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The romance category of plays contains four plays. They were all written late in Shakespeare's career.

The Tempest is set on an island. There is a powerful opening scene with a ship, where some Italian noblemen are taken to the island. All this is designed by Prospero who is a Milanese duke. The other people who live on the island are Miranda, Ariel and Caliban. Caliban is a monster and Ariel is a spirit. Miranda is Prospero's daughter. In the course of the play she falls in love for the first time, with Fernindad. There are other interesting pairings in the play, and Caliban and Ariel shake up the action as well, especially Ariel, who is tired of being Prospero's loyal servant. In the end he is left free. Meanwhile Caliban is tempted to drink by two less reputable members of the nobility.