 10¢
Fleet of Columbus
Columbus Welcomed at Barcelona
Columbus Restored to Favor
Columbus Presenting Natives
Columbus Announcing His Discovery, 15¢ Columbus at La Rabida, 30¢ Recall of Columbus, 50¢ Queen Isabella Pledging Her Jewels, $1
Columbus Announcing His Discovery
Columbus at La Rabida
Recall of Columbus
Queen Isabella Pledging Her Jewels
Columbus in Chains, $2 Columbus Describing Third Voyage, $3 Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella, $4 Columbus, $5
Columbus in Chains
Columbus Describing Third Voyage
Columbus and Queen Isabella

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