Woodturning/Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Finished salt and pepper shakers


Start with a blank approx 210mm by 70mm

Make a marking stick (template) for your design


1. Turn to round

2. Mark the division between top and bottom with template

3. Part in ~ 50% of the way

4. Cut a spigot on top and bottom for re-mounting

5. Divide the work on the bandsaw or with a handsaw


6. Mount the top section first

7. Square off the end and then round the blank to approx 55mm

8. Mark the top point (nearest the headstock) with the template and part in

9. Drill in with 1&1/8th inch forstner bit to no more than 5mm of top

10. Now open the hole with a parting tool by approximately 6mm width (or half the dimension of the wall and 10mm deep. Gauge and set the depth with the depth gauge. NB. If the join is deeper the total height of the work is correspondingly smaller

11. Part off, leaving a ‘nub’ for the tailstock on re-mount of the whole


12. Square the end and round the blank to approx 55mm

13. Drill in with forstner bit to within 10mm of the base

14. Mark the base of the tenon with the depth gauge (refer step 10) 1-2mm shorter so that the join is seamless

15. Part in and form the tenon carefully so the top is a comfortable jam fit. NB. Don't force a tight fit as the top will split


16. With the components together, bring up the tailstock and round the entire work to finished dimension of 50mm

17. Sand through grades to 400

18. Mark the details with template

19. Check the bottom dimension against the paired unit before parting in

20. Cut the beads and round the top

21. Sand the details to 400

22. Remove the tailstock and carefully finish the top with the skew chisel

23. Using the index wheel, mark the top with Awl for Salt or Pepper Salt: Center ~ 2.5mm Stops 8, 16, 24 ~ 2.5mm Pepper: Center ~ 2.5mm Stops, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 – 1.5mm


24. Mount the base on a custom mandrel and drill through with 5/8th inch forstner bit, or one that suits the plug you are using.

25. Dish the base as necessary to suit the plug