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The Canadian postage stamp of Acadian Deportation 1755–2005, issued for release on August 15, 2005, is a domestic 50 cent stamp marking the 250th anniversary of the Expulsion of the Acadians. Canada Post chose August 15 as the release date for the stamp, recognizing Acadian National Day.

The stamp consists of a waving Acadian flag, as well as a visually "floating" reproduction of the 1930 "Grande Pré" stamp, created originally for the 175th anniversary of the Acadian deportation. This "stamp-on-stamp" concept, an occasional practice for the Canadian postal service, was proposed for this particular stamp by the Stamp Advisory Committee. The original stamp was also worth 50 cents, a very high stamp denomination at the time.

The designer, Pierre-Yves Pelletier was reportedly excited and challenged by the project. "The Acadian community, naturally, is sensitive to its past and I wanted to pay tribute to their heritage and to what they have been through." Later Pelletier commented "It was important to keep the design simple and clean. The colourful flag works well with the dark blue of the old stamp and its perforated edges."

To represent the sea voyage of the Acadians, Pelletier included a backdrop of waves, in a five percent screen. Pelletier commented "The waves are in a very light screen so as not to detract from the main element, which is the flag."

The original Grande Pré stamp portrays the famous statue of Evangeline, and the Acadian chapel, both at Grand-Pré National Historic Site. Pelletier scanned a mint condition version of the stamp.

Two-and-a-half million stamps were printed by Canadian Bank Note, with PVA gum and 13+ perforations. The stamps are lithography in six colours, on Tullis Russell Coatings paper. The stamp was 39.65 mm × 48 mm, vertical. The panes of sixteen stamps have general tagging on four sides.

The Official First Day Cover Cancellation was issued in Grandé Pre, Nova Scotia. Last day of sale was August 14, 2006.


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