Windows XP/Windows-key Shortcuts

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Are you a user who finds reaching for the mouse an annoying action? If so, then consider keeping your fingers on the keyboard to accomplish the same objectives by using the keyboard shortcuts listed below.

Windows Key + E
Opens the Explorer window.
Windows Key + D
Brings the desktop to the foreground. If you repeat the keyboard combination, it returns the desktop to the background and the open windows will return to their original state.
Windows Key + F
Displays the Search Result window.
Windows Key + L
Locks your Windows computer (Windows XP or higher)
Windows Key + M
Minimizes all open windows to display the Desktop.
Windows Key + R
Displays the Run command. (try that and type in OSK - just in case you have no keyboard)
Windows Key + F1
Displays the Help and Support Centre window.
Windows Key + Pause/Break
Displays the Systems Properties dialog box.
Windows Key + Tab
Cycles through the buttons on the Task Bar. To activate the selected button on the Task Bar, press the Enter key.
Alt + Tab
Toggles or switches between open windows.
Alt + F4
Closes the active window.