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Here is a key combination guide for computers:

==IBM compatible=====DOS===Cntrl+Alt+Delete - performs a soft resetLeft arrow, right arrow - Move cursor backward or forward one characterCntrl + left arrow, right arrow - Move cursor backward or forward one wordHome, End - Move cursor to start or end of lineUp, down arrow - Scroll up and down stored (command) bufferPage up, down - Places oldest or most recent (command) in command lineInsert - Toggle between insert and over-type modes. (square cursor denotes over-type mode) Esc - Delete current lineF1 - Repeat text typed in preceding line character by characterF3 - Repeat text typed in preceding line (complete)F5 - Cycle through entire current (command) bufferF7 - Display all entries in current (command) buffer with line numbersAlt+F7 - Delete all entries in current (command) bufferF8 - As F5, If preceded by entry of character string, will load latest buffer line with corresponding characters (from start of buffer entry line) F9+Buffer line number - Displays relevant buffer line; normally F7 first to show lines with numbersCntrl+C - Close down most applications and return to promptShift+Alt+Print Screen - High efficiencey mode. Black and greens.(MTK sometimes... im a wizurd...)===Windows=======All versions====*Tab Switching between controls in active window*Alt+F4 Closes the active window*Win+M Minimize most programs*Win+D Shows the desktop*Cntrl+Tab Switching between Tabs in active window*Cntrl+C Copies selected text, images or files into the clipboard*Cntrl+X Cuts selected text, images or files into the clipboard*Cntrl+V Paste data from the clipboard*Cntrl+A Select all*Cntrl+Z Undo*Shift+Del Delete file permanently without keep in Recycle Bin (used by Windows Explorer)====Windows Vista or Newer====*Win+Tab switching between programs with the Windows Flip 3D effect====Windows Versions Before Windows 95====*Cntrl+Alt+Del brought up a blue screen