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Postage Stamps of 1992[edit]

1992 ---- Stamp Catalogue of Ukraine 1992 ---- 1993

see also commons:Category:Stamps of Ukraine, 1992

Image Date Size (mm) Perf Catalogue Number Description
Stamp of Ukraine s11 (1).jpg 2 Mar 1992 28x40 12 UKR-1992-0101 500th anniversary of the Ukrainian Cossakdom

The first stamp celebrates the founding of Zaporizhian Sich. On the stamp is the founder, Hetman Dmytro Vyshnevetsky with two fellow brothers in arms.
Stamp of Ukraine s12 (1).jpg 2 Mar 1992 28x40 12 UKR-1992-0102 Centennary of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada

This stamp celebrates the first arrival of Ukrainian settlers in Canada in 1891.